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The frontispiece to this volume, which is generally acknowledged to be the best portrait of Lincoln, is reproduced from a negative made at Springfield, Illinois, June, 1860, by Alexander Hesler of Chicago. The negative is now owned by Mr. George B. Ayres of Philadelphia, who has very kindly placed his copyrighted enlargement at the disposal of the publishers.

I have also to acknowledge Mr. Charles Eugene Hamlin's courtesy in lending me the original portrait which was presented to Mr. Hannibal Hamlin by Lincoln in 1864. The other portraits, by Hesler and by Brady, are from the collection of Mr. H. W. Fay of De Kalb, Illinois, to whom my thanks are due for the loan. The facsimile of Lincoln's autobiography is taken from the copyrighted reproduction of the original now in the possession of Mrs. Jesse W. Fell, to whose courtesy its appearance in this book is due. The newspaper cut, from the portrait by the late Thomas Hicks, N. A., was kindly lent by the editor of the North American Review. I take pleasure, finally, in acknowledging my indebtedness to Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin, & Co. for permission to print the quotation from Lowell's “ Commemoration Ode," and to Messrs. Small, Maynard, & Co. for their kindness in allowing me to use Whitman's poem, “Oh Captain, my Captain !"

N. H.


Portrait of Lincoln from a photograph taken by Hesler in
June, 1860



Portrait of Lincoln from a photograph taken by Hesler at
Chicago in 1857

facing 80

A newspaper cut of Lincoln made in 1860 from an earlier portrait by the same artist, the late Thomas Hicks, N.A.

facing 166

Facsimile of the autobiography sent by Lincoln to the late

Mr. Jesse W. Fell and used in the political campaign
of 1860

facing 170


Facsimile of the letter dated May 21, 1861, from Secretary

Seward to Charles Francis Adams, United States Min-
ister to England: corrected by Lincoln



Portrait of Lincoln taken in 1860 by Brady in New York, at the time of the speech at the Cooper Institute

facing 260

Facsimile of the Gettysburg Address


Portrait of Lincoln from a photograph taken in 1864 and presented by him to Hannibal Hamlin

facing 360

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