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general governor of Ireland, the humble Jan. 29. Neminent merchant.


Feb. lent drifts in the valleys. What is very Robert More, Esg, to Miss More, both of surprifing, upon the melting of the snow, Shropshire, with a fortune of 50,000l. which was not till ten days or a fortnight Lord George Sutton, to Miss Mary Peartafter, they were all found alive, but fatt Hewitt, Esq; to Miss Dyer daughter of the alleep, and what is further remarkable, they late poet of that name - Earl of Hume, to were all in much better condition than be- Miss Ramsey-Godhard Vankemp, Esq; fore the accident happened. This may af. to Miss Simpson-John Jean, Esq; to Miss ford a question not incurious for the natura. Baker-Sir James Ibbetson, bart. to Miss lifts. It is well known in respect to other Caygilt, daughter and heir of Mr. John Cayparts of animal life, that seep has the ef- gill, of Hallifax merchant -- Earl of Millfect of nutrition; and as to many of them town, to Miss French, of Oakport, in Rosa we certainly know that they exist merely

- John Smith, Efq; to Miss Curtis, by Neep for one half of the year. Wbat a of Stamford, a 25000l, fortune. discovery may this prove to the farmer? Jan. 14. Mrs. Herbert, fifter of Lord De.. Whether he happens to be sort of grass. fart, was delivered of a sonor can not get at what he has for snow, he Feb. 3. Lady of hon. Mr. Bathurst, of has nothing to do but to raise a hill of it a daughter-6. Mrs. Orby Hunter, of a soaover his flock, and let them seep it out." 10. Countess of Moray, of a son-Lady of Extract of a Letter from Dublin, Feb. 13. Dr. Fowler, of a son -20. Lady Sondes of

“On Wednesday the Hon. House of Com- a fon–24. Viscountess Torrington, of a mons waited upon his excellency the lord daughter. lieutenant, with a most dutiful address to his Lately. Lady Reay, of a daughter-Lady majefty, and the following address to his of Horatio Mann, Esq; of a son and heir excellency:

Lady Knatchbull, of a son. To his excellency George lord viscount


ATHANIEL Paice, Esq; an address of the knights, citizens, and burgefies, in parliament afiembled.

Feb. 1. Sir Robert Rich, bart, field mare May it please your excellency,

shal of the forces, col. of the 4th regiment “ WĖ, his majesty's most dutisol and of dragoons, and governor of Chelica hufe loyal subjects, the commons of Ireland, in pital - Thomas Jones, Esq; late high-theriff parliament allembled, think it incumbent for Gloucestershire- 3. Rt. hon, Viscount on us to testify our grateful sense of your Kilmoiey-5. Thomas Brereton, Esq; au. excellency's effectual endeavours in favour of thor of several ingenious pieces-7. Paul the bill for limiting the duration of parlia. Leger, Efq; late an eminent weaver-Joha ments in this kingdom.

Campbell, of Orchard, in North-Britain, It is with the highest satisfaction we re- Eig; laft of the male line of the family of flect, that the auspicious reign of our pa- Ardkinglass, - 11. Mrs. Martha Whitway, triot sovereign has been distinguished by the aged 78, the friend and correspondent of return of a bill so effential to the consti- Dean Swift-12. Robert Somerville, of Bedtution, and to the advancement of the pro- fordihire, Esq; – 14. Mr. Thomas Burnet; testant religion in this country. And we a stock broker-15. Charles Gore, of Tring, congratulate your excellency upon an event in Hertfordshire, Ely; member for Tiver. which must add a luftre to your admini. ton-Rt. hon. Arthur Onslow, a privyftration, and remain as a monument to pof- counsellor, and speaker of the House of Com. terity of the difinterestedness and indepen- mons for thirty-three years, a post he filled dency of this house."

with the greatest uprightness and reputation. Great rejoicings have been made at Dub- (See Onflow, in our general index) - George lin, and in all parts of Ireland, on the re- Gordon, of the Middle-Temple, late of Neturn of the above mentioned bill.

thermuir, in North-Britain, Esq; aged near eighty : A gentleman of primitive honour

and integrity, great erudition, remarkable MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

for his profound knowledge of the laws and

constitution of this kingdam, and not less Feb. I.


IS Excellency Sir George so for his amiable and beneficent behaviour

Macartney was married to la- in private life. His writings in the cause of dy Jane Stewart, second daughter of the earl liberty have enliglatened and improved thous of Bute - 2. David Price, Esq; to Miss Foy sands. though the name of this benefactor - 26. Lord Beauchamp, to the hon. Miss to the public, as an author, was known onWindsor, daughter of the late lord - Lately, ly to his particular friends - Edmund PlowJoseph Herring, Esq; to Miss Sally Allan- den, Esq; descended of the famous lawyer of by - Alexander Wood, Esq; to Miss Mom- that name-15. Gillingham Cooper, Efı; bray-William Phillimore, Esq; to Mrs. banker in the Strand, aged near 80-Mr. Burr-James Price, Esq; to Miss Fludyer Dance, fenior, the city-Surveyor-Mrs. SaxJames Ryfom, Esq; to Miss Caroline jálfs- ton, neice of the countets or Macclesfield.

Feb. 23.

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23. 462


119 BILLS of Mortality from Dec. 29 to Extract of a letter from Warsaw, Jan. 20.

“ In the fittings of the commiflaries of

the four departments of last Friday, many CHRISTENED BURIED.

important affairs were terminated. The 1249

king is to enjoy a yearly pension of mil Whercof have died,

The prince de Radzivil is to have an annual Under 2 Years 1343 Within the Walls 289 penfion of 600,000 forins, by way of inBetw. 2 and 5 363 Witho. the walls 1062 demnification, besides three millions whicla

5 and 10 19. Mid. and Surry 2202 his family lent to the republic. The trea. * 10 and 20 - 152 City & Sub. Welt. 1016 furer of the crown, who has hitherto enjoy20 and 30 366

ed a pension of 120,000 forins, is to have 30 and 40 442

4569 for the future an augmentation of 80,000 filo40 and 50 524

rins. The great treasurer of Lithuania is to 3971 Weekly, Jan. 5. 612 have 40,000 forins added to his yearly ap60 and 70 357

12. 679 pointments. The count de Fleming is to 70 and so 284

19. 641 have a confiderable fum, as also the bishop of So and go 127

2), 557

Wilda. In the same fittings, the sum of 90 and 100 - 17

Feb. 2, 555

12,0.0 Polith ducats was granted as a yearly joo and upwards

9. 566 appendage or portion, to the two princes of

16. 497 Saxony. 4569

Warsaw, Feb. 3. The day before yester

day the diet was opened, but immediately

4569 put off again for three weeks. It is affured, Wheaten peck loaf, wt. 17 lb, 6 oz. 25. gd. tbat the reason of this is, that several mat

ters, calculated more to exasperate than ap

peale people's minds, had been delivered inFOREIGN AFFAIRS. to the diet: among others, the manifesto of

the marihal of the confederacy of Grodno, ONSTANTINOPLE, January 1. The which is full of harch terms against prince daughter, a princess of seven years old, to mate, and above all, that addressed to the the Nizanji-bali; and yesterday the Grand king, which the apoftolick nuncio delivered Vizir cloathed him with the Pellice, and de- on Saturday laft, to his majefty. It is said clared him fon-in-law to the Sultan. This in this brief, that the king ought rather to young princess is widow of the late vizir, abdicate the crown, than fign any thing that who was beheaded three years ago at Me- may prejudice the Roman catholic religion. teline.

The bishops have received a similar brief. Copenhagen, Jan. 29. Last night, about The nuncio has delivered, on the part of his ten o'clock, the queen of Denmark was holiness, a manifefto to the great chancellor, safely delivered of a prince, to the inex. in which he informs all those who may subpressible happiness of her royal confort, and scribe to any articles of this nature, that they the whole court. Her majesty and the new- shall be excommunicated. It is said the clerborn prince are this morning both as well as gy, particularly the Jesuits, have refused to can be expected. This very important and contribute, in any hape, to the public immuch-defired event happened but an hour or posts. two before the anniversary of the king of Trieves, Jan. 14. The Elector, our So. Denmark's own birth-day, which we are vereign, died the day before yesterday, benow celebrating with double feftivity. The tween seven and eight in the evening, after birth of an heir-male to the crown has com- nine weeks illness. His highness was born pleatly fulfilled the ardent wishes and prayers May 24, 1701, appointed a canon residentiary of the publick, and consequently spread a of the metropolitan church in this city in real joy through all ranks of people. Im- 1718, Dean in 1742, consecrated archbishop mediately after it was made known, the fo- of Patras, December 13, 1757; declared reign ministers, and all the nobility waited coadjutor to the elector count Francis George upon the king, who was pleased to receive de Sconborn, July 11, 1754; assumed the their compliments of congratulation, and to government of the electorate on the deceafe express the satisfaction he received from their of his predecefior, Jan. 18, 1756; and obattention on this interesting event. The tained the bishoprick of Worms, in 1763. king of Denmark bestowed leveral marks of Berlin, Feb. 13. In this country the favour on this happy occahon.

winter has been very long and levere, the (The young prince was baptized by the cold having been observed for several days at Dame of Frederick, on Jan. 30.)

37 degrees below the freezing point on FaDantzic, Nov. 16. Last year 1126 ships renheit's thermometer; but within these few came into inis port, of which 297 were Dutch, days, the frost has gone off, and we have now 184 English, and 100 Danish. The number very mild weather, which it is to be hoped which failed from it was 1112 ; of which will continue for the sake of the poor, who 322 were bound to Holland, 209 to England, have suffered greatly from the scarcity and 268 to Sweden and 113 to Denmark, high price of firingi




FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Febo, Brunswick, Jan. 26. The hereditary Leghorn, Jan. 29. They write from. Core, prince, who had kept his room for several fica, that the chevalier Buttofuoco, a Corfidays, is now able to appear in public. can by nation, and a captain in the service : The hereditary princess being again with of his moft Christian majesty, is arrived there child, public prayers have been made for her from Baftia, and has brought Paoli a con: royal highness's delivery.

vention figned between the republic of Ge. Munster, Jan.22. Extravagance and luxury noa and the Corficans. This news has difin dress having come to a great height in fused joy over all the ise, and in confethis bifhoprick, the government is going to quence thereof the French troops are prepnblish an ordinance, forbidding all but the paring to evacuate it. nobleffe and persons of rank to wear any filk Parma, Jan. 23. The infant duke our or laced cloaihs.

fovereign hath caused a pragmatic sanction Madrid, Jan. 26. The commiffion esta

to be published lately in this city, composed blished by the king, and to which five of four articles; the tenor of which is as bifhops have been admitted whom his ma- follows: jesty fent for here, continues it's deliberat 1. None of the subjects of the infant tions, not only on the use they ought to make hall, without the express permission of his of the effects that belonged to the expelled royal highness, carry to any foreign tribujesuits, but also on the reformation of the Dals, not even to Rome, such affairs of conclergy, and the neceflity of remedying the tention of any kind as fhall arise in the abuses which are crept into the interior ma- countries subject to his dominion. nagement of the monasteries; and lastly, on II. All the infant's subjects are forbidden the means of putting on a better footing the to have recourse to foreign princes, governuniversities of the kingdom.

ments or tribunals, as well with respect to Madrid, Feb. 2. Public notice has been matters of intereft, as for the procuring given in the gazette of this city, that a new within his state any benefice, or other ecplant, which has been found proper to be clefiaftical favours, without having frit obo used in dying filk, woollen, and cotton, will tained his royal highness's consent. be put up to fale at the warehouses belonging II. All benefices, as well for the cure of to the Caracca company. The plant grows fouls, as consistorial and in commendam, . in the province of Caracca and Maracaybo, pensions, abbies, dignities, or posts, which and is called by the natives Dividivi. In fe- have any jurisdi&tion, shall not for the fuveral refpects it has the same properties ture be possefied, within the three dutchies with the gall-nut of Aleppo, and gives a finer by any but the subjects of the infant, and black. The royal junto of Commerce are with his permission. taking measures for extending this branch of IV. The infant declares null and without trade, and the king has exempted it for a cer- effect, all writings, letters, sentences, detain number of years from the duty on im- crees, bulls, briefs, &c, which shall come portation.

from Rome, or any other foreign country, Venice, Jan. 29. A few days since died at least unless they are furnished with the here Madam Frances Grimani, confort to the Regio exequatur. reigning doge, aged 19 years. The unhappy Lausanne, Jan. 25. According to advices end of this lady, who was respectable as just received from Geneva there is some hope well for her virtues as her beauty, excites of a reconciliation between the great and the compassion of every one. She was stand little councils and the citizens of that reing in her chamber with her back to the fire, public. The declaration delivered by the when the flames canght hold of her clothes representatives of the lat:er, on the 19th of with such violence, that they could not be this month, to the commission of the course extinguished till they had reached her body. cil of two hundred, respecting the plan for She languished twelve days, and then died that purpose, having been carried on the in terrible tortures.

20th to the great and little councils, those Leghorn, Jan. 22. We have received two bodies made fome changes and modifihere from Baltia the news, that the republic cations in it. It was then refolved to conof Genoa has consented to the plan of paci- voke a general council on the 23d, which fication proposed by the Corficans. We accordingly assembled that day, and apknow not yet the conditions; but it is pre- proved, by a majority of 947 voices against tended, that the first article ftipulates the 49, of the proposal of the great council for free poffeffion of places, and an independ. putting off the election till the thirty-fir Ency of government in favour of the Corfi- of this month. If this election be made, cans ; it being understood that the medi- then a total pacification in the republic muk ating powers will be guarantees of the treaty. follow. We learn also from Cape Corse, that general Paoli, after providing for every thing relative The Gentlemen of Lloyd's, and The Menn to the fortification of the frontiers, and vi- cbani, fall, as is our dury, be readily gratified fiting the moít important places of the ine, is our next. The defire of our ccrrepand ne of was returned to Corte, the usual place of Lower Saxony, is under confideration, oud if his residence, where an aflembly of the na- poffible, will be complied with. Mary ingetional council. had been held, the result of niors pieirs in proje and verse ari deferred if eur which is expected with impatience.


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