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Tbe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. April exportation of money, of which this pro. This affair has greatly alarmed the govern vince has of late been so much drained, it ment of Pensylvania, who are taking every is further resolved, That this house will, by measure to prevent an Indian war. A war all prudent means, endeavour to discounte. is also likely to break oue between the Creeks, nance the use of foreign saperfluities, and to and the Chickesaws, and Choctaws. ) encourage the manufactures of this province." One Nat. Jones, a lo dier in the 19th.

The city and illand of New Orleans is regiment, now at Gibraltar bas confeśred, dow entirely taken poffeffion of by the Spa- that in Aug, 1765, he murdered and robbed niards,

a woman near Yeovil, in Somersethire, and From ibe PHILADELPHIA GAZETTE. afierwards threw her body into a marle-pit.

Philadelphia, Feb. i. On the roth of last At Brunswick, 1241 were born in 1767, month four Indian men and two women went and 1022 were buried; at Chester, christened to the house of Frederick Stump near the 351, married 143, buried 367 ; at Copeomouth of Middle-Creek, in the county of hagen, born 2957, Died 3361, married gog; Cumberland in tbis province, where the said at Durbam, chriftened males, 77, females Scump, after disabling them by making them. 72, married 65, buried 155; at Liverpoole, drunk, most inhumanly murdered them, and chriftened 1078, buried 102], married 472 ; hid their bodies under the ice in the creek. at Newcatle upon Tyne, chriftened 762, On the next day, he went with a servant. lad buried 824; at Turin, born 2956, died to an Indian cabbin, about fourteen miles up 5920; at Whitby, chriftened 298, buried the said Creek, and there barbarously put to 177, married 55; at York, chrifened 472, death an indian woman, two girls, and a married 157, buried 40 g. young child, theo set fire to the cabbin, and burni the bodies to alhes. After committing from ibe London GAZETTI, April 26. tbele torrid murders, he freely confesied the Exera&t of a Letter from Fort St. George, in whole to Mr. William Blyth, whole depofi

sbe East Indies, dat d October 8, 1767. frion, we hear, kas been taken before the • We have received from our camp the chief just ce. The only scalons assigned by following account of the defeat of the joint bim for these atrocious violences, were, forces of Nizam Ally and Hyder Ally, that he was afraid the fix Indians intended ncar Trinomallee, on the 26th of Septemto do him a mischief, and that be murdered ber laft, ty the company's forces, under the the other four, left they should inform the command of Colonel Smith." other Indians of the death of the fix. Upon From ibe field of battle al Errour near Trinothe whole he seemed to be under no appre

mallee, Sept. 27, 1767. henhons of punilhment; and behaved as if Yesterday evening, after several ma. he had dune a meritorious action.

neuvres on both sides, we brought the ene. Pbiladelphia, Feb. 4. The following is my to an action, and have effc&tually routed an ext:act of a letter from Captain Patterson, them. They endeavoured at first to turn lately in the provincial service (now lying at a warm cannonade upon our left, and as Juniata) dared from Carlige, Jan. 23. we could aot well come at their guns, on ac

“ The 21st intant, I marched a party count of i morass in front, we were ordered of nineteen men to George Gabriel's house, to endeavour to turn their left round some at Pen's Creek's mouth, and made prisoners hills which lay in our front. We did so, and Frederick Stump, and John Ironcutter, who presently brought them to an action, which were suspected to have murdered ten Indians, after a very smart fire ended in their defeat. near Fost Augusta ; and I have this day de- Our loss is small; the rapidity with which livered them to Mr. Holmes, at Carline our troops advanced upon them, allowing Gaol.

them to do us little harm, every thing confiderYesterday I sent a person to the Greated. We lay on the field all last night, and, as Iland, that understands the Indian language, foon as we could distinguish obje&s, we marched with a talk, Myself and party were exposed this morning in pursuit of them : They made to great dangers by the desperate refiðance a faint thew of refiftance, but are gone enmade by Stump, and his friends, who fided tirely off, as it is thought through the Chan with him. The message I have sent to the gama-Pass into the Baharah-Haul country. Indians, I hope will not be deemed alluming We followed them till the strength and any authority of my own, as you are very spirits of our army was quite exhaufted, and fengible I am no Aranger to the lodians, and obliged us to halt on the spot we are now their customs. I am, &c.

encamped, which is about eight miles on the

W. PATTERSON. road to Changama from Trinomallee. Last On Friday morning last a number of eight we seized nine of their guns, and are armed men, about so it is said, went to the now in poffeffion of about fifty pieces of their gaol of Carlisle, which ibey entered by force, cannon, which they could not carry off in and carried off the above mentioned Frede- the precipitate retreat. Both our officers rick Stump, and John Ironcutter, notwith- and men behaved with the greateft resolu. Aanding the oppclition and persuasions of tion, The enemy's lofs must be great, ac magistrates and others to the contrary. but cannot be ascertained, as the moment a





231 man is killed or wounded, his companions was entered in the registers, that not oncarry him off. The prisoners inform us, ly the general confeceracy of the states, but that our cangon made great barock among also that of the dissidents

, were entirely at them.

an end. At the same time it was declared, We learn fince, that fourteed more pieces that the treaty, which the grand commission of the enemy's capnon have been found a. had entered into with the amballador of mong the bulles.

Rullia, respecting both the dissidents and she (tate-affairs of the king, should have the force of a law, and be considered as a funda.

mental and perpetual conftitution. The Mrs, PRITCHARD'S FAREWELL EPs.

same day the deputies of the dissidents

caused the act of the abolition of their con THE

HE curtain drops--my mimic life is federacy to be registered in the Grod of past,

Warsaw. That Scene of feep and terror was my last. Warsaw, March 16. There is advice by Could I in fucb a scene my exit make, Several letters from Podolia, that a confedea When ev'ry real feeling is awake?

racy is forming there, that a marshal is to Which beating here, superior to all art, be elected, and that a number of peasants Burla in fuil tides from a molt grateful heart. have been promised to be supplied with I bow appear mysell-difrels'd, dismay'd,

money and arms. This news has occasioned More than in all the characters I've play'd; several conferences at court. (See p, 119.) In a&ed paffion, tears must seem to flow, Warsaw, March 1'. The general rendezBut I bave ibat within ibat polles pow. vous of the new confederacy in Podolia, is at

Before I go, and this lor'd spot forsake, Bar. They have enlisted 5000 men, and dem What gratitude can give, my wishes, take; clare they act for the defence of religion and Upon your heart may no afiation prey, liberty. An officer has been appointed to Which cannot by the fage be chas'd away; make a tour into those parts, to observe the And may the ftage, to please each virtuous fate of the confederacy. mind,

Walaw, March 26. An express is arGrow ev'ry day more moral, more rehn'd; rived with advice, that the reconfederates of Rcfin'd from grofinels, not by foreign skill; Podolia had formed a scheme to carry off Weed out the poison, but be English Atill. the comnander of the troops belonging to

To all my bretbren whom I leave behind, the Republick ; but the latter having been Still may your bounty, as to me be kind; informed of it, had retired into the fortress To me for many years, your favours sow'd, of Kaminieck, which he was obliged to do Humbly receiv'd, on small desert befowd; with so much precipitation, that all the PoFor which I feel-what cannot be express'd- Ionele companies, confifting of cwo thouiand Words are too weak- my tears mul speak the men, were made prisoners. Immediately after reft.

this expedition, the reconfederates laid hege, with all theis ftrength, to the fortress, this

garrison of which is composed of only one FOREIGN AFFAIRS. regiment of artillery, and a few small de

tachments from the other regimeots, wich, March 15. Yester- out provisions or ammunition. It is reported appearing in public since her lying-in, it was 'The Rufiian army, commanded by general observed as a day of Gala ; The foreign mi. Kressbetrikow, is on its march towards Za. nikecs, nobility, & bad the honour of ..ok, which town is filleen leagues from paying their respects to ber majesty upon the Bar, the head quarters oi the confederates. occafion; and in the evening there was a ball This army is to form a line in the Palatinate and fupper at court. (See p. 119.)

of Cracovia, to observe the motions of the Stockholm, March 29. This capital and Podoliaa Confederates, and to prevent tbe its neighbourhood hare suffered conliderably neighbouring Padavines from entering into an by the late storm

Moft of tbe houses ac affociation. Lidkioping in Werogothia, were destroyed; Vienna March 9. Inoculation has at the tower of the church was beac down ; and last prevailed here. A young English fludent eight persons have been found buried under in phyfic, of the name of Houllton, who the snow.

came here to attend the famous De Huen's Warsaw, March s. This day the Dyec lectures, has «liociated himself with a phy. held a formal. feflion, which is the last, sician of this place; and with the leave, and wherein every thing that the commiffinners under the protection of Baron Van Swieten, have agreed on, in their different delibera- they have inoculated four children in the tions, whether among themielve, or jointly hospital, one of whom is already perfectly with the Ruffian amballidor, have been recovered ; and i: is not doubted but that approved and confirmed. . (Sce p. 167) It this practice will be generally adopted, and

attended . The laf soene in Lady Macberb.

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FOREIGN AFFAIRS. attended with the fame success here, as it haš of the Holy Virgin, which hands over the been in other places.

door of one of the houses from which the Vienna, April 6. The Pope's Nuncio Jesuits were expelled, had been observed to made his entry lat Monday, and had bis join both her hands together, then to extend audiences yesterday, that he might be in them again, and afterwards cross them over public in order to be able to perform the mar. the breast; which they pretended to interriage ceremony to-morrow. The archduke pret as manifest signs of grief, on account of Ferdinand will be the king of Naples proxy. the expulfion of the Jesuits. This report The Queen of Naples will let out a few hour's gained credit among the populace to that deafter.

gree, that they affembled together, and broke Yefterday the Neapolitan ambassador went out in imprecations against the authors of to court with a great retinue, and had an the proscription of that fociety. The goaudience of their Imperial majeflies to de- vernor and the bishop made use of every mand her royal highness: after which the possible means to calm the tumult, which at was betrothed with the usual ceremonies. length they effected by exposing the statue of This day her royal highness figned and swore the Virgin to the people, and convincing to the act of renunciation of all pretenfions them that it was only ftone, and consequently to allodials, &c. and every claim whatever, incapable of motion. However, several perin the form that has always been practised fons were sent to prison on account of the op shefe occafions.

riot : and the governor immediately feat a Rome, March 12. We have advicefrom particular account of it to court. Milan, that cardinal Crevelli died there on Paris, April 4. Last Thursday aight, the 29th ult. after three days illness, in his about eleven o'clock, a fire broke out at a 70th year. He was born at Cremona in nunnery in the Rue des Poftes. Seven young 1678, and was raised to the purple in 1759. ladies were in bed in the chamber where the Ten bats are now vacant.

Aames first appeared, which were so rapid Naples, Feb. 27. The effects of the ex. that only two of the ladies could be got out, pelled Jesuits are not thrown into the royal and they much hurt, the relt perished in the treasury, but are to be expended in charitable fire, uses, under the king's inspection, who has Paris, April 8. It is assured, that the am. appointed an administrator, with a falary of baffadors from France, Spain, and Naples, at 10Ducats per month, out of which the in- Rome, have received orders to join in deferior officers under him are to be paid. (See, manding of the Pope to withdraw his brief p. 168.)

concerning the dutchy of Parma, and likeNaples, March 8. The government has wird a satisfaction for this insult ; and it is issued an order, that no book, written by a prelumed that bis Holiness is disposed to Jesuit, Phall be sold or kept in any booklet- come to an accommodation, (See p. 168 ). jers shops. No books are exempted, not even Brussels, March 22. Saturday there was a those which relate to the mathematics. number of idle riotous people assembled them.

Florence, March 1. Some letters inform folves together, and by force carried away us, that at the request of the king of the every thing that was brought into the public Two Sicilies, the Jesuits established in the markets, declaring that they would rather be island of Malta have been all arrested in one hanged than starved; but upon the guards and the same night, by order of the grand being called, and a gallows immediately master, and conducted on board some thips, erected upon the Great Place. they soon disto be transported to the ecclefiaftical state. persed ; every thing is now' in perfect quiet.

Venice, March 30. We have just received ness; and the government is taking every advice from Rome, that 1800 Neapolitan precaution to prevent the like difurbance for troops have taken poffeffion of Benevento, the future. which place, though situate in the kingdom Hague, March 26. His serene highness the of Naples, belongs to the Pope, and there prince of Weilbourg and his children are fore this proceeding of the king of Naples perfectly recovered of the small-pox, under occafions various conjectures.

the care of the English inoculators, who have Madrid, March 16, We have received been called to Rotterdam by several of the advice from Majorca, that in January last a principal inhabitants, report prevailed in thac ifland, that a ftatue

67 The plate of the Communications between the three bridges, new roads, &c. must be deferred to our next, througb tbe illness of the engraver.

The Marriages and Births, Deaths, Promotions Civil and Military, Bankrupf, Bills of Mortality, &c. for March and April, in our next, being now omitted for want of room.

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer;

For MAY, 1768.


A Complete List of the Commons of Mr. Hamilton's fine Park described 259
Great Britain, elected to the present, Wanitead House described

261 or 13th Parliament

Hunting of French King

262, Further Thoughts on Capital Punish- A French Court Entertainment 263 ments


History of Sir Wilbraham Wenworth 236 Uncommon Cure of a Cancer
Case of Capt. Porteous

A Line to Mr. M. M.

ibid. Commodore Byron's Narrative


Death of a Traitor to his Country 269 State of the Controversy with the Au- Inftructions to Representives to serve thor of The Appeal, &c. 241—243

in Parliament, elected in the Year Causes of, and Remedy for, the great 1768

269-272 Mortality among Infants 243—245 Impartial Account of New PúblicaAnswer to Miro-Balkanos 245 — 247


273 Myftery unfriendly to Religion 248 Wilkes's Introduction

275 Thoughts on Rom. vi. s.


Manners, &c. of the Turks
Excellent Letter from a Nobleman to THE MONTHLYCHRONOLOGRR 277

250-252 Marriages and Births; Deaths
A very falutary Hint

Ecclefiaftical Preferments

jbid. on the Danger of Corsica 254 Promotions civil and military joid. Observations on modern Travelling 255 B-nkr-pts; course of Exchange inid, Excellent Reflections on the present Monthly Bill of Mortality ibid. Disorders, &c.


ibid. Parliamentary Proceedings in Ireland Stocks, Grain; Wind and Weather



bis Son






General of the CORSICANS,
As described by Mr. Boswell, and approved, as a striking Likeness, by

that Gentleman. Engraved by MILLER.
Allo a View of the Royal Palace of Strelitz.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at No.47, in Pater-nofter Row;. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets, from the Year 1732, to this Time, neatly bound or

ftitched, or any fingle Month to complete Sets.

[blocks in formation]


Lottery Tickets


Prices of STOCKS, &c. in M A Y, 1768,
Old S.S. New S. S. 3 perc. 3. p. C., 3 per 3 } per 4 per C. 4 per C. Ia. Bony Long
Ang. reduced consol. C. 1756 C.1758

consol. 1763•


92 93

99 15 O

92 93


15 O

28 93





268 5 268 1

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13 15 0 13 15 6 13 15 6



95 $ 95

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98 98 $ 98

1 10


92 92 92 95 92 92 /

93 Š 94 93 93 93 93 )


99 99 59 99 $

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104 104 104 103 * 103 / 100 5

28 28 28 28 28 28

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95 95 95 95

15 O 14 O 15 O 150 150

98 1

13150 13 15 o 1315 이 13 14 6 13 13 6 13 14 O

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98 }

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99 $


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167 269



166 269

16; 1
165 267


13 164 268
14 165 1 2.8 1
15 Sunday


19 167

2 9 1
166 269
22 Sunday
241 167 269


270 27

13 13 6 13 13 6 13 14 0 13 16 6 13 15 0 13150

99 99 29 99

23 28 28 23


Wind Weather
at Deal. London
W. b. W. rain
S. S. E. rein
E, N. E. rain
E. N. E, rain
E. N. E. fair
N. b. E fine

N. E fine
N. E.

S. W. rain
S. W.

S. W.

S. S. W. rain

S. W. rain
S. W. fine

E. fine
N. E. fine
N. E. fair

S. W.

S. W. mill.
N. mill,

E N E. fine
S, W cloudy
S. W. fair
E. N. E. rain
E, N. E. rain

S. culd
N. E. fine
N. N, E.


95 94 94 94 5 943 94

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91 91



93 93

igo 15 O 14 O

103 Š


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CHARLES CORBET T, at No. 30, facing St. Dunkan's Church, Fleet Street, STOCX-BROKER, who buys and sells in the Stocks

by Commission, and transacts the Lottery Bufiness as usual,
Mark Lane Exchange | Badogftoke Eveshain. Farnham. Henley. Worcefter. Devizes, Gloucester. Hereford. Monmouth. London,
Wheat 458. od. to 525. 151. to 1.61.0 54. 8dto68.2d 141. os. to 151. 131 os load 425 to 47 qr 560 to 64 qu78 o6d bushel 7s 6d bu.g1 78 budhoro gal Hay per load 278 to 52
Barley 203. od. to 25%. 239. to 24$. 38. 501039.6d 279 to 288. od 258 to 28 91221 to 24 348 to 35 03sod to 3$ 300. od to 45 cd 45 2d to 48 4d Straw from 145. to 19
Oats 118. od, to 175 168 to 188 28 2d toga. od 180 to 215 163 od to 18 158 to 17 225 to 24 0 3:4d to 38 64 23 6d to os od 23ad to 25 05d Coalo 449. pet chald,
Beans 186 to 26s. od. 245 to 26. Istod to os. od 28s to jos 1269 to 20 odloos to oo

36 6d to 3o 8olos od to os od los od to os od Hopo al. to al. 5s

Price of corn

to 54

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