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men we were.


May any wholesome diet, for such a length of chief caciques of these Indians we were time. After we could eat no longer, amongst, to carry us directly to a certain we went to sleep about the fire, which place, where there would be a party of the Indians took care to keep up. In foldiers to receive us. These poor peothe morning the women came from far ple now seemed to be under great conand near, each bringing with her fome- cern for us, hearing by the messenger thing. Almost every one had a pipkin the preparations that were making to in her hand, containing either fowls or receive us; for they stand in vast dread mutton made into broth, potatoes, eggs, of the Spanish soldiery. They were ve. or other eaiables. We fell to work as ry defirous of knowing what countryif we had eat nothing in the night, and

We told them we were employed ourselves to for the best part English, and at that time at war with of the day. In the evening, the men the Spaniards; upon which they ap: filled our house, bringing with them peared fonder of us than ever; and' I some jars of a liquor they called chicha, verily believe, if they durst, would have made of barley-meal, and not very un. concealed us amongst them, left we like our ont ale in tafte, which will in. Mould come to any harm. They are so toxicate those who drink fufficient far from being in the Spanish interest, quantity of it; for a litle has no effect. that they dereft the very name of a SpaAs soon as the drink was out, a frelh rup- niard. And, indeed!, I am not surpri. ply of victuals was brought in; and in this se! at it; for they are kept under fuch manner we passed the whole time we re- fulnjection, and such a laborious fla. mained with those hospitable Indians. rery, by mere dint of hard usage and They are a Arong well made people, ex: punishments, that it appears to me the tremely well featured, both men and moit absurd thing in the world, that the women, and vastly neat in their persons. Spaniards should rely upon these people The mens dress is called by then a pun- for assistance upon any emergency." cho, which is a square piece of cloth, .. From these kind people Mr. Byron generally in Itripes of different colours, and his companions were removed grawith a slit in the middle of it wille dually nearer to Lima, and in some plac } enough to let their heads through, so cos treated with the greatest hotpitality that it hangs on their shoulders, half of 'by the Spaniards One gentleman, in it falling before, and the other behind particular, offering them iwo thousand them : Under this they wear a Mort dollars, fix hundred of which they ackind of flannel hirt without fleeves or cepted, though he riever had the least neck. They have wide-kneed breeches, expectation of being repaid. A Scotch fomething like the Dutch seamen, and physician likewise, who had married a on their legs a sort of knit buskins with lady of fortune in tilat part of the world, out any feet to them, but never any kept them with the greatest generosity thoes. Their hair is always combed at his houle for two years, and a comvery smooth, and ried very tight up in a mon Spanish foldier, who had a wife and great bunch close to the neck ; some wear fix children, faved half his pay to supa very neat hat of their own making, port Mr. Byron, and one of his friends, and others go without. The women when in prison at another place, through wear a shift like the mens shirts, without which he was carried, before his embar. fleeves; and oer it a square piece of kation for Europe. His adventures are cloth, which they faften before with a many, and he arrived at last in England, large filver pin, and a petticoat of dif- but fo extremely low in cash that he was ferent ftripes: They take as much care barely able to hire a horse, and came to of their hair as ihe men; and both town from Dover without eating a single have always a kind of filler beund very morsel, defrauding even the turnpikes, tight about the forehead, and made fact he says, from an uiter incapacity to pay behind: In mort, these people are as them. cleanly as the several savage nations we E have given, this month, a had met with be'ore were beastly. Up.

half-length of that great Coron our first coming here, they had dif- fican chief PASCAL Paoli, engraved patched a meslenger to the Spanish cor- by Miller, as described by Mr. Borregidore at Castro, a town a considerable well, and which that gentleman hias distance from hence, to inform him of approved as a Itriking likeness. Allo our arrival. At the end of three days, a View of the Royal Palace of Strelitz, this man returned with an order to the of which an account was given in our


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