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Caveat against Enthusiasm

3 Description of Holkam House


Stri&ture on Eph. ii. 3.

Convenient Apartments


Address to the Livery of London

Raintings at Holkam


Short Account of False Delicacy

A base and barbarous Stratagem


Ill Fortune of Marcellas

Add'ess to the Electors of Norfolk and

The Coluber Ceraftes described



The Hiftory of the last Seffion of Parlia- Scheme to prevent the begging of Servants

Ment, &c. &c.

9-14 at Public Inns


Proceedings on East-Tnuia Affairs 13 & feq; A curious Query


Late Changes in the Ministry accounted Addresses of the Manufacturers ibid.


14 of the double Horns of the Rhinoceros 40

Another Letter from Rouleau


Anecdotes of Luca Jordano

Care of a fractured Rib and a remarkable An impartial Review of new Publications


Letter from Huxham on emphysematous Makarony Fables



18 Macpherson's critical Differtations


Account of the late Eruption of Mount An Elay upon Prints




Warner on the Gout

Vanity and Folly of the French satirized 21 Ingram on the same.


*Curious Particulars in Regard to the striking, POETICAL ESSAYS


Likeneffes of Persons

22 A new Song fer to Mufic


Humourous Proposal for new Improvem. 27Story of Falie Delicacy, a Comedy 51

Character of the Parliament of 1641 24 THE MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER


Account of the Attempt for seizing the five Marriages and Birebs; Deaths



ibid. Ecclefiaftical Preferiments


An interesting Letter

25 Promotions Civil and Military ibid.

Self-made modern Philosophers

26 Bankrupts; Course of Exchange 55

Over-bearing of Infidelity



The Friends of Religion pointed Out 28 Monthly Catalogue of Baoks


Rules for the Clergy to Temporize 29 | Stocks, Grain; Wind and Weather

Witb a fine Representation of the

COLUBER CERASTEs, another of the Double Horns of the RHINOCEROS,


The Fourth Part of the plan of the Road from LONDON to Berwick,

All beautifully engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at No. 47, in Pater-noiter Row;

Of whom may be had, compleat Sets, from the Year 1732, to this Time, neatly bound or

titched, or any single Month to complear Sets.



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Sunday Man



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Prices of STOCKS, &c. in J A NU A RY, 1968,
Bank Indta Sou.Sea Old S.S. | News. S. 3 perc. 3. p. C. 13 per 3 per 4 per C. 14 perc. 4 per C. In. Bond Long ; Lottery Wind Weather
Scock, Stock Stock. Ann.
Ann, reduced consol. Č 1756 Č.1758 consol, 1763. Navy

prem. Ann.

Tickets at Deal. London 16s 265 Shut 90


92 Shut Shut 103 1 Shut


W, S, W. froft

W, NW frost
92 92

N. W. frost
163 1

103 ă

W.N.W. 'froft
265 1
91 92



N. W. front 265 91 92 92

1 O


E. frost
265 À
91 92

91 92


160 253


10 O

E. snow 160 26 91


10 O

E. front 91 92 104


W,N.W. frot 91 92 103 101


N, W.


thaw 160

91 92

103 * 101

E. thaw inos 261

9 92

103 101 $

N. W.



10 O

W. N.W. mild



91 92



S. mild

S. mild

N. W. rain
100 }

1013 9

E, N. E. fine a6

g! 97


SW. cloudy 259 १०१ 9! 97




N. E. cloudy

go 91 95


N. N.W. fair 260 90

103 101

N. W. fiad

S. W. rain
103 /

W. SW. rain 261 B 90 89

91 go 97 $


S. W. midinys
162 261 1



W. cloud
CHARLES CORBETT, at No. 30, facing St, Dunfan's Church, Meet-Street, STOCK-BROKER, who buys and sells in thc Stocks

by Commiiffion, and transacts :he Lottery Business as usual,
Mark Lane Exchange | Baungitoke

Evetham. Farnham

Henley, Worceter. Devizes. Gloucester Hereford. Monmouth, London.
Wheat 456. od. to 556.151.60961.0 55. 8d1968.2d 141. os. to 15/1141 os load 421 to 42 gr 565 to 64 qu 70 06d bubel|78 64 bu.918 78 bufa. 10 gal Hay per load 278to 520
Barley 225. od. to 275. 26s. 60 278. 138. gdto 38.6d 278 to 288.00 288 to 30 911 120 to 24 340 to 35 03 od to 30 3d for od to 48 cd 48 2d to 4s 4 d Straw from 148. 10 190
Oars 145. od. to 195. 195 to 228 25 2d toge. od 180 to 210 159 od to 18153 to 17 120 to 24 30 40 to 30 60 28 6d to as od 2040 to 2005dCoalo 448. per chald.
Beans 18s. to 26s, od. 270 to 326 Issod 19 00. od 180 to 300 1285 to 32 оrloou to oo 1923 10 34 go od to go 8dlot od to os od 101 od to on od Hope sh to al, to

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For JANUARY, 1768.

To the AUTHOR of the LONDON exposed and self condemned. NeverMAGAZINE.

theless I fee with the utmost concern SIR,

many of my well meaning country Τας μεθοδείας του διαβόλου. Ερhef. vi. 11. men eagerly swallow down thele, and

other strange concelts if posible more Late resolution taken inconsistent and romantic: and though in order to ascertain golpel light thines with a meridian the strength of the brightnels on this happy land, they Roman catholic in- suffer themselves to be deluded by the terest in this king- ignis fatuus of enthusiasm, and wantondom, appears to be ly neglect those peculiar blessings which very generally ap- the best formed conititution, and most

proved; as being reasonable and scriptural scheine of likely to produce such an exertion of faith this day in the world, do afford legislative authority, as may be found them; adopt and encourage opinions expedient to check its growth amongst and practises that bave a direct tenus : and effectually to secure the peace dency to the subversion of both, and of the protestant establishment against have already involved both in the most future annoyance from that quarter. imminent danger, and distress. To Every well-wisher to this country must prove this assertion we need only refer indeed rejoice to see the day on which to the dark annals of the grand rebelmeasures so falutary are enacted, who lion, which contain glaring instances has ever taken a view of the dreadful of the most abominable ani pernicious calaunities formerly brought upon its consequences of fanaticilin in that inhabitants, when in a comfortable and locking scene, the blackest characters innocent enjoyment of their invaluable were performed by men of this stamp. and dear bought religion and laws, The like has operated very alarm have had cruel destruction levelled at ingly in later and different periods : both, and their persons either treacher- And in the present age has proved fatal oufly a faslinated, or barbaroufly malla- to many individuals. We not only cred, and all this by the baneful infua lee it often afford to men of the most ence of bigotry, and fuperftition, a corrupt principles an opportunity of misguided and intemperate zeal; facrificing the property, friends, innofounded on erroneous principles; im- cence, and every dear possession of those prefed by early inculcation; and who are unliappily betrayed by this rooted by obstinate profeflion. But satánical artifice, to their lust and avacan plausible pretentions to fanétity- rice; but have recent inttances of nofavourite and amusing notions taken up

torious vices being openly practised, at pleasure, and occasionally quitted and impiously vindicated, hy there be allowed by unprejudiced reason, wolves in theep's cloathing; nay to lo fufficient to warrant, or excuse the Hagranta height have they carried commilion of gross absurdities, and ir. their outrage againit ail virtue, decency, regularities, and manifest violations and common sense, as to recommend of the most facred laws of God and na- the fame extravagancies to their folture ?-The dangerous consequences of lowers : Some of whom I believe such tenets, and the fallacy of those indeed unchargable with pursuits ro arguments used in defence of them, baie and avandoned; but being once

d being to obvious, they at once stand seduced by artful inlinuations, tavour, Jan. 1768,

A 2


Address to the Liverymen

Jan. ing a natural predominancy of pride, lightened by the gospel; that then we vanity, or caprice, fall in with this committed actual fins as well as others. egregious fraternity, and if not able But desire your correspondent to turn to undergo the violent operation of to Gal. ii. 15. where the infallible the infalible spunge (which they will penman of scripture uses the same word, persuade one wipes off the deepest we are Jews by nature, piss by birth; strains of gilt at a stroke) are frequent- from $ew which signifies to beget. Seely led to great excesses, or fall into the ing this is the evident unforced meandreadful catastrophe of suicide, or a ing of the word in one place, why not Bedlam.

in the other Befides, by this conWiiere this contagious evil will end struction of Eph. ii. 3. that we were is uncertain, it is in its nature evidente children of wrath by birth (not by ly destructive to law, reason, and re- custom,) a needless tautology is preligion. I would therefore earnestly re- vented, and the climax is preserved. commend to those who are yet un- In the first part of the verse the apostle tainted with the poisonous iniečiion of laments a course of actual transgressions romance and enthusiasm, and to others in times past, and then traces these not totally involved in this beguiling polluted streams to the corrupt founmift of the old serpent's, seriously to tain, just as David had done before consider, how we make wsy for him, him in psal. LI. 5. Behold I was by creating divisions in a communion (hapen in iniquity, and in sin did my that imparts every means of falvation, mother conceive me. that eitlier reason or revelation can dil.

I am, fir, cover. And if any one fancies him.

your humble servant, Pelf actuated by a degree of faith and Jan. 18. 1768.

R. W. grace fuperior to what he imagines in the rest of mankind, let bim manifest To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of it by suitable good works.

London. The unity of the church of Chrift Gentlemen,

T endeavour to promote that important a A "

arms tavern for that purpose, I end, by an uniform and confiftent faith see it has been recommended to us, to and practise, the peculiar characteristic chuse for a representative for the city of the friend of God and man: This of London, a gentleman from Boston. is the criterion that distinguihes the What the particular obligations are, good man from the bad, and the true the city of London owes to the town christian from the hypocrite.

of Bolton, thole gentlemen will be I am, sir,

pleased to inform us, who direct us to Tewkesbury, Your's

look thither for a city member. But Jan. 11, 1768. AMI. VER. VIRT. it unfortunately happens, that at the

very time while there gentlemen are To the AUTHOR of the LONDON wishing us to think so highly of a BoMAGAZINE.

fton education, and recommending to SIR,

us a gentleman trained up in all the your impartiality, I am thereby town, the people of Boston are so very encouraged to hope you will publish little desirous of our good opinion, that these lines, the design of which is to they are openly avowing the moft unrescue a part of God's holy word from friendly dispositions towards us; and an interpretation, the most foreign endeavouring, as far as is in their that could posibly be given it. In at- power, to ruin almost every branch tempting this, I fall make use of no of the trade of this city. human authority, but go according to At a meeting of the freeholders, and the good old rule, The scripture is the other in habitants of the town of Bobest interpreter of itself.

fton, assembled at their town hall for In p. 638 of your last Mag. A. N. that purpose on Wednesday the 28th has produced Dr. Lardner's opinion of of September 1767, an association was those words in Eph. ii. 3. We were entered into by which they promise by nature the children of wrath even as and engage, that they will not, from orbers: where by nature he understands and after the 3ift of Deceinber, purour foriner hate, before we were en- chase any of the following articles :.


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5 Loaf sugar

and paste ware of Virginia, &c. by witholding theirorCoradge Snuff

ders, enable the men of Bofton to paytheir Anchors Mustard

debts? This extraordinary endeavour, Coaches, chaises, Clocksand watches therefore, to perswade all the other co

and carriages of Silversmiths and lonies to refule to trade with us, proves,
all sorts
jewellers ware

that it was malice, and not parfimony, Horse furniture Broad cloths that which prompted them to this combiMen and womens coft above ten nation; and that the real intention of hats

Thillings peryard it was not to relieve themselves, but to Men and womens įMuffs, furrs and distress us. apparel ready tippets

Wnatever may be the evil difpofition made

All sorts of milli. which there people bear to their parent Houthold furniture

nery ware country, I have remarked, that cliey Gloves Starch

scarce ever have 'ventured upon any Men and womens Stays, women and particular measures of expressing their shoes

childrens ill-will, which have not been first adSole leather Fire engines vised or suggested to them from their Sheathing and deck China ware correspondents here. And accordingly, nails

Silk and cotton upon looking over fome of the Bolton Gold and filver velvets

Gazettes, in that of the 28th of Septhread lace, of Gauze

tember laft, I find the following article, all sorts

Pewterers hollow viz.
Gold and filver

Silks of all kinds The following Extra&t of a Letter from a
Wrought plate of for garments

Merchant in London, to his Friend in all forts Malt liquors and

this Town, we are requested to infert. Diamond, stone, cheese.

London, June 17, 1767. Though none of the other provinces “ Yesterday the bill for Suspending will be weak enough probably to be the legislation of New York, until the led by thefe Boston incendiaries, yet said colony shall comply with the muit will not be their fault if all our Ame- tiny act, and for establishing a board rican colonies do not combine together of customs, were read a second time in against our trade in the same manner; the house of lords; and the bill of for not content with having entered commercial taxation passed in the same into this affociation for themselves,' house to be ingrossed. With respect they Dave also unanimously resolved, to providing for the troops, no oppofi“ That the foregoing vote, and form tion is fo reasonable because none can of a subscription relative to the enu- be so effectual, as that which procured merated articles, be immediately pub. the repeal of the stamp-aci, viz. the Jilhed; and that the select men be general engagement to import'no goods directed to distribute a proper number from England, till such a taxation be of them among the freeholders of this removed or disclaimed by a repeal of town; and to forward a copy of the the act. And the efficacy of this mode fame to the select men of every town of opposition could never be more in the province; as also to the princi- assuredly depended upon, then at prepal city or town officers of the chief sent; because that the manufacturers towns of the several colonies on the can but barely support themselves uncontinent, as they may think proper.” der the present scarcity of provisions

Their countrymen and abettors here and Nackness of trade'; which is so very affectedly give out that the peo- great a discouragement, that although ple of Boston have done this only to wool never was dearer in England than enable themselves to pay their debts. now, yet cloths are twenty per cent. But although that might be a reason cheaper than ever was known, so that for their buying nothing of us them- should your demand cease for a year or selves, yet it could be none for their two, the utmott you can desire would thus exciting all the other colonies not be effected here, without any unconto deal with us. Should the gentlemen stitutional opposition on your parts,&c." of Virginia, for inst nce, take the ad. What me ant it was who could vice of thefe Bostonmen, (which they write such a letter as this, I am not in mult certainly will not) will the people the least degree qualified to guess : He


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