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39 To the AUTHOR of the LONDON guished virtues fo eminently merit. MAGAZINE.

[Signed by the Lord Mayor ; Sir SIR,

Robert Ladbroke, Sir Richard Glyn, your readers can, from experience, nufacturers and traders of the cities of reading or reasoning, give any account, London and Westminster.) why the eyes on going to sleep, re- The following address of the bay. volve upwards, which I have good liffs, wardens, affistants, and commoreason to believe is the case with all nalty of the trade, art, and mystery animals, though I do not remember of weavers, London, has been presentmeeting with any account thereof. ed to his majesty: which address his I am your constant reader, majesty was pleased to receive very

R. W. graciously.

: [In your Magazine for November, To the king's most excellent majesty. the recipe for a cancer is put in wrong Most gracious sovereign, characters, viz. 3 dram, which should WE your majelty's molt dutiful and have been 3 ounce, a wide difference! loyal subjects the bayliffs, wardens

W. W. affiftants, and commonalty of the trade,

art, and mystery of weavers, London, St. James's, January 9. in behalf of ourselves, and the filk "HE following address of the ma- manufacturers in and about Spital

fields, ties of London and Westminster, as Most humbly beg leave to embrace also those of Spital fields and parts ad- the firft opportunity, as in duty bound, jacent, has been presented to his ma- to return our most gratesul thanks to jesty: Which address his majesty was your majesty, for your majesty's late pleased to receive very gracioufly. most gracious declaration, that in comTo the king's most excellent majesty. passion to the number of manufactur

May it please your majelty, ers and traders, who have been great WE your majesty's most dutiful fufferers by the length of court mourn. . and loyal subjects, manufacturers' and ings, your inajesty hath been pleased traders of your cities of London and to give directions for shortening them Westminster, as allo those of Spital- in future. Such' tender feelings for fields and parts adjacent, humbly of- the subjects of a state could only in, fer our most grateful thanks, for the spire the royal breast of a prince, late instance of your majeity's paternal whofe virtues loudly proclaim the good tenderness and compassionate regard, of his people to be the first object of expressed in your royal declaration, his thoughts, and the ultimate end of that all future court mournings ihall

all his actions. be shortened. (See p. 651.)

We beg leave moft humbly to alWe have the deeper sense of this sure your majesty, that this your mamark of your majesty's gracious condes- jesty's benevolent resolution will greatcension, as it was unsolicited ; a reso. ly promote the filk manufactures of lution which at once promotes trade, this kingdom, give great spirit to the invigorates industry, and can never be trade, tend to the improvement of it, forgotten in the annals of your majel. in many branches, and be the means ty's reign.

of giving constant employment to our The example fo replete with love to workmen ; many of whom, owing to your subjects in general, and com- the late mournings, have been out of passion to the poor manufacturers in employ, and in want of bread. particular, inspires us with the warm- At the same time that we offer up est and most reipeelful gratitude: and our tribute of thanks to your maje!ty, will ever engage our prayers to Di. we should think ourlelves very unvine Providence, that your inajesty grateful to your majesty's royal conmay long continue to reign in the out, if we did not humbly express hearts of your grateful people; to our sense of the great obligations we Mare the bleffings of domestic felicity lie under to her majesty, for her genewith your illettrious confort, and rons patronage and encouragement of royal iliue ; and to experience the our filk manufacture; and we are happy rewards your majetty's ditin- bound to inake the samne acknow


, as his request


Of the double Horns of the Rhinoceros. Jan. ledgment to the reft of the royal family, of a single horn, but was of opinion for the distinguished preference they that the geminum eurum of Bochart give to the wrought filks of this king- ought to have been plural, geminos eudom.

ros, as being more elegant; and he That your majesty's reign may be was followed by Doctors Mead and happy, long, and glorious, will be the Douglas, with this difference, that constant prayer of us, your majesty's these changed the curos for arjos, as moft faithful subjects.

imagining they were rather bears than Weavers-Hall, Eb. Briggs, Clerk.

bulls, that were thrown up by this 4th Jan, 1768.

noble animal.

Our then worthy president Martin A Letter from James Parsons, M. D. Folkes, Esq; had seen my account of

F. R. S. to the Right Honourable the this subject, at the end of which, I Earl of Morton, President of the endeavoured, however presumptuously, Royal Society; on the double Horns of to defend Martial's reading againt the Rbinoceros.

Bochart and the other eminent per[Read before the R. S. Feb. 27, 1766.] fons mentioned ; and desired I would My Lord,

let it be read and printed, which I ing my natural history of the did me much honour. Rhinoceros before this learned society Before my paper was printed, Mr. in 1743, which is printed in number Maittaire and Doctor Douglas died; 470, page 523, of the Transactions, I and the learned Doctor Mead was the had not an opportunity of Thewing a surviving critic, upon this line, of double horn to the members; I have, the three. Upon this occasion, theretherefore, taken this first occasion to fore, I have a double pleasure ; first in entertain the present members with a amusing the present gentlemen with a fight of a noble specimen of the horns molt curious ipecimen in natural hisof an African Rhinoceros, brought tory; and, secondly, in remembring, from the Cape of Good Hope, by my in this place, the nice candor and curious and worthy friend William generosity of Doctor Mead upon that Maguire, Esq; among many other cu. subject. For, about four months afriofities; presuming that few of the ter the paper was printed, he received society have ever seen a pair of the like a prefent of several curious fhells, kind.' But what renders this subject seeds, &c. and with them the bunes the more particular, and worthy of ob. of the face of a young Rhinoceros, fervation, is that, by means of know. with two borns infitu, all intire, by a ing there is a species of this animal, captain, of an African trader, who having always a double horn upon the brought them from Angola. nose, in Africa, Martial's reading is As soon as he saw the horns, he supported against the criticism of Bo- lent to invite me to breakfast, and chart, who changed the true text of there, in company, ingenuouky gave that poet, in an epigram upon the up his past opinion, and declared for strength of this animal ;. for when Martial ; and, indeed, I must add Domitian ordered an exhibition of to the praise of that great man, that, wild beasts, as it was the custom of as I was happy in being frequently at several emperors, the poet says : his house, I was witness to many such The Rhinoceros tofted up a heavy instances of the most disinterested canbear with his double horn :

dor and generosity, where any part of Namque graven gemino cornu fic extulit science was the topic, among his select urjum.

friends. and as Bochart knew nothing of a This anecdote I thought proper to double horn, be changed this line both mention upon the present occalion ; in reading and lente, thus :

nor can too much be said to his ho. Namque gravi geminum cornu fic extulit nour, among all lovers of philofophi

cal learning. I am, as if two wild bulls were tossed up in

Your lordship’s to the air, by the strong horn of the

molt obedient servant, Rhinoceros.

JAMES PARSONS. Mr. Mutiaire adopted the notion P. S. The figure of the double



The Double Horn ofan UprianRhinoceros, brought from the Cape af fpood William.M MC Guire tag?


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Anecdotes of Luca Jordano.

41 horn of the Rhinoceros here described ing easiness, and was the first rise to is seen in the PLATE. The dimensions the elevation of his thoughts: but are as follows, viz. The length of being desirous of gaining a higher dethe anterior horn, measuring with a gree of perfection, Luca and his faftring along the convex fore part, is ther set out for Florence, and there 20 inches ; perpendicular height 18; copied the works of Leo da Vinci, circumference 21 į at the bale; the Michael Angelo, and Andrew del posterior horn is in perpendicular Sarto. Then he returned to Rome, height 19"; circumference round the whence after a short stay he went base 18 : length of both bases together back to Naples, and there married. upon the natal bones 14; and the Luca quitted his master's manner, and weight of both together is 14 pounds by having a happy nemory he recol10 ounces.

lected the manners of all the great The Rhinoceros of the year 1739, masters, which occasioned Bellori to described in the Transactions, was write « that he was like the inge. three years old ; and the horn not nious bee, that bad extracted his three inches high ; and hence by com- honey from the flowers of the works paring that with this, one may ima- of the best artists, and had the art gine this to be many years old, pere of imitating them so well as to occahaps above twenty; and that this ani- fion frequent mistakes.” Some of his mal lives to a great age.

pictures getting into Spain, pleased It is also plain that the horns are Charles II. so that he engaged him to perpetual as are those of oxen. come to his court in 1692, to paint

the Escurial, (his palace),

The king Anecdotes of Luca Jordano, an eminent and queen often went to see him work, Painter.

and commanded him to be covered in UCA Jordano was born in Na. their presence. In the space of two neighbourhood of Joseph Ribera, and the stair-case of the Escurial. called Spagnoletto ; a native of Va- He was so engaged to his business, lencia in Spain, and disciple of Cara, that he did not rest from it on holivagio ; whose works attracted Luca so days; for which a painter of his acpowerfully, that he left his childish quaintance upbraided him: to whom amusements for the pleasure he found he pleasantly answered, “ If I was in looking on them. Luca's father (a to let my pencils reít, they would middling painter) finding in his son grow rebellious; and I would not be Yo manisest an inclination for painting, able to bring them to order, without placed him under the dire&tions of trampling on them.” His lively buRibera, with whom he made so great mour and smart repartees amused the advances, that, at seven years old, whole court. The queen of Spain one his drawings were surprizing. Hear- day enquiring after his family, wanted ing that at Venice and Rome were

to know what sort of a woman his many, excellent models for painting, wife was : Luca painted her on the he privately left Naples and went to spot, in a picture he was at work on, Rome; and from Rome he and his and thewed her to the queen; who father went together to Bologna, was the more surprized, as the had Parma, and Venice. At every place not perceived what he was about ; but Luca made sketches and studies from was so pleased, that the took off her the works of all the great masters, pearl necklace, and desired him to but particularly Paul Veronese, als present his wife with it in her name. ways proposing him for a model to The king being desirous of a comhimself. His father who sold his de panion to a picture he shewed signs and sketches at a great price, him, which was painted by Baflan, kept bim close to his work; and that Luca painted one for him to exactly he might not quit it, prepared his in his manner, that it was taken for dinner for him himself, often calling a picture of that maller. Toe king, on hini Luca fa prejo, or dispatch : a in return, knighted him, gave him name which he always retained. Lu- several places, made one of his fons a ca was a great copyiit; and the num- captain of horse, and nominated anober of his studies gave him a {urpriz. ther judge and preüdent of the vicaJan. 1768.



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