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401 The History of the last Sesion of Parliament, &c. The History of the Session of Parliament which began Nov. 11, 1966, being the sixth

Session of ibe Twelfth Parliament of Great Britain, with an Account of all the material Questions therein determined, and of the Political Disputes thereby occasioned without Doors. Continued from p. 349.

N the 26th of January, a peti- mittee, to whom the preceding petition

tion of several gentlemen, free: was referred. On the 12th of March holders, and tradesmen of the borough Sir Fletcher Norton, according to orof Rippon, and others, of the Welt der, presented a bill for making naviRiding of Yorkshire, was presented to gable the river Ure, from its juncthe house, and read; setting forth, tion with the river Swale, to the bothat by improving and extending the rough of Rippon, which was read a navigation of the rivers Ouze and Ure first time, and ordered to be read a in the county of York, and by making second. On the 16th it was read a fe. navigable cuts or canals to the borough cond time and committed. On the of Rippon in the said county, a more 31st Mr. Lawrence reported from the safe and expeditious communication committee to whom the bill was conwill be opened up and down the said mitted, that the committee had exa. rivers and canals, from and to the mined the allegations of the bill, and cities of London and York, the town found the same to be true; and that of Kingston upon Hull, and other the committee had gone through the parts of this kingdom ; and that the bill, and made several amendments faid navigation may be improved, and thereunto, which they had directed extended for the sum of 14000 l. which him to report to the house. He then Several of the petitioners and others read the report in his place, and afterhave agreed to advance, and lend up- wards delivered the bill, with the on the credit of the tolls and duties amendments, in at the table, where to be raised upon the said navigation, the report was read. But the house upon interest, at the rate of sl. per being then informed that some other cent, and therefore praying that leave amendments were necessary, the bill may be given to bring in a bill for was recommitted: but the next day that purpose, under such regulations, the bill, with these amendments, being and with such powers and provisions delivered in at the table, and read, as to the house mall seem meet. On they were agreed to by the house, and which this petition was referred to the ordered to be ingrossed. On the 3d of confideration of a committee.

April the ingrossed bill was read a The same day a petition of the seve. third time, and passed, on which Mr. ral gentlemen, mine-adventurers, and Lawrence was ordered to carry it up freeholders of the North Riding of the to the lords and desire their concurcounty of York; another of the seve- rence. On the oth it passed the house ral gentlemen, freeholders, and tradel- of Lords without any amendment, and men of the borough of North Aller- on the 15th it received the royal assent. ton; and another of the several mer. As extending the navigation of ri. chants and others of the town of vers, and the benefit of water carriage, Kingston upon Hull, were severally must be of the greatest advantage to prelented to the house and read; re- a trading country, it is no wonder presenting several advantages which that this act passed with the greatest would attend the improving and ex- ease; and that other bills should, at tending the navigation up the rivers the same time, be brought into the Ouze and Ure, from the city of York house to add farther improvements to to the borough of Rippon ; and there. the great commercial county, of York. fore praying that leave may be given As the river Swale was in some reasons to bring in a bill for improving and navigable to Topcliffe, and capable of extending the said navigation up the being made navigable to Morton for said rivers, to the borough of Rippon. boats and barges; and as the brook On which these petitions were several running from Bedale was capable of ly ordered to be referred to the com- being made navigabie from that town to August, 1768.





The History of the last Session of Parliament. Aug. its junction with the Swale, a number On the 29th of January was present. of proprietors of estates, merchants, ed to the house, a petition of the manufacturers, mine adventurers, and mayor and burgesles of Kingston upon traders, joined in a petition that a bill Hull, the guild or brotherhood of might be brought in for improving masters and pilots, seamen of the Tri. and making more navigable the river nity house of that town, and of the Swale, from Widdington Ings, and merchants and owners of ships be. oxtending its navigation from Top- longing to the said town: At the same cliffe to Norton-bridge, and for ma. time, the Chancellor of the Exchequer king the above brook navigable from informed the house, that his majesty, the Swale to the town of Bedale. A having been informed of the contents bill was therefore ordered to be drawn of this petition, gave his confent, that up, which palled through the house the house may do as they shall think in the usual manner, and without op- proper, and recommended this peti. pofition.

tion to the confideration of the house. At the same time a petition of feve- The petition was then read, setting ral gentlemen, merchants, traders, forth that the baven of the faid town and others in the North Riding of is narrow, and a very incommodious Yorkshire, was presented to the house, station for shipping; but that it would thewing, that the brook Codbeck,which much conduce to the advantage of runs thro the borough of Thirsk, migit, the town and port, and be of confideat a moderate expence be made navi- rable utility to his majefty's thips of gable from the Swale to that borough, war, and to all persons trading to the and be of great benefit to the trade of northern parts of this kingdom, if that town. This petition met with docks were made for the reception of fame happy success, and three acts ships, and the haven rendered more were thus passed for extending the na- safe and commodious by placing dolvigation of the rivers that fall into phins therein, and the passage out of the Ouze.

it more easy, by enlarging and extendOn the other hand, another petition ing the south-end jetty of the faid was presented to the house for extend town; and that in order to promote ing the navigation of the river Hull, an undertaking so conducive to the which met with the same good success, security and improvement of comand will doubtless be of confiderable merce, his majesty had moft gracioutly advantage to the East Riding of York- condeicended to signify his royal plea. thire, as the others will be to the sure, to grant for the abovementioned North and Weft.

purposes a piece of ground of a trian. The improvement of harbours, and gular form, part of the land belonging rendering them more commodious for to his majesty's citadel at Kingston upThipping, is another national concern on Hull aforesaid, amounting to about of extreme importance to trade, and five acres. That the expence of mathe fasety of our mariners ; to the mer- king and maintaining the said docks, chants, to the royal navy, and to the or other works, will be considerably nation in general, and therefore I Mall larger than the inhabitants of the make no apology for giving the follow- town can defray; and the petitioners ing concise account of an attempt made conceive the same cannot be effected by the town of Kingston upon Hull, without such moderate rates and du. in the same county, to obtain an act ties on thipping, as may be propor. for the inprovement of that harbour; tionable to the ends proposed ; and an attempt, which though recom- therefore praying that leave may be mended to the house by his majesty, given to bring in a bill for effecting the who generously consented to give the purposes aforesaid, in such manner, land necessary for accomplishing the and under luch regulations, as to the works proposed to be made, failed of house should seem proper. On which fucceís; from the impropriety of the the petition was ordered to be referred means by which the money was to be to the consideration of a committee of raised for carrying tbem on, and the whole house. which induced the other trading towns Accordingly on the 12th of March, in the county to petition warmly a- the house relolved itself into a com: gainst it,

mittee on this petition, and leave was 1768. The HISTORY of the last Session of Parliament. 403 given for bringing in a bill for making ted by charters, and regulated by acts docks and other conveniences for the of parliament; and, that the said use and accommodation of thips, trade is in no sense a monopoly, it lengthening the south end jetty, erecte consisting of an unlimited number of ing dolphins, and other works, in the inembers, who each engage separately, haven and port of Kingston upon in the said trade, at their own risque, Hull, and for appropriating certain and into which company, any British lands belonging to his majesty to those subject may be admitted, upon pay: uses; and that Mr. Weddell

, 'Lord ment of twenty pounds; and that, in Robert Manners, and Mr. Hewet, do order to carry on the said trade with prepare and bring in the same. safety, and for protecting his majesty's

This bill was presented to the house subjects, in the Turkish dominions, it on the 19th of February, and then has been found necessary, that there read the first time ; but being on the should be an ambassador sent from 3d of March read a second time, a pe- England to reside at Constantinople, tition was presented on the irth froin and that there should be consuls, vicethe mayor and commonalty of the city consuls, and other officers and servants, of York, setting forth, that the petir in the other parts of the Turkish dotioners humbly apprehend, that it minions, where any British subjects rewould be highly unjust that vessels fide, or where the English carry on passing through the Humber, up and trade, the whole expence whereof has down the river Ouse and Trent, and hitherto been borne by the Turkey, several navigable rivers in the great company, and together with other necommercial county of York, and ne- cessary expences, incident to the carver putting intc, or stopping at, the rying on the said trade, has, of late haven or port of Kingston upon Hull, years, amounted to upwards of 10000l, Mould be loaded with a new duty for per annum ; and that the chief of the the improvement of that haven, from exports, from hence, to Turkey, have whence they cannot receive any bene- been the produce and manufactures of fit; and therefore praying, that, if these kingdoms, viz. woolen cloth, of the faid bill lould pass into a law, which the said company, for a long proper provision may be made therein term of years, did not export less than to exempt all ships, or vessels trading fixteen thousand pieces, and very con: up or down the river Ouse, and not siderable quantities of tin, lead, and putting into the haven or dock of other goods; and the chief imports Kingston upon Hull, from being sub. have been raw materials, for our maject to the payment of any rates, or

nufactures, such as Gilk, mohair, yarn, duties to be imposed for the purpose of cotton, and goats wool; and also fruit, improving that port or haven. This drugs, and many other commodities; petition on being read, was referred and that the said trade, to and from to the consideration of the committee Turkey, once so flourishing, is now, to whom the bill was committed, from many unavoidable events, and This last petition being however suc- concurring circumstances, much re. cefsively followed by others from Gainfo duced ; and the petitioners are senli. borough, Leeds, Pontefract, and Hal. ble, that they thould not discharge lifax, all to the same purpose, the con- the duty incumbent upon them by fideration of the bill was postponed and their charter, nor the justice they owe at length dropped.

to the public, if they did not declare I fall now mention an unfortunate their inability to proceed any fur. application to parliament of a different ther, unless relieved by parliament; nature from the foregoing. On the zift as, on account of their declining of January, a petition of the gover: trade, they have unavoidably incurnors and company of the merchants of red confiderable debts, and are now England trading into the Levant seas, under the necessity of levying very was presented to the house, and read; high duties (more than their trade setting forth, that the trade between can support) in order to raile supthis kingdom and Turkey has, for plies equal to their expences; and long series of years, been carried on therefore praying the houie to take the by a fociety of merchants, incorpora. premises into consideration, and grant

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