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$ 2 Tbe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Jan. Sentiments to Miss Marchmont, is thrown in. Mrs. Harley having acquainted cach other to the greateft diftress by her accepting, tho' with the real sentiments of the lovers, they with visible relu&ance, his lord ship's band. contrive to remove the difficulties a ridiculous Miss Rivers coming with her maid to the ap- attention to an imaginary propriety had occapointed rendezvous, inftead of her lover is met fioned. Lord Winworth receives a message by her father: A most pathetic scene ensues: from Mr. Harley in Ladý Betty's name, deAfter expoftulating with her in the most af- firing to see him, as does Lady Betty one to fectionate manner, he tells her he will not the same purpose from his lordhip. On their offer to detain ber: He even puts into her meeting Lady Betty is led to think Mrs. Harg bands an obligation to pay her a noble for ley has given up her secret, and declares fince tune, but forbids her ever after appearing in the bath ekus betrayed her, she will no longer his fight. On the Colonel's retiring, Sir Har- conceal her partiality for his lordhip. My Ex. Newburgh appears, and tells the lady that Lord, surprized at fo unexpected a declaration, every thing is ready. She declares she will laments earnestly that his engagements with not forsake her father; the maid advises Sir Miss Marchmont prevents his happiness. Harry to force her away, on his preparing to Cecil and Mrs. Harley now appear, and after do so, the breaks from him, and seeing Mr. humourously ridicoling their romantic delicaCecil, entreats his protection, and that he cy, which had occafioned so much confufion, will not suffer Sir Harry to follow her. Ac. introduce the other charadters who have been cordingly on his attempting to do so, Cecil set to rights by them withio. My Lord, opposes him; they draw, but, after a few freed from his engagements with Miss Marchpaffes, Sir Harry is convinced of the shame- mont, and accepted by Lady Betty, joins the fui part be is acting, puts up his sword, and hands of the former with her favoured Mr. is reconciled to his friend.

Sidney; the Colonel accepts Sir Harry for Sidney having heard of Miss Rivers's ar- his fon-inlaw, and Cecil declares it a happitachment to Sir Harry, attends the Colonel, nels to people of fuch refined sentiments, and declines the proposed match, very much that they have friends about them of plain to the displeasure of the Colonel. Cecil and underfanding and common sense.


FRIDAY, Jan. 1.

Shropsh. Edward Botterell, Esg; Som. Joha SUMBER 30540, was drawn Hellier, Efq; Staff. Francis Eld, Esq; Suff.

a prize of 10001. in the pre- Osborne Fuller, Erq; Southampt. Chaloner N sent lottery.

Ogle, Fiq; Surry. Rich. Barwell, Efq; Suff. TUESDAY, 12.

John Paine, Esq; Warw. John Parthereche, Lord Chamberlain's Office, Era; Worcest. Thomas Bury, jun. Ela; Wilts

His majesty hath been moft Edmund Lambert, Eq; Yorkh. Sir Geo. graciously pleased to order, that the court Strickland, Bart. mournings shall not, for the future, continue SOUTH-WALES. longer than one half of the time which hath Brecon. Thomas Harris, Esq; Carmarti. been usually observed.

Edw. Parry, Erq; Card. Daniel Lloyd, Esqz HERTTORD. Glam. Tho. Bennett, Efq; Pemb. John FRIDAY, 15.

Griffiths, Esq; Radn. John Trumper, Esq; The following gentlemen were appointed NORTH-WALES. theriffs, for 1768.

Angl: Wm Hughes, E'q; Carn. Robert Berks. Wm Price, Esq; Bedf. John Cater, Howel Vaughan, Erq; Denb. Edw. Lloyd, Efq; Buck. Wm Crefiwell Wentworth, Esq; Esq; Flint. Edw. Lloyd, Esq; Merion. Robert Cumb. Sir Gilfred Lawson, bart. Chesh. Godolphin Owen, E'q; Montg. ThomasHenry Hervey Afton, Efq; Camb' and Hunt' Thomas, Efq; Edw. Leeds, Esq; Corn, Fraunceis Kirkham, Ended the drawing of the lottery, whea Esq; Devon. Willbert, Esq; Dorf. Ja. Gol No. 22347, as last drawn ticket, become lop, Esq; Derb. Sam. Crompton, Elo; Essex. entitled to rocol. Rich. Lomas Clay, Esq; Glouc. John Guise,

Monday, 18. Elg; Hertí, Lionel Lyde, Esq; Hertf. Richard Daniel Algood, was executed at Tyburn, Gorges, Esq; Kent. Rich. Hulle, Ela; for murder. Leiceft. Edw. Dawson, Eg; Linc. Joseph Erded the feftions at the Old Balley, when Walls, Esq; Monm. Richard Lucas, Elan Wmn Cayley, for stealing an heifer, Patrick Northumb. Bryan Butrell, Efq; Northamp. Swiney, Timothy Crawley and Wm Hamil. Tho. Powys, Esq; Norf. Wm Woodley, ton, for highway robberies, Thomas MitEsq; Notting. John Bell, Esq; Oxf. Stucley chener and Charles Davis, for burglary, reBayatun, Efq; Ruti, Henry Shield, Ela; ceived Centence of death, as Daniel Afgood a 5


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53 bargemad hadbefore, for the murder of Wim. Extract of a Letter from a Master of a Vefjel, Ridley, a watchman.' Eighteen were len- dated Kingfale in Ireland, 19 December, tenced to transportation for seven years, two "to bis Sister at Mitchell in Cornwall, were branded, two ordered to be publickly, and eight privately whipped.

« The day I left you at Mitchell anived TUESDAY, 19.

at Padftow before high water, sailed for Cork An house was consumed by fire near Weft. at three o'clock the same afternoon, and the minster Abbey.

next day at four in the afternoon made the THURSDAY, 21.

Head of Kingfale about three leagues from joba Kirkman, Efq; was elected alderman Cork Harbour ; when the violence of the of 'Cheap ward, in the room of Sir Sanuel weather and the want of day-light obliged us Fludyer, deceased.

to make for the molt convenient place, which SATURDAY, 23.

happened to be at the Old Head in Bullen The judges further heard the case of Mr. Bay, where not being acquainted, had noGibson, lately convicted forgery, on a fpe. thing to do but pray to God to be our director cial verdict, and pronounced him guilty.. (See to bring us in safe with our vefsel and lives. qur vol. fos 1766, p. 132.)

Thus far I got safe to anchor at three quarThe froft (See our last vol p. 683.) con- ters pait four, being almost dark: At one tinued with great severity, tiil the 11th of o'elock next morning I went ahore to get the present month, and added extremely to affitance, in case occalion should require it : the distresses of the poor ; but they received but had not been there above half an hour, great alleviation from the timane benevo- when, on my return for the boat, I found lence of many noble persons, gentlemen, ber cut to pieces and carried away by the merchants, capital tradesmen, corporations country people. From this I began to fear and parishes. Many persons were irozen to what I had to expect; however, as the verdeath in town and country; the Thames fel was safe and found, under no apparent was frozen in, and much damage happened danger of being los, I could scarce believe 20 the shipping and small craft. Several per- that any attempt would be made to rip ker fons lost their lives in fkaiting and Niding, as up; but from that time till daylight I perusual, and many of the idle gun men, or ceived a vast concourse of people gathering poppers, about the fields, through care lels- together, and talking in their own language, nets, or want of kill in their diversion, which we could not in the least understand ; were killed by their own pieces.

but giving a large guess haftened on board's Accidents of various kinds have deprived where we stayed until day-light, at which Several persons of their lives, many murders time the tide leaving us, and notwithstandhave been commicted, fhipwrecks at sea and ing the vellel quite found, having received on the coasts have been trequent, and rob- no damage from the sea, the mob fell imme

bers of all species very industrious, during the diately on her with axes, pikes, iron crows, course of this month.

and chiffels, and ripped her to piecesin less than Days appointed for holding the feffions of fcur. hours. Indeed they had the good mane

the peace, Oyer and Terminer, and gaol de- ners to let us thare wth them for about an livery of Newgate, in the year 1768. four, during which time we faved the mait,

Quarter leffion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday, bowsprit, boor, gaff, mainfail, jibb, and Jan. 11, Thursday 14, Old Bailey.

rudder, with some running rigging of small General Seffion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday 'consequence. They then grew imparient at Feb. 22, Wednesday, 24, Old Bailey. our having any share, with them, and gave

Quarter fe fion, at Hicks's Hall, Tuefday, me and my it.en notice to keep our distance; April 12; Wedne!day 13, Old Bailey. which I refufiog to do, had from one of

General Session, at Hicks's Hall, Tuesday, "them a new ground axe thrown at me, May 17, Wednesday 18, Old Bailey. which happily miled me. This was follow.

Quarter fefion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday, ed by showers of Atunc at me and my men, July 4, Wednesday 6. O.d Bailey,

which obliged us immediately to quit tbe General seslion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday, place, and seek for shelter here, our lives beSept. 5, Wednesday 7, Old Bailey:

*ing threatened if we are caught near the velQuarter seffion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday, set. OA. 17, Wednesday 19, Old Bailey.

At this place I applied to Justice Bulling, General feffion, at Hicks's Hall, Monday and Mr. Dennis, a nosary public; but oil Dec. 5, Wednesday 7, Old Bailey.

the fajisfaction I can get, is they allure me, Days appointed for holding the general quare * as many as they can detect, they will cera

ter sessions of the peace for the city and li- tainly punih to the utmost rigour of the berty of Westminger, in the year 1768. • law. This is the melancholy ltbation I am Thursday, the 7th day of January. in, the which, I fear, will infallibly break Thursday, the 7th day of April,

my heart, before I have any pofsibility of leeWedneiday, the 29th day of June, ing my native country again. Friday, the gih day of October


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, Jan. 1. M


Jani Galway, Jan.y. very uncommon in. of Pomfret, of a fon and hair-Lady Lindsey, Atance of the severity of the frost, was observe of a daughter-Dutchess of Leinfter, of ed in this neighbourhood about two nights fon-Mr. Amherst, of a daughter-Lady ago. On a small lough near Ballyquirk in Hope, of a daughter-Lady Greville MounEyréconnaught, above 100 couple of duck and tagues of a daughter. mallard, and other water fowls, were frozën to death, where they were observed yesterday


R. country people would then venture out for

office--Sir William Rowley, them.

knt. of the Bath, admiral and commander in Dublin, Dec. 15. About one o'clock in chief of the fleet-Ephraim Underwood, of the morning, a fire brolize out at Brockly Whitchurch, Shropfhire, Esg;--Capt. Tho. park, in the Queen's county, the seat of mas Saumarez, of the navy-11. Dr. Barnard, Lord Viscount Jocelyn (who happened to be bishop of Derry, in Ireland - Richard Jacksonin town with his family) which entirely Esq; deputy governor of the South-sea como conlumed the same, with part of a new pany--18. Henry Lewis, Efq; of the custome house adjoining; very little of the furniture house-Sir Samuel Fludyer," bart. alderman was saved, but no life was loft.

of Cheap ward, and member for ChippenDr. King, late archbishop of Dublin, hav. ham*20. Sir. Walter Wagstaffe-Bagot, bart. ing invited several persons of diftinction to member for the university of Oxford, fuc: dine with bim, had amongst a great variety of ceeded by his eldest fun, now Sir William dishes a fine leg of mutton, and caper sauce; Bagot, bart.dward Coldham, & q; an emi. but the doctor, who was not fond of butter, Dent distiller, who had fined for sheriff. and remarkable for preferring a trencher to a Lately. William Jones, Esq; comptroller plate, had some of the above-mentioned of the customs in Scotland - Andrew Richard pickles reserved dry for his use; which, as fon, of Filher-street, Esq;-Michael Basnet, he was mincing, he called aloud to the com- of Wimbledon, Esq;-Lord Mount-Florence, pany to observe him:-" 1 here present you, of Ireland -- Lady Stewarta Shirley-Mr. my lords and gentlemen (said he) with a Pierce, an eminent surgeon, at Buch-Thofight that may henceforward serve you to talk mas Gyles, of Wantage, Berks, Esq; -Wib of as something curious, viz. That you saw liam Simplon, of Scainford, in Yorkhire, an archbishop of Dublin, at fourscore and fe- Esq;~Mrs. Dormer, wife of the hon. James ven years of age, Cut capers upon a trencber."

Dormer-Sir Hungeriord Hoskyns, bart, The following is a prescription of Dr. Tay fucceeded by his eldest son, now Sir Chandos lor for colds and coughs. Take one pint of Holkyns, bart.--Rev. Dr. Jeaner, prefident hysop water, mix it with one quarter of a of Magdalen college, Oxford-Martin Bel. pound of the best clarified honey, shake it linger, Esq; a merchant-Mr. Huddle, in well together, and take the quantity of a tea- the commiffion of she peace for Middlesexcup night and morning; the patient will, in Mrs. Richardson, daughter of the lare emia few times taking, receive great benefit. nent painter - Jobn Hobbs, Esq; page to the

late king, who was the first person that

saw him expiring-Mrs. Worsley, fifter of MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

Lord Grantham-Mr. Paul Stevens, book

seller-Sir Henry Frankland, bart furceeded OLONEL Thomas Shirley, was by the admiral - Edward Pearson, Elg; le

married to miss Anna-Maria cretary to several bithops, Benjamin Hill, of Weftern-7. Alexander Wedderburn, Esą; Northampton, Efq;--Mr. Chappelow, fifty to Miss Dawson-Samuel Jerman, Erg; to years Arabic profeffor at Cambr dge-Lieut. Miss Allen–14. Hon, and rev. Richard By- Governor Scott, of Dominica - The reli&t of ron, to Miss Mary Farmer.

Paul foddrel, Esq;-Hon. Joseph Herberi, Lately. Rt. hon. Lord Blayney, to Miss preudent of Antigua. Tipping, a 20000 l. fortune-Sir Edmund "Willon, bast. to Miss Arabella Wilkinson

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFIRMENTS, Capt . Browne, to the Hon. Mico Alles Rented to the re&ory of St. Laurence, in

preWalter Hawkesworth, Efq; to Miss Farrer.

Dec. 30. Viscountess Townshend was de Winchester-M.Thomas, Edwards to the liv. livered a fon-Lady Molyneux, of Dublin, ing of Trodefley, Salop -- Mr. George Tymms, of a fon

to the rectory of Harpoole, in Northamptonjan. 5 Viscountess Ranelagh, of a son-6. Disce Lady of the hon. Mr. Byng, of a fon-12. PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Counters of Shannon of a daughter-10.

Countess of Elgin of a fon-
Lately. of the Sir Ellis

AR Jan. 6. The duke of Lady Dyke, of a daughter-Mrs. Woodley, Deral, and colonel of the shird regiment of of South-Audley Atreet, of a loa Countess foof guards.- Major general Mustay, colonc!


Jan. 4.Com

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55 of the 13th regiment on foot, in his room hot iron, and whipped ; that they shall after Major general Arroftrong, forft colonel of a ward be confined, for the rest of their days, battalion of the both regiment of foot-Cap- in a house of correction, in order to be kept taia Hamilton major of the 18th regiment of there to hard labour and lastly, that every foot.

year, on the day of their crime, they lhall be · St. James's, Jan. 20. The eart of Hillsbo- whipped a new in public. tongh, and the Viscount Weymouth, were Warsaw, Dec. 8. In the fittings of the aid of fworn two of the principal secretaries of Atate. last month, the Prince Primate laid before the

From ibe Reft of tbe Papers. nacional confederacy the following paints, Richard Rochford Mervin, Esq; is ap- it, That the law, Rex Carbolicus efto, should pointed licut. col, of the 39th regiment and be confirmed. 2d, That the right of electing William Fleming, Esq; major of the 64th a king should be maintained, without ever Anthony Todd, Esq; secretary to the post- fhewing any regard to hereditary right. 3d. office-Re. hon. Richard Rigby, a vice. That the Roman Catholic religion thould treasurer of Ireland - Mr. Richard Jupp, is be maintained at all times as predominant, chosen furveyor of the East-India company. 4th, That the king thell never bare a right

to alienate any eftates belonging to the repub

lic. Sth, That no person whatsoever Thall be Alteration in tbe List of Parliament. liable to be confined without having been first WEEDALE. Capt. Adam Hay, in the beard before a court of justice, and previouls room of John Dickson, Efq;

condemned. 6th, That the Lib.rum Vero in matters of state, shall be preserved in its full

extent, 7th, That the re-entering into pola B-NK-PTS.

feffion of charges and dignities, betowed by JAMES Pearson- of Horton Mills, Berks, paper. the king, shall take place fimply, without

the least contradi&tion, without any pretext Idward Gwynae, of James-freet, glazier and that they depend on the republic. Sth,

painter. Toiton Banting, of Wooldale, Yorkshire, dealer. That the free exercise of divine worship thall Heary and John Sisam, of Badman's meule, table. fuffer no restriction in any respect. gth,

keepers aad partners Edmund Masley. of London, mariner and dealer. That thz prerogatives of the cities thall be William Belk, of Selby, dealer.

maintained. Fotb, That all privileges fhall John Waud, of St. George Hanover-square, butcher. William

Cooke, of Romiey, Hants, grocer, baker; be registered three months after they are aod maitfter.

granted. irth, That no affair of state, that James Richards, of Hackney, merchant.

has been once rejected, thall be brought
George Plagaven, of Bloomsbury, merchant.
Edward Fowler of Aldersgate-ftreet, haberdasher, on the carpet agaio. Isth, That it thall
Thomas Lamn, of Cornhill, tationer.

be lawful to sell, or make over by way James Hammond, of Bishopfgace-freer, ginger- of inheritance, any lands, to the burghere Fred. Herbs. of Conduit frect, jeweller.

and husbandmen, and that the state vaflalago Abraham Abrahams, of Bartholomew-lane, {ert fall be suppresed. 13th, That all foreignWiltam Bayzand of Shoreditch, curler.

ers, who ihall have lived ten years in the James Hayley, of Kidderminster, mercer and dealer. Country, thall be reputed citizens. 14th,

That the Yus caducum thall bd granted to the FOREIGN AFFAIRS. king. Igth, That provision ihall be made

that the great ciljes, such as Cracow and the effects of enthusiasm than the fol- the diets. And 16th, That persons of plelowing account from

beian extraction shall be invested as heretoDeanark, Dec. 29. Within these few fore with places in the afefforial courts of years a set of people have beea, discovered justice. bere, seized with a disorder of mind that is But we shall soon be able to give a more extremely dangerous to society. This is an authentic account of these points ; for by the imagination, fuat, by committing premedi. Jaft mau we are told, that they are now drawa tated murther, and being afterwards con- up into the form of a treaty between Ruffia demned to die for is, they are the better able, and the repuhlick of Poland, which the by public marks of repentance and conyer Prince de Repnin, the Russian ambassador, fion as they go to the scaffold, to prepare has sent to Moscow, in order to have it rathemselves for death, and work out their rified by her imperial majefty. ona falsation. A ligle while ago, one of Vienna, Dec. 30. Our court hath received these wretches murthered a child out of the from that of Madrid fome dispatches relative fame principle. In order, however, to take to the choice which the Catholic king was from these wretches all hope of obtaining defired to make of one of the archducheffes their erd, and to extirpate the evil, the king to be queen of Naples; this choice hath illued, on the otib of tbis month, an ordi- faliea on the Archduchele Caroline, who is a nance, by which his majesty forbids the pu- year and some months younger than the iate nishing them with death; and enacts, that Archduchess Josepha was. The formality of they hali bc breaded in the forehead with a demanding her royal highness in marriage


bread baker.


56 FOREIGN AFFAIRS. for bis Sicilian majefly has just been made, attachment to me, and from the zeal that ani and the portrait of that monarch hath been mates you, that you will let me know, in a presented to the princess. The departure of particular manner, your grievances against my the princess for Jialy will take place towards government, it's want of piety and religion, the spring, as soon as the public roads thall be and the wrongs they may have caused to the passable.

church ; for I have nothing fo much at heart, Madrid, Dec. 1. The council bas sent to as the caking of wile and prudent measuresin all the archbishops, bishops, and other pre- and of rendering to the church and her miJates of this kingdom, a circular letrer, writ- nisters, the respect and the veneration that is ten the 15th of April, 1966, by the bilhop ef due to them. Cuenca, to the King's Confeffor, which let- At Aranjuez, the 19th of May, 1767, . ter was full of complaints against his majef

(Signed) I THE KING. ty's government and his ministry, and against

Florence, Dee. 14. On the ift intiant at the Confeffor himself. This circular letter, night, a fire broke out at the house of a which is printed, begins with the copy of a

druggift, which in a few hours consumed Gx Schedule addressed by the king to the bishop of other houses. Among them was one be, Cuenca, on occasion of that prelate's letter. longir.g to a shewman, who had several ania His majesty's schedule is as follows:

mals there intended for the combats of wila The King.

beafts. The fire having consumed a stable, in « Reverend Father in Jesus Christ, Bishop three bears, those voracious animals


wbich were two lions, one tiger, and of Cuenca, Member of my council.

My confessor, in order to acquit his con. furious, and escaping out of the place of their science and mine, has communicated to me confinement, felt upon the multitude, and the letter that you wrote him in a transport traversed the whole city, overturning every of your zeal. You say in that letter, that this thing in their way. In an infant, the air kingdom is ruined by the perfecution of the resounded with the cries of the unhappy church; that you have foretold this ruin, but wretches who became their prey. A huna that the truth had not made its way to my dred men were commanded to give chace to ears, although my Confeffor was not the only them, who happily killed two bears, one person you made use of "to convey it to me. í lion, and the tiger, but the other lion escaassure you, that all the misfortunes that ped. As soon as day appeared, we saw with might befall me in this world, would affect terror the dreadful ravage made by the fire, my heart less than the unhappiness of the peo- but nill more that by the wild beasts. It is ple which God has entruited to me; I love reckolied, that a hundred pepple are killed, inem as my own children, and I defire nothing and a much greater numbor hunt. more ardently than their advantage, their ease, and their prosperity. But what afi ats Tbe sode on the farry beavers, must be me most is, that you should say to my Confer- more polifhed, tbe expletives be expurged, and for, that the church is persecuted in my ca- tbe measure more at: ended 10, and it wil iben bir tholic dominions; that it's wealth is plunder- inserted. The aulbor seems very capable of tbe ed, it's ministers abufed, and it's immuni. task. ties trodden under foot. I glory in being the -Tbe epiebalamium on tbe nuptials of Dr, is elder fon of so toly and good a morber; no too grofs. ride does me mure honour than that of Ci- We are always pleased with tbe correspondere tholic: I am ready to shed my blood to main- of a freebolder of Norfolk : bul doso Tate letter lain it. But fince you say that the light has bøs norbing new in it. not reached my eyes, nor the truth my ears, I Cuvetousness burfis ibe bag, is too puerile fur with you would let me know ia what confifts infertion. ibis persecution of the church, of which I Tbe elegiac verfes on Mr. L-, tbo affiftie. am not informed, on what oceations ber goods note, are not portical-Tbe verses from Bridge have been pillaged, her ministers affronted, mortb, are liable to be fame objection.--Tbe and ber sacred immunities trodden under foot. Speecb recommended by Elex, in our next. What other canal befides that of my Confeffor P.P. P. put us to tbe expence of 4 d. for bis have you made use of to enlighten me, and wit ; but it was not wurib ibe myney, as be will what are the motives which oblige you to now perceive, and might bave known by turning write? You may explain yourself freely, by 10 p. 5;6. but ibe itcb of writing was upon bim following the uprightness of your intentions, and be could uot belp setting pen to peper. ard your pious frankness upon every thing Dyrbe's or. Entiek's spelling dictionaries, are re that this important matter requires, in order commended as guides for bim in future. that I may examine and dive into it, and sa- Tbe Tbeatrical Intelligencer in our next witba Íntity, as I ought, the obligation that God out fail. We were obliged to postpone it as ibe has imposed upon me. I expect from your Review of Books required so much room.

Mr. 7. B. the curate, writer of a letter in our Mag. for December, p. 601. relating to bis distrefes, is desired to call upon R. Baldwin, in Pater-noster Row, of whom, u be ajcertains the facts therein fiated, he may bear of something to bis advantage.



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