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GREE ABLE to our pleasing propeEts, at the close of the last year,
the necessaries of life are, by the blesing of a plentiful harvest, now greatly

reduced in price, and bread, the staff of life, may be procured at a reason. able rate. This happiness we primarily are indebted for to benign Providence, ever watchful over the difreljes of mankind; and secondarily, to the wise provisions made by parliament, particularly in continuing the probibition of the exportation of corn. We wish we could congratulate our readers, also, upon the public spirit of the people in general, and their co-operating with the wise care of the government ; but such a felfish rapacity reigns fill amongst the dealers in provisions, that engrosfers and foreftallers, as much as possible, continue to counteraĉt all the measures of adminis Aration, and to create an artificial scarcity: This is undoubtedly one of the fatal consequences of burdensome and opprelive taxes, which we have little prospect of seeing reduced: For individuals endeavour to make themselves amends by. Preying upon one another; and in no time bave the arts and chicanery of trade been more predominant than at present : But let us hope, that the diffipation, corruption, and profligacy of the people, will receive some check, and that we may become more and more the favourites of heaven.

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The enemies of liberty have been but too successful in the late year : Our colonies bave, hitherto, in vain, beld out their jupplicating hands for redress; and the brave Corsicans, who have so many years struggled for

freedom, seem abandoned 10 Gallic tyranny ; abandoned by all those powers who have beretofore been the generous supporters of the natural righis of mankind: But they have hitherto nabły rejected their chains, and, if affifiance is not too long delayed, may yet disappoint the schemes to insave them. As to the Americans, their grievances are before an afsembly, which has already, in many instances, proved auspicious to the cause of liberty; and we have no reason to doubt will be thoroughly considered, and, finally, peace and happiness reflored to that extensive continent. This we have fill the more reason to expeet, as our gracious sovereign is remarkably the friend of man. kind, and the father of all his people, and will not long 12.ffer arbitrary cruelty, and unconftitutional opprefion : To limLiberty (see the FRONTIS PIECE) cannot witb impropriety appeal; nor the jaded American and the barrassid Corsican bend lowly for support :-see the august monarch attends with commiseration to their -complaints, and pity, when he feels it, is redress.”

We beg leave, at the close of this our thirty-seventh volume, 10 reiterate our acknowledgments to the public in general, and to our learned and ingenious correSpondents, in particular, for the continuance of their favour, which we daily experience in our increased success. On our parts we will never flacken in our endeavours, to inform, and to entertain cur readers; to render the LONDON MAGAZINE the most faithful repnsitory of the Literature, ibe Business, and the Politics of the times we live in,


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HEREAS Our trusty and well-beloved Richard Baldwin, of Pater

nofter-Row, in Our City of London, Bookseller, hath, by his Petition humbly represented unto Us, that he is the Proprietor of a Work that is publithed monthly, entitled,

The LONDON MAGAZINE. In which'is contained many original Pieces, that were never before printed ; and that he is at a great expence in paying Authors for their Labours in writing and compiling the said Work, which has been published once a Month for near Thirty Years past, and hath met with great approbation from the publick. That he is now publishing therein An Impartial and Succinct History of the Origin and

Progress of the PresenT WAR, To be illustrated with many Maps and Charts, which hath already been so well received, as to induce several persons to reprint it in other periodical Publications; and being desirous of reapiag the Fruits of his very great Expence and Labour, in the Prosecution of this work, and enjoying the full Profit and Benefit that may arise from printing and vending the fame, without any other Person interfering in his just Property, he most humbly prays Us, to grant hiin Our Royal Licence and Protection, for the sole printing, publishing, and vending the said Work. And we do, therefore, by these Presents, fo far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that case made and provided, grant unto hin, the said Richard Baldwin, his Executors, Administrators, and Alligns, our Licence for the sole printing, publifing, and vendling the said Work, for the term of Fourteen Years, ftrictly forbidding all Our Subjects, within Our Kingdoms and Dominions, to reprint, abridge, or, publith the same, either in the like or any other Volume, or Volumes whatsoever, or to import, buy, vend, utter, or distribute, any copies thereof, reprinted beyond the Seas, during the aforesaid Term of Fourteen Years, without the Consent and approbation of the said Richard Baldwin, his Heirs, Executors, or Aligns, under their hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they will answer the contrary at their Perils. Whereof, the Commissioners, and other Officers of Our Cuftoms, the Master, Wardens, and Company of Stationers, are to take Notice, That due Obedience may be rendered to Our Will and Pleasure herein declared, Given at Our Court at Kensington, the 230 Day of O&ober, 1759, in the Thirty-Third Year of Our Reign. By His MAJESTY'S Command.


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