A Picture of Verdun, Or the English Detained in France; Their Arrestation, Detention at Fontainbleau and Valenciennes, Confinement at Verdun, Incarceration at Bitsche ... Characters of General and Madame Wirion, List of Those who Have Been Permitted to Leave Or who Have Escaped Out of France, Occasional Poetry, and Anecdotes of the Principal Detenus. From the Portfolio of a Detenu ...

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T. Hookham, jun. and E.T. Hookham, 1810

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Стр. 273 - Erin, my country! though sad and forsaken, In dreams I revisit thy sea-beaten shore; But , alas ! in a far foreign land I awaken, And sigh for the friends who can meet me no more!
Стр. 16 - ... by the vessels or subjects of his Britannic Majesty before the declaration of war. The ministers, each, as far as concerns him, are charged with the execution of the present decree. The First Consul (signed), BUONAPARTE. The Secretary of State (signed), B. MARET. (A true Copy.) The Grand Judge and Minister of Justice, (Signed) REGNIER.
Стр. 16 - English, from the age of eighteen to sixty, or holding any commission from his Britannic Majesty, who are at present in France, shall immediately be constituted prisoners of war, to answer for those citizens of the Republic who may have been arrested and made prisoners by the vessels or subjects of his Britannic Majesty, previous to any declaration of war. " The First Consul, (Signed) "BONAPARTE.
Стр. 251 - May we soon arrive on the hanks of the Shannon— So here's to the health of Mrs. Concannon ! At six we were summoned to the breakfast-room, where tea and coffee kept us till seven, when we all retired to our beds, to be up by two to go to the races. " Dresses. — The ladies were dressed in a style much beyond what was even seen at Mrs. Concannon's great routs in London: the preparations occupied them a month before, and every town in France, and even in Germany, were laid under contribution. Among...
Стр. 66 - Verdun has generally amounted to four hundred, consisting chiefly of naval officers, and masters of merchant ships; and including a few officers of the army, who had been shipwrecked on the French coast, and some passengers who had been taken on their voyage from the East Indies. Add to these. some common seamen, who, instead of being sent to Givet or Saarlouis, the usual depots for sailors, were permitted to remain at Verdun, at the intercession of any persons of respectability, who would take them...
Стр. 105 - Notwithstanding his ill state of health, he dofft his coat, ran down stairs, sprang into the stream, swam after the infant, and saved its life. The whole town and neighbourhood, both French and English, had not ceased to talk of this gallant achievement, when, some months afterwards, he saw a gendarme fall into the Meuse, and stifling the antipathy which every freeborn Briton must feel at the idea of one of these base minions of oppression, he only saw the fellow-creature in danger; he sprang in...
Стр. 251 - ... reels, and cotillions, till six in the morning. The gentlemen who wished to remain at table kept drinking and singing till the same hour, excepting some few who got round the hazardtable. Captain Prescot sang a very humorous song, which terminated with this chorus : — " ' May we soon arrive on the banks of the Shannon, So here's to the health of Mrs. Concannon.
Стр. 123 - ... continued all night. The sums of money lost by the English were considerable. Many lost a thousand pounds, others more...
Стр. 272 - The dew on his thin robe was heavy and chill, For his country he sigh'd when at twilight repairing To wander alone by the wind-beaten hill. But the Day-star attracted his eye's sad devotion, For it rose on his own native Isle of the Ocean, Where once, in the flow of his youthful emotion, He sung the bold anthem of Erin go Bragh.

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