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Assoc. I.N.A., Hon. M.I. MAR. ENG.

Vol. XVIII.–From April, 1896, to March, 1897.

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Proper and Efficient Manning of the Navy, The, 185
Qualifications and Consequent Status of the Certified Engineer, 810
Recognition of the Qualifications for a Third-class Certificate, 387
Kegulations Proposed by the Board of Trade for Second-class Certificates for

Marine Engineers, 310
Ridiculous Development of a Trade Strike, 186
Roller Boat, The New, 229, 435
Rolling of Vessels in a Synchronous or Disperiodic Swell, 2
Safety of Watertight Bulkheads, 275
Salvage Appliances, Marine, 51
Satisfactory Settlement of a Strike, 273
Shipmaster at Home and Abroad, Legal Duties of the, 435
Shipmaster's Responsibility on Board Ship, 345
Sbipowners and the Mercantile Marine Fund, 386
Society of Arts, Paper on the Bazin Roller Boat, read before the, 135
Soliani, Colonel N., on Watertight Doors. I
Some Geometry in Connection with the Stability of Ships, 2
Spherical Balanced Valve for all Pressures, A new, 385
Stability of Vessels under all Circumstances, 2
Status of the Marine Engineer as an Officer, 387
Steamboat on Wheels, A Practical, 229
Strikes and their Results, 94
Stupidity and Tyranny of a Trade Strike, 186
Submarine Boats for Purposes of Warfare, 185
Success of the Water tube Boilers on the “Terrible" and "Powerful," 385
Sulphide of Iron, The Action of the, 49
Summer Meeting of the Institution of Naval Architects in Germany, 138
" Terrible," Trials of the Water-Tube Boilers on the, 385
Theory of Circulation in Water-Tube Boilers, 93
Theory of the Pitching Motion of Ships on Waves, and of the Stresses produced

by this Motion, A New, 51 Thermal Efficiency of Crude and Refuse Petroleums, 471 Torpedo Boat. A Practical Submarine. 345 Trade Strike in Messrs. Thornycroft's Works, 186 Trial of a New Submarine Boat, 185 Tubes of Water-Tube Boilers. 98 Watertight Door and their Danger to Modern Fighting Ships, 1 Water-Tube Boilers on the "Terrible" and "Powerful," Suocess of the, 385 Water-Tube Boilers, The Circulation of, 93 White Metal Bearings for Marine Engines, 94


Abstruse Calculations as to the Non-uniform Rolling of Ships, 2 Accommodation of Fast and Small Passenger Steamers, Improved Speed and,

809 Administration of the Mercantile Marine Fund, 386 Advantages of Liquid Fuel, 471 Allan's Submarine Boat, 315 Annual Dinner of the Institute of Marine Engineers, 137 Annual Meeting of the North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and Ship

builders, 310 Apprentices and the Board of Trade, 229 Argentine Armoured Torpedo-boat Destroyer Corrientes," 346 Association of Chambers of Commerce of the United Kingdoin at Southampton,

278 Balanced Pressure Valves, 385 Bazin Roller Boat, its Progress, 435 Bazin's, M., new Roller Boat, 229 Belfast, Institution of Mechanical Engineers at, 230 Beresford, Lord Charles, on Navy Reforms, 185 Beresford, Lord Charles, on Watertight Doors, 1 Boats, Their Sizes and Best Method in Placing Them on Board Ship, 346 Brass or Gun Metal o. White Metul, 91 Butcher, Captain M, J., on the Variety of Construction and Fittings of

Steamers, 846 Carriage of Grain Cargoes, The, 50 Castle Mail Packets Company's Sad Loss, 137 Causes of Mysterious Fractures in the Steel used by Marine Engineers as

Revealed by the Microscope, The, 49 Chemical Estimate of the Salinity of the Condensing Water, 49 Circulation of Water-Tube Boilers, 93 Collapse of the Dispute upon the Clyde, 273 Conditions of Safety now Generally Recognised for Ships, 275 Construction of Watertight Doors, I Conversazione of the lastitute of Marine Engineers, 348 "Corrientes,” Argentine Armoured Torpedo-boat Destroyer, 816 Deficiency in the Number of Men for Warships, 273 Discipline in the Merchant Service, 435 “ Drummond Castle," The loss of the, 187 Duties of the Shipmaster, Legal Requirements, Disabilities and, 815 Engineer's Heroism, An, 137 Engineers' Strike on the Clyde, 273 Experiments in Balanced Pressure Valves, 385 Extension of the Term of Workshop Service for Apprentices, 229 Feed and Circulating Water, etc., by Chemical Means, The Measurement of, 19 First Experiments in favour of the Roller Boat, 135 German Emperor, The, and the Institution of Naval Architects, 138 German Shipyards, Progress of, 94 Grain Cargoes, The Carriage of, 50 Hatch Coarnings and their Fittings, 346 High Speed Steainers to the Channel Islands, 809 Improved Speed and Accommodation of Fast and Small Passenger Steamers,

309 Institute of Marine Engineers and Apprentices, 229 Institute of Marine Engineers and the Board of Trade, 310 Institute of Marine Engineers and their Conversazione, 348 Institute of Marine Engineers, Annual Dinner of the, 187 Institution of Mechanical Ergineers at Belfast, 280 Institution of Naval Architects in Germany, 138 Invaluable Adjuncts to the Mercantile Marine, 185 Investigations on the Stability of Ships, 2 Labour Troubles at the London Docks, 230 Legal Duties of the Shipmaster at Home and Abroad, 435 Legal Requirements, Disabilities, and Duties of the Shipmaster, 345 Liquid Fuel, 471 Marine Engineers and our Colonies, 137 Marine Salvage Açpliances, 51 Measurement of Feed and Circulating Water, etc.. by Chemical Means, The, 19 Mercantile Marine Fund, Administration of the, 386 Merits of White Metal for Marine Engines, 94 Microscopical Examination of Metals and Alloys, 49 Move of the P. and 0. Directors. The new, 230 Necessity of Providing an Adequate Royal Naval Reserve, The, 273 New Zealand Parliament and Engineers, The, 387 Non-uniform Rolling of Ships, The, 2 North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, Annual Meeting

of the, 310 P. and O. Company and the

London Dock Companies, 280
Petersen Compound Water-Tube Boiler, The, 93
Petroleum Oil for Sea-going Steamers, 471
Pitching Motion of Vessels and the Stresses produced thereby, 51
"Powerful," Trials of the Water-Tube Boilers on the, 385
Practicability of Submarine Boats, 185
Practicable Submarine Torpedo Boat. A, 345
Presidential Address to the North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and

Shipbuilders, 310
Progress of German Shipyards, 94
Progress of safety in Ships During the last Quarter of a century, 274

Adjuncts for Water Gauges, 395
Adjustable Screwing Stock, Winn's Patent, 281
Air Propellers, The “Bairl-Thompson," 145
Allison's Patent Furnace Door, 237
Altona, Messrs. Possehl's Coal Wharf at, 187
Application of Wood-Carving to Ships' Decoration, The, 174
Ashton "Lock-up" Safety Valve, The, 18
Automatic Injector, The Buffalo, 59
Automatic Watertight Doors, 442
" Avondale Castle" Before the Launch, The, 355
* Avondale Castle" Leaving the Slips, The, 353
Babcock Boiler, Modei of, 54
Baird's Balanced Safety Gear for Bulkhead Doors, 401
“ Baird-Thompson Air Propellers, The, 145
Balanced Pressure Valves; A new spherical balanced Valve for all pressures,

Ball & Greer': Patont Steam Trap and Reducing Valve, 285
Baths for Steamships, Specially Designed Lavatories and, 57
Baxter's Steering Gear, 360
Bearings of the Marine Engine, The, 438
Belleville Boiler, Model of, 54
Bever's Patent Duplex Pun ping Engine, 276
Blohm & Voss', Messrs.. Works, Hamburg, 143 (double-page supplerent
Boiler Flues, Draught Gauge for, 190
Boilers, Circulation in Water-Tube, 52
Boilers, Compound Marine, 10, 89
Boilers, Notes on the Maintenauce and Repairs of Marine, 231
Boilers, Water-Tube, 6
Boiler Tube Stoppers, Watson's, 9
British Association, Liverpool Meetine, Paper read before the, 349
Brooke's Patent Valve Re-Seating Machine, 359
Buffalo Automatic Injector. The, 59
Bulkhead Doors, Balanced Safety Gear for, 401
Bulkhead Doors, Globular Watertight, 282
Bulwark Port, Lee & Morgan's, 315
Cables for Ships, Improvement in Electric, 318
Cable Shackle, Rae's Patent, 252
" Calais” and “Dover," The Paddle Steamers, 205 (also double-page plate

“Calais," Triple-Expansion Diagonal Engines of the s.s., 436

Canada,” Twin-screw St amer, 318
Cargo Gear, Tyzack's Improved, 3
“ China,” Speaking Tubes as fitted on 4.8., 447

" The New P. &0. Liner, 397

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