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Taylor & Francis, 1803
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Էջ 167 - The rising vapours catch the silver light ; Thence fancy measures, as they parting fly, Which first will throw its shadow on the eye, Passing the source of light ; and thence away, Succeeded quick by brighter still than they.
Էջ 324 - Laigle ; it was at a great elevation in the atmosphere, for the inhabitants of two hamlets, a league distant from each other, saw it at the same time above their heads.
Էջ 378 - Experiments and Observations on the various Alloys, on the specific Gravity, and on the comparative Wear of Gold. Being the Substance of a Report made to the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council...
Էջ 175 - Their appearance, increase, and disappearance, in fair weather, are often periodical, and keep pace with the Temperature of the day. Thus, they will begin to form some hours after sun-rise, arrive at their maximum in the hottest part of the afternoon, then go on diminishing, and totally disperse about sun-set.
Էջ 168 - Cumulus performs this evolution by itself, and its superior part then constitutes the incumbent Cirro-stratus. In either case a large lofty dense Cloud is formed, which may be compared to a Mushroom with a very thick short stem.
Էջ 167 - This Cloud appears to result from the subsidence of the fibres of the Cirrus to a horizontal position, at the same time that they approach towards each other laterally. The form and relative position, when seen in the distance, frequently give the idea of shoals of fish. Yet in this, as in other instances, the structure must be attended to rather than the form, which varies much, presenting at times the appearance of parallel bars, or interwoven streaks like the grain of polished wood. It is thick...

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