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“Hush! hush !” a kind voice softly said,

Beside that garden bower ; “What mean these angry words, to spoil

The sweet, still, evening hour ?” “My sister says"—the boy began;

“My brother”—cried the girl ; While with a fever of its own

Each little brain did whirl.

Hush ! hush !” the mother said again,

“I've heard your foolish strife;
And now I bid you listen, while

I talk of human life.
You know that joy and sorrow mix

With every day we live;
And good and ill to all mankind

A blended nature give.

“ Why should not Cromwell have his faults

As well as other men ?
But that he had his virtues too,

Is yet perhaps more plain.
You know he lived in troubled times,

When furious parties strove;
And hard it is, amid such scenes,

Without offence to move,

"A mighty man, all nations own

An instrument of God
To overthrow a tottering throne,

And wield a chastening rod.
In history Cromwell stands apart,

Form'd for a purpose high ;
A hero in his moral power,

Whose name can never die.

“Then take this warning from my lips,

When arguments arise, Perchance for each to yield a point

Would be more just and wise. For seldom to opposing eyes

The same, one object seems; And truth, that treasure, often lies

Half-way between extremes."



The Pacific ocean is studded with groups of beautiful islands, among the largest of which are the Sandwich group, discovered by Captain Cook, and so called by him in honour of the Earl of Sandwich, his patron. The scenery of the whole cluster is exceedingly beautiful : though the summit of some of the mountains are for the greater part of the year covered with snow, yet nothing like winter is known in the valleys, the most luxuriant foliage everywhere abounds, flowers of great loveliness grow wild in the country, and birds of the gayest plumage dwell among the branches of its ever-green trees. In the principal of these islands, which is called Hawaii, there is an immense volcano, being the largest of which we have hịtherto had any account, presenting the appearance of a lake of fire, with a number of craters, of different sizes, continually emitting bright red, blue, and amber flames, with fragments of rocks and red-hot stones. At a short distance from the shores, reefs of coral, supposed to be formed by multitudes of very minute insects, rise from the bed of the ocean, breaking the force of the waves. In these reefs there are generally openings left, sufficient



The Island Zuven

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