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this down as a party of real pleasure. There has been no one thing particular to make the day so happy, except that all have been of the same mind; and so long as I remember this day, I think I shall never be guilty of converting a party of pleasure into a party of pain.”


She has just come from school—and the pretty young


Sits and simpers when visitors call;
Or she rings for the maid to come up stairs, and bring

The music she left in the hall,

She has just come from school-and she wonders to see

Mamma look so homely and old;
She asks if they pour boiling water on tea,

And thinks it would answer with cold.

She has just come from school—and she cannot tell how

People manage a lemon to squeeze ;
She supposes that cucumbers come from the cow,

And cheesecakes, in some way, from cheese.

She has just come from school-and she sits down to sing

When the household are busy below; “ Mamma-dear mamma does all that sort of thing;

For she really enjoys it, you know.”

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