Proceedings of the Liverpool Literary & Philosophical Society, Հատորներ 1-5

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Էջ 56 - When a prince to the fate of the peasant has yielded, The tapestry waves dark round the dim-lighted hall ; With scutcheons of silver the coffin is shielded, And pages stand mute by the canopied pall : Through the courts, at deep midnight, the torches are gleaming; In the proudly-arched chapel the banners are beaming; Far a-down the long aisle sacred music is streaming, Lamenting a chief of the people should fall.
Էջ 56 - When, wildered, he drops from some cliff huge in stature, And draws his last sob by the side of his dam.
Էջ 98 - Thou'dst meet the bear i' the mouth. When the mind's free The body's delicate; the tempest in my mind Doth from my senses take all feeling else Save what beats there.
Էջ 86 - He states that the cases of disease on the dark side of an extensive barrack at St. Petersburg have been uniformly for many years in the proportion of three to one to those on the side exposed to strong light.
Էջ 72 - There are mair folk than him bigging castles in the air. Sic a night in winter may weel mak' him cauld: His chin upon his buffy hand will soon mak' him auld; His brow is brent sae braid - O pray that daddy Care Wad let the wean alane wi
Էջ 68 - Warwick did what he could to relieve it, and again put it into the water. It continued for several times to throw itself out of the pond, and with the assistance of the keeper, the doctor at length made a kind of pillow for the fish, which was then left in the pond to its fate. Upon making his appearance at the pond on the following morning, the pike came towards him to the edge of the water and actually laid its head upon his foot. The doctor thought this most extraordinary ; but he examined the...
Էջ 72 - He's thinkin' upon naething, like mony mighty men, A wee thing mak's us think, a sma' thing mak's us stare, There are mair folks than him biggin' castles in the air. Sic a night in winter may weel mak...
Էջ 57 - YESTERDAY was brave Hallowday, And, above all days of the year, The schoolboys all got leave to play, And little Sir Hugh was there. He kicked the ball with his foot, » And kepped it with his knee, And even in at the Jew's window He gart the bonnie ba
Էջ 98 - They have stricken me," shalt thou say, "and I was not sick ; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.
Էջ 57 - She pu'd the apple frae the tree, It was baith red and green, She gave it unto little Sir Hugh, With that his heart did win. She wiled him into ae chamber, She wiled him into twa, She wiled him into the third chamber, And that was warst o't a'.

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