A Time to Laugh: The Religion of Humor

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A&C Black, 17 մրտ, 2006 թ. - 198 էջ

Religion is impoverished when it fails to reveal and develop the humerous aspect of itself. Humor is a part of the tough tissue of religion that binds our hearts together in love, worship, or fellowship/community. Often, however, humor is negatively affected by religion, or religious people are allergic to humor.

Capps, who is dean of studies in religion and psychology in the United States, tries in this book to show the ways in which humor can be recovered for religion. He argues that religion is diminished when it fails to understand and embrace its own historical connection — much of it dating  to biblical days — to humor itself. His chapters deal with topics ranging  from humor as an expression of intimacy to humor as the maintenance of the soul.

"This is an exceptionally good-natured book, likely to persuade you that religion and humor have more affinity for one another than you'd imagined. The author's affable style carries a formidable learning which is never intrusive." —Ted Cohen, Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago, and author of Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters



Humor as Stimulus to Identity Creation
Humor as Expression of Intimacy
Humor as Soul Maintenance
Humor as the Gentle Art of Reframing
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Donald Capps is Professor of Pastoral Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary. His books include Jesus: A Psychological Biography, Freud and Freudians on Religion, Men, Religion, and Melancholia, and Social Phobia: Alleviating Anxiety in an Age of Self-promotion. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

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