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JULY, 1853 .... OCTOBER, 1853.

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Panthe Germanse Cromobility omatie."

Art. I. – Geschichte des Oestreichischen Hofs und Adels, und

der Oestreichischen Diplomatie. (History of the

Austrian Court, Nobility, and Diplomacy.) By Dr.

Edward Vehse (forming part of a series of Histories

of the German Courts since the Reformation). Ten

Parts. Hamburg : 1852, . .

II. – 1. Cases illustrative of Oriental Life and the Appli.

cation of English Law to India, decided in the Su-

preme Court at Bombay. By Sir Erskine Perry,

late Chief Justice. London : 1853.

2. On the Geographical Distribution of the principal

Languages of India, and the Feasibility of introdu-

cing English as a Lingua Franca. By the Hon.

Sir Erskine Perry, President. (From the Journal of

the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society,

January, 1853,) . . . . . 33

III. - The Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell's Admi-

nistration. By Earl Grey. 2 vols. 8vo. London:


· · 62

IV.- China during the War and since the Peace. By Sir

John Francis Davis, Bart. 2 vols. 8vo. 1852, . 98

V. - Lives and Letters of the Devereux Earls of Essex in

the Reigns of Elizabeth, James I., and Charles I. :

1540—1646. By the Honourable Walter Bourchier

Devereux, R. N. 2 vols. 8vo. London: 1853, 132

VI.- 1. Fifteenth Annual Report of the Board of Educa-

tion ; together with the Fifteenth Annual Report of

the Secretary of the Board. Boston, Massachusetts:


2. Revised Statutes of Massachusetts. 1837.

3. Report of the Cambridge School Committee. 1852.

4. Report on the Organisation of the Primary and

Grammar School Committee. Boston: 1852.

5. Annual Report of the Superintendant of Common

Schools of the State of New York. 1851.

6. Report of Committee of the Board of Education on

the System of Popular Education in the City of New

York, May 28. 1851.

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7. Annual Report of the Regents of the University of

the State of New York. 1851.

8. Seventeenth Annual Report of Superintendant of

Common Schools of Pennsylvania for year ending

June, 1850.

9. Thirty-third Annual Report of the Controllers of

Public Schools of the City and County of Phila-

delphia. 1851.

10. Biennial Report of the Superintendant of Public

Instruction for the State of Iowa, printed for the

Use of the General Assembly. 1850.

11. Report on the Public Libraries of the United

States of America, January 1. 1850. By Charles C.

Jewett, Librarian of the Smithsonian Institute.

12. The Educational Institutions of the United States;

their Character and Organisation. Translated from

the Swedish of P. A. Sibjeström, M. A., by Frederica

Rowan. In 1 vol. 12mo. London: 1853, . . 169

VII.-1. Thirty-second Annual Report of the Manchester

Chamber of Commerce. Manchester: 1853.

2. Report of the Central Board of Health of Jamaica.

Printed for the Honourable House of Assembly.

Spanish Town : 1852.

3. Report by Dr. Sutherland to the General Board of

Health on Cases of Fever on board the Steamers

• La Plata’ and · Medway. December, 1852.

4. The Fever at Boa Vista in 1845–46, unconnected

with the Visit of the Eclair' to that Island. By

Gilbert King, M. D. R. N., Inspector of Hospitals

and Fleets. London : 1852.

5. Some Account of the last Yellow Fever Epidemic

of British Guiana. By Daniel Blair, M.D., Surgeon-

General of British Guiana. Edited by John Davy,

M.D., F.R. S., London and Edinburgh, Inspector-

General of Army Hospitals. London : 1850.

6. General Board of Health - Second Report on Qua-

rantine. Yellow Fever. London : 1852.

7. Report on the present Mode of conveying Small

Pox and other Fever Patients to the Hospitals in

Public Vehicles. By R. D. Grainger, Esq. Lon-

don : 1852, . .

. . 191

- The Private Journal of F. S. Larpent, Esq., Judge-

Advocate of the British Forces in the Peninsula.

Three Volumes. 1853, . . . . 215

IX.- Enquête Parlementaire sur la Situation et l'Organisa-

tion des Services de la Marine Militaire ordonnée

par la Loi du 31 Octobre, 1849. Paris : Imprimerie

Nationale. Two vols. 4to. 1852. [Not published], 240


ART. I.-1. The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice. By W.

Goode, M.A. 2d edition. London: 1853.

2. Discourses on the Controversies of the Day. By

W. F. Hook, D.D. London: 1853.

3. Means of Unity. A Charge by Archdeacon Hare.

London : 1847, .


II. – 1. A Chronological History of Voyages and Discoveries

into the Arctic Regions before 1818. By Sir John


2. Arctic Voyages of Discovery since 1818. By Sir

John Barrow.

3. Parliamentary Papers on the Arctic Regions from

1848 to 1852,

. . 342

III.- The Greek and the Turk; or Powers and Prospects

in the Levant. By Eyre Evans Crowe. London:

1853. 1 vol. 8vo, ..

. . . 378

IV.-1. The Estimates of the Army, Ordnance, and Naval

Services, from 1st of April, 1853, to 31st March,


2. The Peril of Portsmouth. French Fleets and En-

glish Forts. By James Fergusson, Esq. London:


3. A Flying Shot at Fergusson, and his Peril of Ports-

mouth. By Lieutenant-Colonel Jebb, C.B. Royal

Engineers, London : 1853. .

4. Copies of a Correspondence between the Board of

Treasury and the Board of Admiralty on the Sub-

ject of Manning the Royal Navy; together with

Copies of a Report of a Committee of Naval Officers,

and of Her Majesty's Order in Council relating

thereto. Presented to both Houses of Parliament

by Command of Her Majesty, . . . 405

V.- History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. Vols. ix.

X. xi. London : 1852-53, . . . . 425

VI. - An Essay on the Principles and Construction of Mili-

tary Bridges and the Passages of Rivers in Military

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