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Corporation Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, that the corporation hereby creto be established ated shall be established and maintained by voluntary contributions, gifts, and maintained by gifts, &c. donations, or bequests of money and other property, made to the same for

that purpose. And the board of managers shall cause a record to be Record thereof kept of all such contributions, gifts, donations, and bequests, with the to be kept.

name and residence of each person making the same, and of all expenditures made by said board for the establishment and conduct of said institute and home, and make an annual report of the same, exhibiting the

several items of expenditure and objects thereof, and generally the work Annual report accomplished by said corporation, to the Secretary of the Interior, a copy to Secretary of of which report shall be sent to each individual who shall have contribu

ted not less than five dollars to said corporation during the year previous

to the issuing of said report. Act may be

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That Congress may, at any time, altered, &c.

alter, amend, or annul this act.

APPROVED, June 21, 1866.

June 21, 1866. CHAP. CXXXI. - An Act to regulate the Appointment of Paymasters in the Navy, and
1866, ch. 72. explanatory of an Act for the betier Organization of the Pay Department of the Navy.
Ante, p. 43.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United under the act of States of America in Congress assembled, That the appointments to be May 3, 1866, may be appoint

made under the act entitled “ An act to provide for the better organizaed from, &c. tion of the pay department of the navy," approved May third, eighteen

hundred and sixty-six, may be made from the number of acting assistant paymasters of the navy who performed duty as acting assistant paymasters during the war, and who at the time of their appointment under

this act shall not be over the age of thirty-two years. Examination

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United of such officers States be, and he is hereby, authorized to waive the examination of such ofabroad may be ficers in the pay department of the navy as are on duty abroad, and canwaived; not at present be examined, as required by law: Provided, That such ex

to be made after their return aminations as are required by law shall be made as soon as practicable home.

after the return of said officers to the United States, and no officer found to be disqualified shall receive the promotion contemplated in the act herein referred to.

APPROVED, June 21, 1866.

June 21, 1866. CHAP, CXXXII. - An Act authorizing the Restoration of Commander Charles Hunter to

the Navy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Commander Charles Hunter

States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the to be restored to United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to restore Charles Hunter his rank in the late a commander in the navy, to the position which he held on the re navy.

tired list of the navy when dismissed therefrom.

APPROVED, June 21, 1866.

June 23, 1866. CHAP. CXXXVIII. - An Act making Appropriations for the Repair, Preservation, and

Completion of certain Public Works heretofore commenced under the Authority of Law, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriation States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums of for the repair, preservation,

money be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any and completion money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be expended under of certain public the direction and superintendence of the Secretary of War, for the re

pair, preservation, and completion of the following works, heretofore commenced under the authority of law, and for the other purposes hereinafter named, that is to say:

termine im


For examination and survey of works of improvement for which ap- Examinations propriations have been heretofore made, and concerning which no suf- and surveys. ficient information is now in possession of the department, and for examination and survey at other points in the fourth section of this act specified, that is to say, on the Atlantic coast thirty thousand dollars ; on the Pacific coast twenty-five thousand dollars ; on the northwestern lakes one hundred thousand dollars ; on the western and northwestern rivers one hundred thousand dollars. And the Secretary of War, when the public interests require it, shall cause examinations or re-examinations to be Re-examinamade, with suitable surveys of the works aforesaid, and all other works tions and provided for by this act, and shall make such changes or modifications of changes in plans. the plans heretofore adopted for their improvement as shall be necessary and proper.

And he shall cause such needful examination of other har- Examination bors and places in the fourth section of this act specified, upon the sea

of harbors, to de. and lake coasts, and on western rivers, to be made as will enable him to provements,&c., determine what improvements thereof are required to render them safe necessary to and convenient for the navigation of the naval and commercial vessels of for navigation. the United States and the cost of such improvements, and he shall make full report thereof, and of the plans deemed advisable therefor, to Con- Report to Congress, at the commencement of the next session, for such action as may be judged expedient and right. And if, upon such examination and survey of works first herein named, being works now existing or in process of completion, and concerning which no sufficient information is now in the possession of the department, there shall remain an unexpended bal- Application of ance of appropriation properly applicable thereto from the sums herein certain unex

pended balances. appropriated, which may, in the judgment of the Secretary of War, be judiciously applied toward the economical and needful continuation or completion of such works, the Secretary of War shall direct such balance to be applied and used accordingly ; but no moneys shall be used for such purposes, excepting from the balances remaining from appropriations herein made for the specific examination and survey of such works.

For extending the breakwater at Portland harbor, Maine, one hundred Breakwater at and fire thousand one hundred and eleven dollars and five cents.

Portland harbor, For improvement of navigation of Hudson river, New York, fifty Hudson river. thousand dollars. For preservation of Provincetown harbor, Massachusetts, forty-three Provincetown

harbor. thousand and sixty-eight dollars and forty-four cents.

For improvement of Thames river, Connecticut, ten thousand dollars. Thames river.

For extension and repair of breakwater at Burlington, Vermont, twen- Breakwater at ty-seven thousand six hundred and seventy-two dollars and twenty cents.

Burlington, Vt. For completion and repair of Delaware breakwater, Delaware bay, one Delaware bundred and seven thousand nine hundred and ten dollars.

breakwater. For improving channel of Susquehanna river below Havre de Grace, Channel of Maryland, twenty-six thousand four hundred dollars.

Susquehanna For continuing improvement of Patapsco river, Maryland, five thou- Patapsco river. Band two hundred dollars. For construction of snag-boats and other apparatus for clearing western Snag-boats and

other apparatus. rivers, and for the outfit, working, and preservation thereof, five hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

And the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized and directed, upon Secretary of such terms as may be agreed on by the Secretary of the Navy and the Navy to transfer, Secretary of War, to transfer to and place at the disposal of the Secre- of War steamers, tary of War such steamers of the United States, with boats and equipage &c., suitable for

use in raising belonging thereto, and used during the rebellion as portions of the river

snags, &c., from fleet, as may be so transferred in the judgment of the Secretary of the western rivers. Nary without detriment to the public service, and as may be conveniently and fitly used in raising snags or removing obstructions froin western rivers, so as to render them safe and navigable for the vessels of the United States and for the uses of commerce; and if the same shall be




Appropriation purchased by the Secretary of War, the amounts required for the payfor purchase.

ment therefor shall be taken from the appropriation aforesaid. Mouth of the For improving the mouth of the Mississippi river, seventy-five thouMississippi. sand dollars.

Mississippi, Missouri, Arkan- For improvement of the Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, and Ohio sas, and Ohio

rivers, five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. rivers. Des Moines

For improvement of the Des Moines rapids, Mississippi river, two rapids.

hundred thousand dollars. Rock Island

For improvement of the Rock Island rapids, Mississippi river, one rapids.

hundred thousand dollars. Saint Clair For improvement of the Saint Clair Alats, Michigan, eighty thousand fiats.

dollars. Saint Mary's For improvement of the Saint Mary's river, between Lake Superior

and Lake Huron, fifty thousand dollars. Oswego har- For improvement of Oswego harbor, New York, and preservation of bor.

the public works at that point, forty-five thousand dollars. Little Sodus For improvement at Little Sodus Bay harbor, Fairhaven, in Cayuga Bay harbor.

county, New York, thirty-three thousand eight hundred and forty dollars

and forty-one cents. Big Sodus Bay For improvement at Big Sodus Bay harbor, Wayne county, New York, harbor.

fifty-three thousand one hundred and fifty-one dollars and eighty cents. Harbor of Gen- For improvement at the harbor of Genesee river, New York, seventyesee river.

five thousand six hundred and seven dollars and thirty cents. Harbor and For improvement of harbor at Buffalo, New York, one hundred thousea-wall at Buf- sand dollars. falo.

For completing the sea wall at Buffalo harbor, New York, thirty-one

thousand dollars. Improvement For improvement of harbor and repair of public works at Erie, Pennof harbor, &c., at Erie;

sylvania, thirty-six thousand nine hundred and sixty-one dollars. Conneaut; For improvement of Conneaut harbor, Ohio, twenty thousand five hun

dred and thirteen dollars and seventy-four cents. Ashtabula; For improvement of Ashtabula harbor, Ohio, twenty-four thousand

seven hundred and eight dollars and eighty-two cents. Grand river; For improvement of harbor at Grand river, Ohio, twenty-four thousand

and seventy-two dollars. Cleveland; For improvement of harbor at Cleveland, Ohio, fifty-nine thousand

eight hundred and six dollars. Black river; For improvement of harbor at Black river, Ohio, ten thousand dollars. Vermillion; For improvement of harbor at Vermillion, Ohio, fifteen thousand three

hundred and fifteen dollars and seventy-four cents. Huron; For improvement of harbor at Huron, Ohio, thirty-nine thousand dollars. Sandusky; For improvement of harbor at Sandusky City, Ohio, thirty-eight thou

sand five hundred and eighty dollars. Toledo; For improvement of the harbor at Toledo, Ohio, twenty thousand dollars. Monroe; For improvement of the harbor at Monroe, Michigan, thirty-one thou

sand and fifteen dollars and twenty-seven cents. Aux Becs For improvement of harbor at Aux Becs Scies, Frankfort, Michigan, Scies, Frankfort;

eighty-eight thousand five hundred and forty-one dollars. Grand Haven; For improvement of harbor at Grand Haven, Michigan, sixty-five

thousand dollars. Black Lake;

For improvement of harbor at Black Lake, Michigan, fifty-five thou

sand six hundred and fifteen dollars and thirty-one cents. Saint Joseph; For improvement of harbor at Saint Joseph, Michigan, six thousand

dollars. Saginaw river ; For improvement at the mouth of Saginaw river, Michigan, sixty-seven

thousand five hundred dollars. Chicago; For improvement of harbor at Chicago, Illinois, eighty-eight thousand

seven hundred and four dollars. Kenosha; For improvement of harbor at Kenosha, Wisconsin, seventy-five thou

sand four hundred and sixty-one dollars and forty-one cents.


For improvement of harbor at Racine, Wisconsin, twenty-three thousand Improvement nine hundred and ten dollars.

of harbor at

Racine; For improvement of harbor at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, forty-eight thou

Milwaukee; sand two hundred and eighty-three dollars and fifty-one cents.

For improvement of harbor at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, forty-seven Sheboygan: thousand five hundred and ninety-eight dollars and ninety-one cents.

For improvement of harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, fifty-two thou- Manitowoc; sand dollars.

For repairs of government wharves and landings, and improving harbor Marcus Hook; at Marcus Hook, on Delaware river, Pennsylvania, five thousand dollars : Provided, That before expenses shall be incurred on said wharves and Title to be landings, it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War examined ; that the same belong to the United States.

For improvement of the harbor at Green Bay, at the mouth of Fox Green Bay; river, Wisconsin, thirty thousand five hundred dollars.

For constructing works and improving the entrance into the harbor of Michigan City. Michigan City, Indiana, seventy-tive thousand dollars: Provided, That Post, p. 421.

Amount to be it shall be first shown to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War that al

expended by sum equal to double the amount aforesaid has been expended by the Mich- Michigan City igan City Harbor Company in the construction of a safe and convenient Harbor Comharbor at that place: And provided, That the passage of vessels to and Pane

Vessels not from said harbor shall be free and not subject to toll or charge.

subject to toll. For improvement of the Kennebec river, in the State of Maine, between Kennebec

river. Sheppard Point and the city of Augusta, twenty thousand dollars. For removal of obstructions to navigation in the Willamette river, be


river. tween Portland and its mouth, in the State of Oregon, fifteen thousand dollars.

For continuing the repair of the piers in Saco river, in the State of Piers in Saco Maine, forty thousand dollars.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the money appropriated by Appropriation this act shall be so applied as to complete, or make the nearest approxi- as to complete mation to completing, the work for which each specific appropriation is the works; made; and it shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to apply the sums herein appropriated for other purposes than for examinations and

for other pursurveys by contract : Provided, That no contract shall be made except examinations, after public advertisement for proposals in such form and manner as to &c., by contract. secure general notice thereof, and the same shall only be made with the

to be made until, lowest responsible bidder therefor, upon security deemed sufficient in the &c. judgment of the Secretary. And it shall be the duty of the said Secre- Secretary of tary, at the earliest practicable time, to report to Congress the result of war.torreport re any survey or resurvey, with the plan adopted and the items of expendi- to Congress with ture under said plan; and he shall make report of all action taken under plans, &c. the provisions of this act; and he shall accompany said report with a Report to state

what; statement of the amount and date of all former appropriations for each work, and a full estimate for its entire and permanent completion, with the amount that can be profitably expended in the next fiscal year. And he shall also state in what collection district each work is located, and at or near what port of entry, light-house, or fort; what amount of revenue was collected at the nearest port of entry for the last fiscal year; and, as far as practicable, what amount of commerce and navigation would be benefitted by the completion of each particular work; Provided, That he to be continued

until works are shall continue to make such a report at the commencement of

completed. sion of Congress until the works herein provided for shall all be completed.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That whenever the Secretary of Separate proWar shall invite proposals for any works, or for any material or labor for posals and conany works, there shall be separate proposals and separate contracts for work and each each work, and also for each class of material or labor for each work; and class of works,

&c. he shall report to Congress, at its next session, all the bids with the

Contract not

every ses

or surveys, or

names of the bidders. All persons not holding commissions in the reguDisbursing lar

army of the United States who shall be intrusted with the disburse. officers except, &c., to give

ment of the funds appropriated for the works named in this act, shall be bonds. required to give bond and ample security for the faithful application of

United States the same; and no such disbursing officer in the army of the United States officers not to receive commis

shall receive any commission or compensation for making such disbursesions.

ments. And the moneys hereinbefore appropriated shall remain and be Appropriations at the disposal of the Secretary of War, and subject to his control for the posal of Secre- purposes named in this act, until the several works and improvements tary of War.

herein provided for are completed, any law or regulation to the contrary

notwithstanding, Examinations Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of War is hereby both to be made

directed to cause examinations or surveys, or both as aforesaid, to be made at various points, at the following points, namely: At Superior City, Eagle Harbor, Marand purposes of quette, and Lac la Belle, on Lake Superior, and at Ausable river, in the the examination. State of Michigan ; of the Ohio river between Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,

and Buffinton island, West Virginia; of Sandusky river, Ohio; at Chester harbor, Pennsylvania; at Bridgeport, Connecticut; at Hell Gate, New York ; at the port of Ogdensburg, New York; at San Francisco, California ; at the “ Grand Chain," in the Ohio river; at the harbor of Baltimore, between Fort McHenry and the mouth of the Patapsco river, in the State of Maryland; of the Mississippi river, between Fort Snelling and the Falls of Saint Anthony and the upper or Rock River rapids of the Mississippi river, with a view to ascertain the most feasible means, by economizing the water of the stream, of insuring the passage, at all navigable seasons, of boats drawing four feet of water; of the Minnesota river, from its mouth to the Yellow Medicine river, in order to ascertain the practicability and expense, by slack-water navigation or otherwise, of securing the continued navigability of said stream during the usual season of navigation; and for examining and reporting upon the subject of constructing railroad bridges across the Mississippi river, between St. Paul, in Minnesota, and St. Louis, in the State of Missouri, upon such plans of construction as will offer the least impediment to the navigation of the river; of Rock river; the Kennebec river above Gardiner, Maine; the Penobscot river above Hampden, Maine; at the Zambro river, Minnesota ; at the Cannon river, Minnesota; at the harbor and the mouth of the Eighteen-mile creek, at Olcott, New York ; at St. Croix river, above the

ledge; from the mouth of Illinois river to La Salle; together with such Estimates of necessary estimates of cost, as hereinbefore provided, as will enable the

Secretary of War to determine what improvements and public works shall be necessary at the respective points aforesaid. And the Secretary of War shall cause a survey to be made at the harbor of Burlington, Vermont, and the harbor of Dunkirk, New York; at the harbor of Oak Orchard Creek, New York; and at Muskegon, White river, Manistee, South Haven, and New Buffalo, in the State of Michigan; the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, in the State of Wisconsin; and the Rock river, in the States of Illinois and Wisconsin, with its connections with Lake Winnebago; and the upper Columbia river, Oregon.

APPROVED, June 23, 1866.


June 27, 1866. CHAP. CXL. — An Act to provide for the Revision and Consolidation of the Stat

ute Laws of the United States. Commissioners Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United to revise and consolidate the

States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United general, &c., States be, and he is hereby, authorized, by and with the advice and con

sent of the Senate, to appoint three persons, learned in the law, as comUnited States.

missioners, to revise, simplify, arrange, and consolidate statutes of the United States, general and permanent in their nature, which shall be in

statutes of the

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