Evenings at Home; Or, The Juvenile Budget Opened: Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons, Հատորներ 1-3

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1819

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Էջ 152 - And what is a conqueror ? Have not you, too, gone about the earth like an evil genius, blasting the fair fruits of peace and industry ; plundering, ravaging, killing, without law, without justice, merely to gratify an insatiable lust for dominion...
Էջ 150 - I don't mind it much, for my mammy gives me a pie now and then, and that is as good. Mr. L. Would you not like a knife, to cut sticks ? B. I have one, here it is.
Էջ 31 - pray what are coals but stones ; and is not butter, grease ; and corn, seeds ; and leather, skins ; and silk, the web of a kind of caterpillar ; and may we not as well call a cat an animal of the tiger kind, as a tiger an animal of the cat kind...
Էջ 152 - And does not Fame speak of me too ? Was there ever a bolder captain of a more valiant band ? Was there ever — but I scorn to boast.
Էջ 153 - If I have burned a few hamlets, you have desolated the most flourishing kingdoms and cities of the earth. What is then the difference, but that...
Էջ 150 - Hast thou not set at defiance my authority ; violated the public peace ; and passed thy life in injuring the persons and properties of thy fellowsubjects ? ROBBER.
Էջ 149 - No, sir ; but our Tom makes footballs, to kick in the cold weather, and we set traps for birds ; and then I have a...
Էջ 73 - His spear, — to equal which, the tallest pine Hewn on Norwegian hills, to be the mast Of some great ammiral, were but a wand...
Էջ 161 - I have no allurements to tempt you with, like those of my gay rival. Instead of spending all your time in amusements, if you enter yourself of my train, you must rise early, and pass the long day in a variety of employments, some of them difficult, some laborious, and all requiring some exertion of body or mind.
Էջ 153 - But if I have taken like a king, I have given like a king. If I have subverted empires, I have founded greater.

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