Events that Changed Great Britain Since 1689

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Frank W. Thackeray, John E. Findling
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 - 217 էջ
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This unique resource describes and evaluates ten of the most important events in British history between 1689 and the present. A full chapter is devoted to each event. Every chapter includes an introduction presenting factual information in a clear, concise, chronological order, and a longer interpretive essay exploring both the short term and far reaching ramifications of the event.

The ten events covered are: ^L ^DBL The Industrial Revolution^L ^DBL The Seven Years' War^L ^DBL The Napoleonic Wars^L ^DBL Pax Britannica^L ^DBL The Reform Act of 1832^L ^DBL The Crystal Palace Exhibition^L ^DBL The Movement for Irish Independence and Woman Suffrage^L ^DBL World War I^L ^DBL World War II^L ^DBL The Thatcher Era^L Coverage for each event also includes an annotated bibliography of works suitable for students and a full-page illustration. A glossary of terms, a timeline of British history since 1689, a chronological list of ruling houses and monarchs, and a chronological list of prime ministers help students to better understand the major developments in modern British history, along with their significance and long-term impact.


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The Industrial Revolution c 1750c 1850
The Napoleonic Wars 17891815
Pax Britannica 18151914
The Reform Act of 1832
The Movements for Irish
World War I 19141919
World War II 19391945
The Thatcher Era 19791990
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FRANK W. THACKERAY is Professor of History at Indiana University Southeast./e He is author of Antecedents of Revolution: Alexander I and the Polish Kingdom (1980) and the co-editor (with John E. Findling) of the Events That Changed the World series and the The Events That Changed America series, both published by Greenwood. Also with John E. Findling, he is co-editor of Statesmen Who Changed the World (1993). He and Findling are also series editors of the Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations series.

JOHN E. FINDLING is Professor of History at Indiana University Southeast. He is the author of Dictionary of American Diplomatic History (1980-89), Close Neighbors, Distant Friends: United States-Central American Relations (1987), and Chicago's Great World's Fairs (1995). With Kimberly D. Pelle, he co-edited Historical Dictionary of World's Fairs and Expositions, 1851-1988 (1990) and Historical Dictionary of the Modern Olympic Movement (1996). With Frank W. Thackeray, he is co-editor of the Events That Changed the World series and the Events That Changed America series and also series editor of the Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations series.

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