Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2007 - 523 էջ
This classic text provides a revised and updated survey of the social sciences, written in an unbiased manner with a multidisciplinary, common sense approach. The thirteenth edition highlights the dramatic political and economic changes that have swept the world in recent years, providing students and instructors with a starting point for lively classroom discussions and debate. As with every edition, this text has been thoroughly updated. Some highlights of the new edition include:
  • Chapter 1 has a new discussion of qualitative analysis and introduces the distinction between causation and correlation.
  • Chapter 2 has an expanded discussion of scientific and religious views of evolution.
  • Chapter 4 includes a new section on multiculturalism and the political debates over monoculturalism versus multiculturalism.
  • Chapter 5 discusses the conservation movement, the price of gasoline, and the global economics of oil production.
  • Chapter 6 has a section on technologies used to fight crime and technology-based crime such as identity theft.
  • Chapter 7 distinguishes the psychoanalytic and cognitive approaches to understanding behavior.
  • Chapter 8 includes both secular and religious histories of marriage.
  • Chapter 10 discusses the GED and high school dropouts.
  • Chapter 11's section on social mobility has been rewritten and expanded.
  • Chapter 13 has a new discussion of Republicans, Democrats, and political ideology.
  • Chapter 14, Governments of the World, includes the Nigerian government to achieve better geographic distribution.
  • Chapters 16 and 19 have new material on globalization and the world economy.
  • Chapter 17 covers patents, copyrights, and intellectual property rights.
  • Chapters 18, 19, and 20, the political science and economics chapters, contain updated examples, discussions of fast-changing foreign policy issues, and the evolving war on terror.

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David Colander is Professor of Economics at Middlebury College.

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