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he recognises his father, was finely oak, elm, and fruit trees were given : this scene between the destroyed by the high winds. father and son being made im- - FATAL FIRE.- A fire, which pressive by the admirable acting was attended with disastrous conof Mr. Dodgson as the old man. sequences to both life and property, General Tarragon was the best took place early this morning upon supported of the other characters: the premises occupied by Mrs. Mr. Hall played the part capitally, Pryor, a laundress, situate at 23, and looked as red and as hot as a Cambridge Place, Junction Road. capsicum. Mr. Hammerton also A police constable, on going his made the ridiculous character of rounds, observed an unusual light Ferment amusing. The little farce in the first floor of the building, of A Day Well Spent followed; which induced him to raise the and the evening's performances alarm of fire ; but unfortunately were concluded by the Extrava- it was some time before the inganza Bombastes Furioso, in which mates could be roused from their George Cruikshank, as Bombastes, slumbers, and not until the flames gave great amusement.

were bursting through the front - Floods IX WALES.-In con- windows, as well as up the stairsequence of the heavy rain the case, with the greatest impe. aspect of the country adjacent to tuosity. The engines having the rivers Wye and Lugg during this speedily arrived, the fire was got week was such as has not been wit. under. For some time it was imanessed for 14 years ; indeed the ex-' gined that all the parties had made traordinary flood is only compar- a safe retreat from the premises; able to one that occurred half a but a discovery of a most melancentury ago, in the year 1795, choly character was made upon when the bridges at the Hay were the ground of the back parlour. carried down the torrent. The On examination it was found that destruction of property was im- two human beings, man and wife, mense. Over the wide extent of named Wane or Ward, who rented the Lugg meadows was spread a room, had perished in the flames, a vast sheet of water, presenting their remains being so mutilated the appearance of a great sea, that no likeness was discernible. and the river itself being, as it

ADDRESSES TO HER MAwere, lost in the expanse of ocean. JESTY. – The Queen held a Court Nothing could be more dreary than and Privy Council, at Windsor the aspect ; whilst not a head of Castle, to receive the Addresses the stock usually depasturing in of the Corporations of London and such numbers in that well irri. Dublin. gated locality was anywhere to The deputation from the city be seen. On the banks of the of London comprised the Lord Wye the destruction of property Mayor, the Sheriffs, seven Alderwas very serious. At Horn Church men, and one hundred and ten 24 sheep were swept away, at Common Councilmen, with the Lower Bullingham 34; at Pen Recorder and other principal city 40 fine ewes, at Glasbury 20 officers, who went in their respectsheep, at Pistil 15, at Builth 35, ive state carriages. They alighted at the Maine 17, at Lanemy nech at the grand entrance, and were nearly 100. Near Bewdley 2,500 conducted to the Waterloo Chamber, where they were entertained tion of food, and restricting comwith a sumptuous collation,

merce, shuts out from the nation The presentation took place in the bounty of Providence. We the Throne Room. Her Majesty therefore humbly pray that your and Prince Albert were conducted Majesty will be graciously pleased in state by the Lord Steward and to use the means in your Majesty's the Vice-Chamberlain. The Queen power to open the ports of this took her seat on the throne ; kingdom for the free importation Prince Albert stood on her right of food." hand, with the Lord Steward, Sir Having received the Address, Robert Peel, Sir James Graham, Her Majesty returned the followand the Earl of Dalhousie ; on the ing gracious Answer :left stood the Vice-Chamberlain “The motives which have inand the Duke of Wellington; other duced you to present this Address Cabinet Ministers and officers of the are duly appreciated by me. The household were ranged on either wants and sufferings of my people side. The Lord Mayor of London at all times command my warmest and the deputation were intro- sympathy; and I deeply regret the duced by the Gentlemen Ushers; failure in the present year of a full and the Recorder read this Ad- supply of an article of food on which dress

so many of my subjects are accus“ Most Gracious Sovereign, tomed to subsist. We, your Majesty's most dutiful “ I have directed Parliament to and loyal subjects, the Lord Mayor, assemble on an early day; and I Aldermen, and Commons of the shall gladly sanction any measure City of London, in Common Coun which the wisdom of the legislacil assembled, humbly approach ture may suggest as conducive to your Royal person respectfully to the alleviation of this temporary represent to your Majesty,

distress, and to the permanent wel" That great, powerful, and fare of all classes of my people. wealthy as this nation is, by far The Lord Mayor and the senior the largest portion of your Ma. Alderman, with the mover and jesty's subjects in Ireland, and a seconder of the address, were pergreat portion of your Majesty's mitted to kiss the Queen's hand; subjects in England, Scotland, and and the deputation retired. Wales, have long been reduced. The reception of the Dublin defor their principal food, to pota- putation, which reached the Castle toes.

a quarter of an hour later, was " That all classes, but especi. precisely similar. The deputation ally the poor, have been and are comprised the Lord Mayor, Mr. great sufferers from this result of Thomas Reynolds, the Marshal of the national economy.

Dublin, Mr. C. P. Shannon, Town“ That the blight which has Councillor, and six officers of the fallen upon the potato has subjected Corporation. The Lord Mayor your Majesty's people to great then read a very long and eloanxiety and distress, and to the quent address respecting the state danger of famine.

of destitution to be expected in “ That their sufferings are at. Ireland, and the necessity for astributable to erroneous legislation, sistance from national resources. which, by excluding the importa- Her Majesty having received the

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Cavalry. Infantry. 6. ROBBERY AT AN HOTEL.

Central Criminal Court.--Charles Under 5 years' actual ser. vice ........................ 30 ... 20

Bowen, aged 22, waiter, and After 5 years' actual ser

George Lake, aged 22, waiter, vice, with one distin.

were indicted for stealing a Bank guishing mark............ 25 ... 18 of England note of the value of After 7 years' actual ser

501., and various other notes, alvice, with one distin. guishing mark............ 15

together of the value of 1501., the After 10 years' actual

moneys of the Rev. William Price service, with two dis- i

Lewis; and John Duncock, aged tinguishing marks; or After 12 years' actual

10 ...

22, waiter, and George Bates, aged 5

26, jeweller, were indicted for feservice, with one dis-i tinguishing mark......)

loniously receiving the money, well After 12 years' actual

knowing that it had been stolen. service, with two dis

The prisoners Lake and Bowen tinguishing marks; orį 5 ... Free.

were engaged as waiters at the After 14 years' service, with one distinguish

Trafalgar Hotel, Charing Cross, ing mark..........

the former having been employed After 14 years' service,

for nine months, and the latter for with two distinguishi

Free, with the ing marks; or..........

right of re. as many weeks, at the period the After 16 years' service,

gistry for de- robbery was committed, which was with one distinguish- |

ferred pension on the 28th of November last year.

of 4d. a day. ing mark...............

At that time the prosecutor, who After 15 years' actual

is a clergyman residing in Wales, service, with three dis

was staying in the hotel, and on the tinguishing marks; or Free, with the After 16 years' actuall right of re

e day in question he went to the bankservice, with two dissį gistry for de- ing-house of Messrs. Glyn, Hallifax tinguishing marks, i ferred pension and Co., and received change for having possessed the of 6d. a day. a check for 1501., obtaining in second at least twelve i months .................

payment one note for 501., and the

remainder in notes for 101. and The remaining articles are oc 51. each. The prosecutor upon his cupied in detailing the regulations return to the hotel rolled up the under which these gratuities, good notes and placed them in his portconduct pay, &c., shall be forfeited manteau; and he then went out, or restored; or the period of ser- and on his return at night he disvice necessary to confer a title to covered that his portmanteau had them in certain degrees abridged: been opened, and that the whole of and the warrant concludes by de- the money had been abstracted. claring, that “soldiers who were The next morning the prosecutor present at the battle of Waterloo gave information of his loss, but shall be allowed to reckon two for some time no clue was obtained years in addition to actual service; as to the perpetrators of the roband those enlisted before Decem- bery. It was soon discovered that ber, 1829, shall be allowed to Duncock had been negotiating the reckon three years for two of stolen notes, and as he was known actual service, after the age of to be well acquainted with Bowen, eighteen, in East and West Indies the latter was arrested. Upon this (in other than West India regi- taking place, the prisoner Lake ments).”

became in so excited a state that answer.

The Lord Councillor Shan honour to kiss 1. putation retired.

5. EXECUTION Martha Brow! the murder of Chronicle, ls, executed at nell, the muri (see Chronic! paid a simila monger Lai quence of the tion of the ; cluding the press from of malefa. spared the of these w sufficient awakened : and died

- MI of regulat the Seer elevatet an impo that of and pri tinction warral

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