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LOUIS KLOPSCH, Proprietor,



The enthusiasm of the author can hardly be felt by the compiler of a volume, for the divine afflatus of inspiration must be lacking; but when the task of the compiler is completed, he hands to the public the result of his labors with a confidence the author can never feel, for he gives to them a casket of gems, the merit of which has already been approved.

This is especially true when the compiler has drawn upon the generosity of many friends for assistance.

Thoughts which have been considered sublimely beautiful, or beautifully sublime, have been sent in from many sources that the preferences of one mind should not give a personal bias to the selections.

This will explain why some thoughts of the compiler have found their way into the midst of the thoughts of greater men.

The mood of one day is not the mood of another, and that which appeals upon one occasion may lose its force under varying circumstances. It is not safe to say, therefore: "This thought is not sublime, or beautiful; " so much depends upon the point of view.

This is true, at least, that each thought, herein,

has fallen, at some time, like good seed, upon fruitful heart-soil, and left its influence, to bring forth ten, a hundred, perhaps, a thousand fold.

That many may find consolation, comfort, guidance, or inspiration from the thoughts within, in time of need, is the sincere desire of the compiler.

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