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" Mrs. Arthur Cottman for "Caterham," 66 Dei; Dalehurst," "Eversley," Mirfield," "St. Jude; the Rt. Rev. William C. Doane, D.D. for " Ancient of Days; " Mrs. A. E. Dyer for "Weston; Mr. J. W. Elliott for "Kemsing; " Harvard University for "Bethlehem " (Barnby); Mr. H. M. Higgs for "Cara Patria;" Mr. G. Everett Hill for "Rex Triumphans; " the Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, D.D. for “Watts ” and “Eucharistic Hymn;" the Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, D.D. for "Materna," "Penitence," "Pro Patria; Mrs. F. G. Ilsley for "Ilsley; " Mr. C. S. Jekyll for "Stonleigh; " Mr. J. C. Knox for "Knox; "the Rev. Lindsay B. Longacre for "New America; " Mr. L. H. Redner for "St. Louis; Mr. F. L. Sealy for "Cantus Gloriosus;" the Rev. T. Herbert Spinney for "St. Denys; " Mr. C. G. Verrinder for "Verrinder; " Mr. Samuel Weeks for "Burleigh," "Lustleigh; " Oliver Ditson & Co. for "Diligence; "Thomas Nelson and Sons for "Marion; " Presbyterian Board of Publication for "Glad Day," "Pilgrim Host;" Psalms and Hymns Trust (London) for "Ravenglas," "Evening Shadows; " Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for "Lundy; Weeks & Co. for "Camden Road." Acknowledgment and thanks are also due to those who have allowed the purchase of permission to use the following copyright tunes to Mrs. Mary Blow for Agnus Dei; "Mr. J. H. Gower, Mus. Doc. for "Meditation; " Mr. W. Crofton Hemmons for "" Aurora; the Rev. W. Garrett Horder for "Fides Patrum; " Mr. Robert Jackson for "Bekesbourne," "Niagara," " "Trentham; "Mrs. Robert Lowry for " Need; " Mr. A. H. Mann, Mus. Doc. for "Cantone,” “ Lampadarius; " Mr. Horatio W. Parker, Mus. Doc. for "Foundation," "Garden City," "Jubilate," ""King of Glory," "Stella; " Mr. H. J. Storer for "Brothers' Voices; Mr. Charles Vincent, Mus. Doc. for "Consecration," "Hatfield Hall," "St. Ishmael," "Solatium Caritatis; " Hymns Ancient and Modern for "Misericordia," "Rangoon; " Novello, Ewer & Co. for " Day's Ending," "Lætitia,” "Minister," "Ransomed Church; Trustees of the Church Hymnary (Edinburg) for "Gratias Agimus," "" Highgate; Universalist Publishing House for "Eaton; " Wesleyan Methodist Conference (London) for "College Chapel," "Downfield," "Gersau," "Harrogate," Lynton," "Noricum."






A sincere effort has been made to ascertain the authorship and ownership of copyright tunes and hymns in order to secure permission for their use previously to insertion. any copyright has been infringed, or acknowledgment omitted, the editors would tender their apologies for unintentional failure and omission, and give the assurance that these when known, will be remedied in future editions.

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Many of the hymns in this book, while not prepared especially with reference to Baptist sentiment and doctrine, are the productions of noted Baptist authors, as, for instance, Rev. George Washington Bethune, D.D., Rev. John Fawcett, D.D., Rev. Samuel Medley Rev. Robert Robinson, Rev. Samuel Francis Smith, D.D., Miss Anne Steele, and Rev. Samuel Stennett, D.D. Other hymns found here have particular relation to Christian and ecclesiastical views as held by Baptists.

The book is now sent forth with the earnest hope that, through the divine blessing, its use may help to promote a richer and more devout worship of God in the sanctuary and in the home.


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A. Cottman

R. Schumann
W. Jones
J. Langran
H. Wilson


Be still, my heart, these anxious Before Jehovah's awful throne Before the day draws near its Begin, my tongue,some heav'nly Behold, the Bridegroom cometh Behold, the Master passeth by Behold the throne of grace Behold us, Lord, a little space Beneath the cross of Jesus Blessed Saviour, thee I love Blest be the tie that binds Blest day of God, most calm Blow ye the trumpet, blow Book of grace, and book of Bow down Thine ear, Almighty Bread of Heav'n, on Thee I feed Bread of the world in mercy Brief life is here our portion Brightest and best of the sons Brightly gleams our banner By Christ redeemed, in Christ

Call Jehovah thy salvation. Calm on the listening ear Cast thy burden on the Lord Child Jesus comes from. Children of the heavenly King Christ, above all glory seated. Christ for the world we sing Christ is made the sure Christ is our Corner-stone Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ the Lord is risen again. Christ the Lord is risen to-day Christ whose glory fills the skies Christian, dost thou see them Christian! seek not yet repose City of God, how broad and far Come, every pious heart. Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Come hither, ye faithful


See O come, all ye faithful Come, Holy Spirit, come Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove Come let us join our cheerful Come, let us sing the song of. Come, my soul thou must be Come, my soul, thy suit prepare Come," said Jesus' sacred voice Come sound His praise abroad Come, Thou Almighty King. Come Thou fount of ev'ry Come, Thou long expected. Come to our poor nature's night See Holy Ghost, the Infinite Come to the Saviour now Come unto Me when shadows

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Rev. John Newton Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. John Ellerton Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. Gerard Moultrie Bp. W. W. How Rev. John Newton Rev. John Ellerton Elizabeth C. Clephane Rev. Geo. Duffield Rev. John Fawcett J. Mason

Rev. Charles Wesley

Thos. Mackellar
Rev. T. E. Powell
Josiah Conder
Bp. Reginald Heber
Bernard of Cluny





389 Tr. J. M. Neale

Charlotte Elliott

262 438

Bp. Reginald Heber

T. J. Potter
George Rawson

Rev. John Cennick

Hans C. Andersen

Rev. John Cennick
Tr. by Bp. Woodford
Rev. Samuel Wolcott
Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale
Tr. Rev. J. Chandler
Rev. A. T. Gurney
Rev. M. Weisse

Rev. Charles Wesley Rev. Charles Wesley St. Andrew of Crete

Rev. Samuel Johnson Rev. Samuel Stennett Simon Browne

J. Hart

Rev. A. Judson
Rev. Isaac Watts
Rev. Isaac Watts
James Montgomery
Baron Von Canitz
Rev. John Newton
Anna L. Barbauld
Rev. Isaac Watts


Rev. Robt. Robinson Rev. Charles Wesley

John M. Wigner C. H. Esling

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(Vienna (1)
(Cantone (2)
(St.And. of Cre.(1)
Holy War (2)



Mornington Hebron

L. Mason

J. Barnby
Arr. from Handel
G. A. MacFarren
Geo. Kingsley
J. C. Woodman.

A. Cottman

F. C. Maker

St. Agnes
Duke Street



Day of Praise
Italian Hymn (1)
Dorchester (2)
Nettleton (1)
Trust (2)

F. James

L. Mason

Arr. Mendelssohn
Arr. A. S. Sullivan
Rev. J. B. Dykes
N. W. Gade
Ignace Pleyel
Rev. J. B. Dykes
W. F. Biddle
H. J. Gauntlett
Rev. J. Darwall
A. S. Sullivan
E. J. Hopkins
J. H. Knecht
A. H.Mann
A. S. Cooper

J. B. Dykes
J. Booth

W. H. Monk

Rev. T. Haweis

E. Prout

Arr. by S. Dyer

Earl of Mornington

L. Mason

Rev. J. B. Dykes

Wm. Gardiner

John Hatton
Joseph Haydn
C. H. Lloyd
G. M. Garrett
Charles Steggall
F. De Giardini
Waite's Psalmody
Rev. A. Nettleton


F. C. Maker

Strength and Stay Rev. J. B. Dykes


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