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JULY, 1833.

[From “ The Foreign Quarterly Review, Nos. 18 and 21.'']

[By omitting some of the least interesting extracts from the “ Livre des Cent-et-Un," we have brought within our limits the substance of two very well written articles from “The Foreign Quarterly Review,” as creditable to the correct feelings as to the taste of the author. In the earlier article the first three of the volumes of the “ Livre des Cent-et-Un,” were reviewed; in the latter, the last five.*]

Art. I.-1. Paris, ou le Livre des Cent-et-Un. Tomes I. - VIII.

8vo. Paris. 1831, 1832. (Paris, or the Book of the Hun

dred-and-One.] 2. Feuilles d'Automne. Par VICTOR HUGO. Svo. 1832.

(Autumnal Leaves. By VICTOR HUGO.) 3. Romans et Contes Philosophiques. Par M. de Balzac.

2nde édition. [Philosophical Romances and Tales. By

M. de Balzac.] 3. Cuvres de CHARLES NODIER. Paris. 1832.

Paris. 1832. 5 Tomes. 8vo. [Works of CHARLES NODIER.

The first of the prefixed works is interesting on several accounts; its origin, its subject, and the great array of names which it numbers among its contributors. It is a voluntary association of almost all the literary talent of France, for the benefit of an individual who, by his enterprise and liberality, had rendered essential services to literature, but whose affairs have, it seems, fallen into the sere, since the commercial embarrassments following on the revolution, Ladvocat the Bookseller. A hundred and one authors of all ranks and political opinions, philosophers, academicians, journalists, deputies, poets, artists, have combined in these volumes to do for the Paris of the present day what Mercier, in bis “ Tableau de Paris,” did, or attempted to do, for that

(* A translation of selections from this work has appeared in England, under the title of “Paris, or the Book of the Hundred-and-One." 3 vols. post 8vo. It has been republished in 2 volumes, 18mo, by Messrs. Lilly, Wait, & Co., Boston.] VOL. II. NO. I.


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