House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Հատոր 2,Մաս 2

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Էջ 113 - That every free white male inhabitant above the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a resident of said territory at the time of the passage of this act, shall be entitled to vote at the first election, and shall be eligible to any office within the said territory; but the qualifications of voters and of holding office, at all subsequent elections, shall be such as shall be prescribed by the legislative assembly...
Էջ 33 - That the executive power and authority in and over said Territory of Oregon shall be vested in a governor, who shall hold his office for four years, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the President of the United States. The governor shall reside within said territory, shall be commander-in-chief of the militia thereof...
Էջ 112 - ... for which they may be elected respectively. Previous to the first election the governor shall cause a census or enumeration of the inhabitants and qualified voters of the several counties and districts of the territory to be taken by such persons and in such mode as the governor shall designate and appoint, and the person so appointed shall receive a reasonable compensation therefor.
Էջ 112 - That the whole number shall never exceed thirty-nine ; an apportionment shall be made as nearly equal as practicable, among the several counties or districts, for the election of the council and representatives, giving to each section of the territory representation in the ratio of its qualified voters as nearly as may be.
Էջ 34 - Our duty to ourselves — to our families — requires us not to tamely submit to be driven and slain without an attempt to preserve ourselves. Our duty to our country — our holy religion — our God — to freedom and liberty — requires that we should not quietly stand still and see those fetters forging around...
Էջ 369 - THIS INDENTURE, made this day of , in the year One thousand, nine hundred and , between of , the party of the first part...
Էջ 34 - Government for their safety, and our families driven from their homes to find that shelter in the barren wilderness, and that protection among hostile savages which were denied them in the boasted abodes of Christianity and civilization. " The Constitution of our common country guarantees to us all that we do now, or have ever, claimed. " If the Constitutional rights which pertain unto us as American citizens...
Էջ 276 - ... of an act of Congress passed on the twenty-first day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight, entitled " An Act concerning public contracts.
Էջ 235 - And for the true and faithful performance of all and singular the covenants, articles, and agreements hereinbefore particularly set forth, the subscribers hereunto bind themselves, jointly and severally, their and each of their successors, heirs, executors, and administrators.
Էջ 112 - And the first election shall be held at such time and places, and be conducted in such manner, both as to the persons who shall superintend such election and the returns thereof, as the Governor shall appoint and direct ; and he shall, at the same time, declare the number of members of the Council and House of Representatives to which each of the counties or districts shall be entitled under this act. The...

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