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classics are not studied: an extract has occasionally been stricken out on the score of coarseness and bad taste : others of questionable truth, or of doubtful morality, have been either omitted or abridged; and prosaic or sombre passages have been exchanged for those of a more poetic or cheerful cast. A few brief foot-notes have also been added. The number, however, of such changes is not so great as to affect the identity of the two works; and has not seemed to require any other than this general acknowledgment.

The Editor indulges the hope that, while the changes which have been introduced will impart to the work an increased interest, they will not be found to impair at all its representative character; and that an improved tone, both of taste and of sentiment, in the selections, will justify the alterations with which it is now submitted to the American public.

B. N. M.


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171. From Doctor Faustus.

158. Fishing

148. Epistle to Congreve.


149. Dreains.

150. Alexander's Feast.

John Evelyn, 1620-1706. 205

151. Chaucer, and Cowley.

159. St. Paul's Cathedral and the Fire of

152. Shakspeare and Ben Jonson.


Algernon Sidney, 1621-1684. • 195 Samuel Pepys, 1632-1703. 205

153. Influence of Government on the Char-

acter of a People.

160. Mr. Pepys quarrels with his Wife.



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