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A. F. Milliken, Sales Manager Geo. M. Clark & Co., 82 Michigan Ave.....

.............. Chicago, Ill. Chas. S. Mode, Salesman Alter Light Co., 40-42 Franklin St. . Chicago, Ill. W. M. McIliavy, Manager Barrett Mfg. Co.................New York City M. W. Nelson, 328 Ford Building............... ..........Detroit, Mich. Geo. Osius, Sec'y and Treas. Michigan Ammonia Works.....Detroit, Mich. Geo. W. Parker, Eastern Sales Agent Parker-Russell M. & M.Co., 45

Broadway ..........................................New York City John F. Parker, Salesman Eclipse Gas Stove Co........ ....Rockford, Ill. Rogers W. Polk, Laclede Christy Clay Products Co.........St. Louis, Mo. E. G. Pond, Salesman Ideal Manufacturing Co..............Detroit, Mich. E. G. Pond, Salesman Ideal Mfg. Co., 424 Canfield Ave......Detroit, Mich. Chas. H. Printz, Agent The Western Gas Constc. Co.... Fort Wayne, Ind. J. Paul Ray, Pittsburg Coal Co., 1124 Majestic Bldg........Detroit, Mich. M. S. Reynolds, President Reynolds Gas Regulator Co..... Anderson, Ind. D. R. Russell, President Parker Russell Mining & Mfg. Co., 501 Liggett Building .......

.......... St. Louis, Mo. Murray W. Sales, Murray W. Sales Co., 76 Jefferson Ave. ... Detroit, Mich. Otto Schroeger, Peerless Stove Co..................... Kalamazoo, Mich. H. L. Schutt, Salesman Wm. M. Crane Co., 32 Linden Aye.. Buffalo, N. Y. Jos. M. Sherburne, Treasurer Lindsay Light Co............... Chicago, Ill. Arthur M. Smith, Gas Machinery Co., 715 Citizens' Building.. Chicago, Ill. Arthur L. Smyly, Western Manager Connelly Iron Sponge and Governor Co., 22nd and Morgan streets..........

......... Chicago, Ill. Don P. Snooks, Salesman General Gas Light Co........ Kalamazoo, Mich. Roderick I. Spear, care Western Gas Constc. Co......... Fort Wayne, Ind. Andrew J. Stacey, G. S. A. Stacey Mfg. Co................ Cincinnatir, O. W. E. Steindewell, Secretary Gas Machinery Co., 719 Citizen's Building..

...........Cleveland, O. Edw. W. Steinmueller, Engineer Chicago Bridge & Iron Works, Washington Heights .........

...............Chicago, Ill. F. E. Stevens, President The Corbett-Stevens Co............ Columbus, O. Chester N. Stevens, Asst. Mgr. Barett Mfg. Co., 1006 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. ...................................

.......... Chicago, Ill. E. A. Stowe, President Cadillac Gas Co....... ..........Cadillac, Mich. A. P. Sweetman, care Standard Lighting Co................. Cleveland, O. W. R. Thatcher, Manager Promtooin Dept. Humphrey Co. Kalamazoo, Mich. S. L. Van Noorden, State Representative Jas. B. Clow & Sons. Chicago, Ill. E. G. Van Wie, Gen'l Supt. Detroit Stove Works............Detroit, Mich. Chas. W. Wardell, Ill. Engineer Welsbach Co............ Gloucester, N. J. John A. Weston, Detroit Stove Works, 412 Walnut street.. Lansing, Mich. Leigh Wickham, Salesman Parker-Russell M. & M. Co...... St. Louis, Mo. V. P. Wilkins, Gen'l Supt. La Porte Gas Meter Co.......... LaPorte, Ind. L. B. Young, Sales Manager Michigan Stove Works.........Detroit, Mich. N. A. Young, Manager Jas. Gardner Jr. Co....... .........Bolivar, Pa. . L. Zwisler, President American Gas Light Co........Kalamazoo, Mich.



Michigan Gas Association


NAME. 1. The name of this Association shall be The Michigan Gas Association.


OBJECTS. 2. The objects of this Association shall be the promotion and advancement of knowledge, scientific and practical, in all matters relating to the construction and management of gas works, and the manufacture, distribution and consumption of gas.

3. The establishment and maintenance of a spirit of fraternity between the members of the Association, by social intercourse, and by friendly exchange of information and ideas on the before-mentioned subject matters.

4. The inducement and extension of more cordial and friendly relations between the manufacturers of gas and their patrons, based upon mutuality of interests.


MEMBERS. 5. The members of this Association shall consist of three classes-active, associate and honorary members.

6. To be eligible for active membership, a person must be an officer or an employe of a gas company.

6a. Any person directly or indirectly connected with the management of gas works, of gas machinery, or who may be skilled therein, shall be eligible as an associate member of this Association. Such members shall be proposed, balloted for and received in the same manner and be subject to the same fees and annual dues, as active members, and shall be entitled to all the privileges and courtesies of the Association, except the right to vote, hold office ,or participate in the management of its business affairs.

7. Honorary members shall be gentlemen whose scientific or practical knowledge in matters relating to the gas industry, and whose efforts and interests in behalf of said industry shall recommend them to the Asociation.

8. Every application for active and associate membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary, indorsed by two active members, and must contain an agreement of the applicant to comply with the requirements of the constitution if elected. The application shall be referred to the executive committee, and, if approved by them, shall be submitted to the Association for action, and the votes of two-thirds of the members present shall be necessary to an election. If any applicant fails of election no notice of his application shall be made in the minutes.

9. Honorary members shall be proposed by the executive committee, at a general meeting of the Association.

10. Active and associate members shall pay an initiation fee of three dollars ($3), which shall include one year's dues, at the meeting at which they are elected ,and dues thereafter in the sum of three dollars ($3) annually, which shall be paid in advance.

II. Any member may retire from membership by giving written notice to that effect to the Secretary, and by paying all annual dues to that date, unless released from said payment by a vote of the executive committee. Any member whose dues shall remain unpaid for a term of three years may be dropped from the roll of membership by a vote of the executive committee,

12. A member dropped from the roll for non-payment of dues may, upon paying the amount he owes the Association, be reinstated at the option of the executive committee.

13. Honorary members shall not be required to make any payments or contributions to the Association. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association except voting, holding office and attendance on executive session of the Association.

14. A member may be expelled from the Association by a report and motion to that effect made by the executive committee at any general meeting of the Association; the vote shall be by ballot, and shall require two-thirds of the votes cast for its adoption.


MANAGEMENT. 15. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the executive committee, subject to the control of the Association by its action in general meetings. It shall be composed of the President, Vice-President and the President for the preceding year. All questions before the executive committee shall be decided by a majority vote. The executive committee shall have power to fill vacancies in its own body.

16. Previous to each annual meeting, the executive committee shall appoint a nominating committee, none of whom shall be members of the executive committee. The nominating committee shall, at the annual meeting, present a list of officers whom they recommend for election for the ensuing year.


OFFICERS. 17. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected annually by ballot and assume office on the first day of the month next following their election. One person may be elected to the offices of both Secretary and Treasurer, and if so shall receive $100.00 per year salary. (Amended Sept. 1909, to $300.00 per year.)

18. The President, or in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association, or of committees, at which he is present. He may call meetings of the officers or committees whenever he deems it advisable to do so; and he shall be required to call a meeting of the executive committee on the written request of three members of the Association.

19. The Secretary shall take minutes of all proceedings of the Association and of the executive committee, and enter them in the proper books for the purpose. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Association; read minutes and notices of all meetings, and also papers and communications, if the authors wish it; collect all dues and initiation fees ; and perform whatever other duties may be required by this constitution pertaining to his office.

20. The Secretary shall send notices to all members of the Association at least fourteen days before each general meeting, mentioning the papers to be read, and any special business to be brought before the meeting.

21. The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep all initiation fees, dues and funds of the Association; shall keep correct accounts of the same, and pay all bills approved by the President or a member of the executive committee; and he shall make an annual report to be submitted to the Association.


MEETINGS AND PROCEEDINGS. 22. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held on the third Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after the first Monday in September of each year, at such place as shall be designated at the preceeding annual meeting. Special meetings and executive sessions may be called at the option of the executive committee.

22a. By a majority vote of the executive committee, a vote of the Association may be taken by mail, and the Secretary is hereby authorized to enter the result of said vote upon his journal as the decision of the Association upon the subject voted upon.

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