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23. At the annual meetings of the Association the order of business shall be:

1. Roll call.
2. The reading of the minutes of last meeting, if called for.
3. The report of the executive committee.
4. The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer.
5. The reports of special committees.
6. The address of the President.
7. The reading of papers and discussion of same.
8. The election of officers.
9. General business.

24. At other general meetings of the Association, the order of business shall be the same, except as to the 4th and 8th clauses.

25. All ordinary questions shall be decided by any convenient system of open voting; and seven members shall constitute a quorum.

26. Questions of a special nature shall be decided by ballot.

27. All papers read at the meetings of the Association must relate to matters either directly or indirectly connected with the objects of the Association and must be approved by the executive committee before being read.

28. All papers, drawings, or models submitted to the meeting of the Association shall be and remain the property of the authors.


AMENDMENTS. 29. All propositions for adding to, or altering any of the provisions of the foregoing constitution, shall be laid before the executive committee, who may bring them before the next general meeting of the Association if they see fit; and such committee shall be bound to do so on the requisition, in writing, of any five members of the Association. All proposed amendments or additions to the constitution shall be presented by the executive committee in their regular report to the Association during the first session of any regular meeting; and the voting upon their adoption shall be made the first order of business for the second session of the meeting. Such propositions shall be decided by ballot, and shall require two-thirds of the votes cast for their adoption.


RULES OF ORDER. 30. Cushing's Manual shall govern in all cases and questions not already provided for in this constitution.

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