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The House of Delegates formally organized on December 3rd, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, when the following members were sworn in, the Honorable José Severo Quiñones, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, administering the oath :

Rossy, Manuel F.
Sanchez Morales. Iuis
Egozcue, Manuel
Veve, Santiago
Coll y Toste, Cayetano
Zeno Gandía, Manuel
Mattey, Angel
Torregrosa, Luis A.
J)omenech, Manuel
Mendez Martinez, Aurelio
Mejías, Francisco
Quiñones, Francisco Mariano
Fajardo, Pascasio
Cornwell, Frederick
Sein Isasa, Ignacio
Todd, Roberto H.
Parra Capó, Francisco
Colom, Ulpiano R.
Rosaly, Pedro Juan
Arroyo, Pedro
Rodriguez, Manuel
Tous Soto, José
Blondet, Carlos
Pescartes, Pedro María
Carrión, Tomas
A ponte. Leandro
Veve, José Antonio
Zechini, Antonio
Lugo Viña, Eduardo
Serrano, Felipe

The Executive Council, which had been organized in June 1900, also met in regular session upon the afternoon of the same date. On Tuesday, December 4th, pursuant to a Joint resolution to that effect, each House met in its respective chamber at 10.45 A. M., and then proceeded in a body to the theatre in San Juan, to listen to the reading of the message of his Excellency, the Governor of Porto Rico. The Legislative Assembly entered the theatre, the Executive Council taking seats to the right, those of the House of Delegates, to the left of the stage: the audience filled the theatre. The band of the U. S. S. MAYFLOWER was present and played patriotic airs. The joint session was called to order by the President of the Executive Council, and a Committee consisting of the Hon. José Barbosa, from the Council, and the Hon. Manuel Egozcue from the House of Delegates, was appointed to escort the Governor to the stage. At 11.10 o'clock, his Excellency, Governor Allen, escorted by the Committee and accompanied by Capt. Kennedy of the U. S. Navy, and Lieut. Jogan of the U. S. Navy, came down the aisle to the stage. The Governor was there received by the Presiding Officer, and after presentation to the Legislative Assembly read the following message :

Members of the Legislative Assembly of Porto Rico :

For the first time in the annals of this Island, you, the representatives of the people, gather as a legislative body, under American sovereignty. . To-day, in the name of The People of Porto Rico, you undertake legislation, by means of which it is hoped the Island will rise to a position of influence and prosperity worthy your highest hopes. At the threshold of this great opportunity, I urge you to approach the task with patriotic devotion to your country; with unselfish regard for the best results; with conscientious heed to the rights of all; so that your statute book may be strong and respected, and stand for the comfort, happiness and well-being of every inhabitant. . In the general election just passed, you closed the door upon old methods and customs. You have indicated to the world your ability to conduct yourselves with order and merit. Henceforth, you must move forward with the light of modern experience to guide your way. But the direction is clear. Remember, always, your work is of the utmost moment; no carelessly considered law should, under any circumstances, find its way upon your statute book. You may never know the anxiety with which your experiment is being watched. Let its results be such that your country, and law-abiding people everywhere, will approve. It is a long established custom in the United States for the Executive to submit to an incoming legislature, a statement of the condition of the finances, and to suggest such general recommendations for legislative action, as he thinks necessary. Following this custom, I submit such statement to you, reserving the right, later in the session, to make other recommendations, if any occur which seem of importance,

F IN A N C E S ,

On the first of May, 1900, the day upon which civil go

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