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years. His experience of mankind could not be questioned. And what did it produce ?-a love for retirement. He had a large family-many daughters ; and he hesitated to expose them to the world, to bring them too early into high life; all other he knew not. His retreat in the country was, however, most judiciously managed, and he, there, endeavoured to prepare his children for the world, by providing them with as large a portion of wisdom and theoretical experience as possible. All that books and expensive teachers, some from town, some from abroad, could furnish, be ensured for them ; but the richest mine of knowledge and of information was in himself..

After a morning's walk, or ride, they repaired

to the salle des travaux, as it was called, and the pencil and brush were employed on the finest Greek

and Roman models. A music room was near, where

he himself was a performer, and where an Italian,

[blocks in formation]

resident in the house, was leader of the band. Th harp, the harpsichord, the violoncello, the guittar the clarionette, and the fute, all entered into the

morning's practice.

A French governess taught dancing to the ladies; and the evening was destined to exhibit what the morning planned. They also got up a little dramatic fable in French, and elocution was not neglected. In the morning walks, reading was blended, and the good father gave ambulatory lectures on composition : as, on a starry evening, he used to give his family information in astronomy.

In the hall was kept a locked up box, into which any one who pleased, of the family or of its guests, night deposit his jeux d'esprit, in poetry, prose, composition, or anecdote, and of which he made a fair copy once a week and read to the party. This, as well as the album, produced mach amusement. A fine library was open to


all, as well as a billiard table; but cards and dice

were forbidden.

It is impossible to say how happily this family lived, nor how delighted every one was who became an inmate of this hospitable and improving roof. It was my fate, as I have already stated, to make one of its guests in the year I must not say wbat. It was autamn; and a party of youths came down to shoot. The more intellectual circle did not join them; but liberty was the order of the day, and each took that amusement, for which he was best


At the head of the youthful visitors was the Duke of To say that he was handsome, is to say nothing. How could the son of the most beautiful of women be otherwise-particularly when so strongly resembling her? But there was a gravity, a

в 4

pensivepensiveness in his features, which created a


painful interest in my bosom. He very soon behel me with a partial eye, and selected me for the compa nion of his walks and rides; neglecting the amusemen of shooting, and abandoning his gay and youthfu party. This was soon perceived by all, which gave me pain; but, I confess, (for candor shall be my device) a pain closely connected with pleasure, and that pleasure as closely linked with pride.--I shall now say a few words of his associates, Lord Lackworth, the Honorable Tom Turflove and a Reverend dependant from college.

Lord Lackworth, the eldest son of a peer, seemed perfectly to appreciate his future weight in life, and to consider his father as a tenant at the end

of his lease ; for his favorite and



diurnal conversation was, what improvements he

should make on his estates when the old Lord would


be no more, and how he should act in the House of

Peers. This, with his manifesto-like annunciation,

that he should marry a very rich heiress, and that none other need have any pretensions to his hand, or even to bis regard (which, by the bye, rather offended me, for I took it to myself, although I hated him), formed the mass of his discourse. Sometimes, indeed, he obligiogly informed us that he was the best shot and the best horseman in the world; or he turned

into ridicule the clergyman, whose only use, he said, was sticking to the bottle to oblige him, when the Duke voted himself polite, as his Lordship termed it, wben Tom was fast asleep, and when their host gave them a broad hint that intoxication was beneath a gentleman, by drinking wine and water, and by appearing tired of the sight of the decanters. But,

added Lord Lackworth,

“ I must take a hint; I'm a

fine fellow to disappoint hint-givers. If a fellow

seems to want to cease drinking, I stick to him the B 5


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