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The Third Edition of the "Sketches of the Irish Bar" by the RT. HON. RICHARD LALOR SHEIL, M. P. Edited, with a Memoir and Notes, by DR. R. SHELTON MACKENZIE.

2 Vols. Price $200.


"They attracted universal attention by their brilliant and pointed style, and their liberality of sentiment. The Notes embody a great amount of biographical information, literary gossip, legal and political anecdote, and amusing reminiscences, and in fact omit nothing that was essential to the perfect elucidation of the text."New York Tribune.

"To return to these portly and good-looking volumes of Sheil's collected sketches, we must premise by say. ing that they are the best edited books we have met for many a year. They form, with Mackenzie's notes, a complete biographical dictionary, containing succinct and clever sketches of all the famous people of Eng. land, and particularly of Ireland, to whom the slightest allusions are made in the text.-The Citizen (John Mitchel).

"The editor, Dr. Shelton Mackenzie, has performed his work-commenced, by-the-by, at the instigation of the illustrious author, some years since-with great fidelity; and his knowledge of politics and parties in Ireland, and his acquaintance with most of the persons mentioned in the Sketches, have rendered his annotations relative to the allusions therein, perfectly intelligible to the present race of readers."-Charleston Cour. "Dr. Mackenzie deserves the thanks of men of letters, particularly of Irishmen, for his research and care. He betrays a close, and intelligent acquaintance with the leading events and characters of Ireland for many years back, and his anecdotes are told with a grace and finish that few can hope to equal. Altogether, the work is one that we can recommend in the highest terms." Philadelphia City Item.

"No lawyer's library can be deemed complete with out this work."-Lowell Daily Journal.

"After reading Sir Jonah Barrington's Memoirs, they come with an added relish."-Portland Transcript.

"Such a repertory of wit, humor, anecdote, and outgushing fun, mingled with the deepest pathos, when we reflect upon the sad fate of Ireland, as this book affords, it were hard to find written in any other pair of covers." -Buffalo Daily Courier.

"Every page gives evidence of a highly-cultivated mind, a keen insight into human nature, and of the taste and nervous vivacity that attach to a high spiritual organization."-Springfield Daily Republican. "All the distinguished orators of Mr. Sheil's day are here alluded to, and the very copious notes add ar creased interest to the sketches, as many explained which it would be impossible for the American reader to comprehend but for this assistance."Boston Evening Gazette.



"We know no reprint of an Irish book more likely to have a rushing sale than this. Every Irish-American of patriotism and taste, who loves the bright memories which illume, by flashes of sunlight genius, the dismal perspective of our poor country's history, will be sure to procure and prize these volumes."-Irish American. "It is a work worthy of a place in every gentleman's library, and we should think that every true son of Erin, who can read good print, would procure a copy, even if he had to sacrifice his dudheen and whiskey for a twelvemonth."-New York Evening Mirror.

"The notes, which are numerous and of much value to the reader, were prepared by Dr. Mackenzie, who was personally acquainted with many of the individuals spoken of in these sketches, and well informed concerning the history of Ireland during the period in which they lived."-Hartford Daily Times.

"These sketches possess an absorbing interest, which has grown instead of diminishing with the lapse of time, and are eminently worthy of perusal. The labors of the editor are confined entirely to notes, which form no small portion of the volumes, and are almost invaluable for the light they shed upon the text, otherwise obscure to the general reader."-Savannah Republican.

"We have rarely read a book so full of interest. All the eminent Irish lawyers of modern times are sketched with great vigor, celebrated trials are narrated with spirit, and anecdotes are freely interspersed throughout the volumes. A memoir of the author, by R. Shelton Mackenzie, is prefixed, together with a portrait."Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

"To those who have read Barrington's Sketches, we need not say a word in favor of the present volumes."— Boston Olive Branch,

"A more readable, profitable, and entertaining work is seldom issued from the American press than this collection of masterly sketches by Sheil."-Detroit Fres Press.

"Deeply interesting, embracing graphic descriptions of all the distinguished lawyers, of Ireland, of the pres ent century."-Albany Spectator.

"In delineating the peculiarities of the Irish people, truth is very often stranger than fiction, as these finely drawn portraits of well-known members of the Irish bar distinctly attest."-Arthur's Home Gazette.

"We commend the work to any one who wishes to come acquainted with the great Irish struggle against 'the Union,' at the same time to know almost personally the great men of the times."-Southern Argus.

Eminently readable books."-Syracuse Chronicle. "Many months have elapsed since we met with two more delightful and entertaining volumes than these. Whether we regard them as graphic pictures, convey.

"The work is remarkable for its striking delineations of character, its interesting biographical details, and the air of good humor in which it is conceived and execu-ing, with the distinctness of the pencil, a just idea of the ted."-Albany Argus.

"In the keenness of their satire, sharpness of antithesis, personal gossip, liberal spirit, and closeness of onal observation, they have not been surpassed." Soston Allas.

They attracted largely the public attention, not less on account of their own literary and artistic merit, than for the interest which attached to the prominent men whom they so cleverly and faithfully portray. These volumes supply a copious fund of entertainment and instructive reading."-Journal of Commerce.

"It commends itself by its rich, exhaustless fund of wit, by its wealth of epigram and anecdote, and by the racy, good-hearted tone in which it is written."-Lowell Journal and Courier.

"They abound not only in interesting personal and historical reminiscences, but also in amusing anecdotes, illustrative of Irish life and character."-Boston Trav.

eminent jurists, agitators, and politicians of Ireland, or as a delightful series of illustrations of the peculiarities and eccentricities of the Irish-they can be safely pronounced among the most agreeable and brilliant that we have ever read."-Richmond Examiner.

"The perusal of these volumes will afford a rich treat to the lovers of literature."-Hartford Christian Sec.

"A very excellent feature in this edition is that there is no man of eminence, whose name is introduced in the Sketches,' whether incidentally or otherwise, let him be English, Irish, Scotch, American, &c., of whom the editor does not give us an interesting biographical sketch."-Philadelphia Daily News.

"As a whole, a more sparkling, lively series of portraits was hardly ever set in a single gallery. It is Irish all over; the wit, the folly, the extravagance, and the fire, are all alike characteristic of writer and subjects." New York Evangelist.


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