The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe, with engr. from designs by T. Stothard engr. by C. Heath

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Էջ 129 - It happened one day about noon, going towards my boat, I was exceedingly surprised with the print of a man's naked foot on the shore, which was very plain to be seen in the sand...
Էջ 173 - I likewise taught him to say master, and then let him know that was to be my name. I likewise taught him to say Yes and No, and to know the meaning of them.
Էջ 172 - Brasilians and Virginians, and other natives of America are ; but of a bright kind of a dun olive colour, that had in it something very agreeable, though not very easy to describe. His face was round and plump, his nose small, not flat like the negroes, a very good mouth, thin lips, and his fine teeth, well-set, and white as ivory.
Էջ 202 - It was remarkable too, we had but three subjects, and they were of three different religions. My man Friday was a Protestant, his father was a Pagan and a cannibal, and the Spaniard was a Papist. However, I allowed liberty of conscience throughout my dominions.
Էջ 48 - I smiled to myself at the sight of this money. " O drug ! " said I aloud, " what art thou good for ? Thou art not worth to me, no not the taking off of the ground ; one of these knives is worth all this heap.
Էջ 5 - ... the world, and comfortably out of it, not embarrassed with the labours of the hands or of the head, not sold to the life of slavery for daily bread, or...
Էջ 48 - I smiled to myself at the sight of this money. ( O Drug ! said I, aloud, what art thou good for ? thou art not worth to me, no not the taking off of the ground : one of those knives is worth all this heap : I have no manner of use for thee, even remain where thou art and go to the bottom, as a creature whose life is not worth saving.
Էջ 170 - I was loath to fire, because I would not have the rest hear ; though at that distance it would not have been easily heard ; and being out of sight of the smoke too, they would not have easily known what to make of it.
Էջ 1 - The Editor believes the thing to be a just history of fact ; neither is there any appearance of fiction in it ; and however thinks, because all such things are disputed, that the improvement of it, as well to the diversion as to the instruction of the reader, will be the same ; and as such, he thinks, without farther compliment to the world, he does them a great service in the publication.
Էջ 171 - ... in token of acknowledgment for my saving his life. I smiled at him, and looked pleasantly, and beckoned to him to come still nearer. At length he came close to me, and then he kneeled down again, kissed the ground, and laid his head upon the ground, and taking me by the foot, set my foot upon his head. This, it seems, was in token of swearing to be my slave forever.

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