Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the Michigan Gas Association ..., Թողարկում 22

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Էջ 24 - O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us ! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An...
Էջ 154 - The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
Էջ 153 - The officers of a cooperative shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, who shall be elected annually by and from the board of trustees.
Էջ 154 - The Secretary shall send notices to all members of the Association, at least thirty days before each meeting, mentioning the papers to be read and any special business to be brought before the meeting.
Էջ 151 - The establishment and maintenance of a spirit of fraternity between the members of the Association, by social intercourse, and by friendly exchange of information and ideas on the before-mentioned subject matters.
Էջ 155 - Association, if they think fit, and such committee shall be bound to do so on the requisition in writing of any five members of the Association.
Էջ 105 - During the first three weeks after the injury the employer shall furnish, or cause to be furnished, reasonable medical and hospital services and medicines when they are needed.
Էջ 141 - I move as an amendment that the matter be referred to the Executive Committee with power to appoint a Committee of Conference or to act independently as it sees fit.
Էջ 154 - President; and he shall make an annual report to be submitted to the Association. He shall give a bond to the President in such sum, and with such sureties, as shall be approved by the Executive Committee. SECRETARY.
Էջ 153 - The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the executive committee, subject to the control of the Association by its action in general meetings.

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