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Theological Principles of Thomas Paine and M. Volney, &c.; and also a refutation of Unitarianism. By Thomas Broughton, Esq. 8vo. 7s.


An Historical and Statistical Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. By Williain Wilkinson. 8vo. 9s.

A Series of Views of the Abbeys and Castles in Yorkshire ; drawn and engraved by W. Westall and F. Mackenzie, with historical and descriptive accounts by T. D Whitaker. No. I. 4to. 10s. 6d.

An Historical and Characteristic Tour of that noble and picture esque River the Rhine.

Part V. 14s. New Picture of England and Wales, with numerous Views. 18mo. 13s.

A Visit to the Province of Upper Canada, in 1819. By James Strachan. 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards.

An Account of the Arctic Regions, with a History and Description of the North Whale Fishery. By W. Scoresby, F.R.S. E. ; illustrated by twenty-four engravings, in two thick vols. 8vo., boards, 21. 2s.

The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St Neots, in Huntingdonshire, and of St Neots, in the county of Cornwall ; with 50 engravings. By G C. Gorham, M. f., Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. 8vo. Common. 18s.- fine, 21s.

Historical and Descriptive View of the Parishes of Monkwearmouth and Bishopwearmouth, and the Port and Borough of Sun. derland. 8vo. 16s,

The Picture of Yarmouth ; embellished with twenty engravings, and a ground plan of that Borough. By John Bresten, Esq., Col. lector of the Customs for that Port.

The Post Roads of Europe. 18mo. 18s. boards.

Guide to all the Watering and Sea-Bathing Places; an entirely new edition, with 100 new engravings. 16s.

A Picture of Margate ; being a complete and accurate description of that place of Fashionable Resort, and of the interesting objects in its Vicinity. Einbellished with a correct map and twenty views. The descriptive part by W. C. Oulton, Esq. 8vo. 9s.

History and Antiquities of Evesham. By E. J. Rudge, Esq., M. A. 12mo. 5s. 6d.

The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield, in the county of York. By Joseph Hunter.

History and Antiquities of the Metropolitan Church at York. By John Britton. With 35 plates. 4to. 31. 15s.

An Account of the Ancient and Modern State of the City of Lichfield. 8vo. 5s.


No.6 Vol. II. of the Journal of New Voyages, completing Vol. II. containing Waller's Voyage in the West Indies, with many engravings. 3s. 60.

A Voyage to South America, performed by order of the American Government. By H. M. Brackenridge, one of the Commissioners. 2 vols, 8vo. 11. 4s.

Travels through Holland, Germany, and parts of France, in 1819, with reference to their Statistics, Agriculture, &c. By W. Jacob. 4to.

Travels in various Countries in the East, being a continuation of Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, &c. Edited by Robert Walpole, M. A. 4to. 31. 3s. boards.

Narrative of a Journey in Persia. 8vo. 12s.

Sketches of the actual State of Society and Manners, the Arts, Literature, &c. of Rome, Naples, and Florence. By the Count de Stendhall. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

No. II. Vol. III. of the Journal of New Voyages and Travels, containing Mollien's Travels in Africa, with a large map and many engravings. 3s. 6d.

An Abridgment of Modern Voyages and Travels. By the Rev. T. Clark. Vol. II. comprising a complete Tour of Asia.

No. I. Vol. III. of the Journal of New Voyages and Travels, containing Samson's Travels in Lower Canada, and Cornelius's Tour in Virginia, &c. With engravings. Ss. 6d.

Travels on the Continent, for the use of Travellers. 8vo. 11. 5s.

The Diary of an Invalid in Pursuit of Health ; being the Journal of a Tour in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Berlin, and France, in the years 1817, 1818, 1819. 8vo. 16s.

Travels in the Interior of Africa. By G. Mollien. With plates. 4to. 21. 2s.

A Voyage to India. By the Rev. James Cordiner, A. M., author of a Description of Ceylon, and Minister of St Paul's Chapel, Aberdeen. In one volume 8vo. boards.

A Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, in the years 1817-18, containing Remarks on the Language, Geography, History, Antiquities, Natural History, Science, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Agriculture, the Mechanical Arts, and Manufactures. By W. A. Cadell, Esq., F.R.S., London and Edinburgh. Two vols. Svo. With Thirty-three engravings. ll. 16s. boards.

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Abercrombie, General, his declaration of the licentiousness of the

soldiery in Ireland, 287.
Accum, Mr, his Treatise on Adulterated Provisions, 131_his exa-

mination of the articles most commonly counterfeited, 135—va-

luable character of this work, 139.
Act, Mr Gilbert's, points out the number of charities in five Eng-

lish counties, 112.
Adam's Letters on Silesia, opinion of, 413.
Addison, character of, 327.
Admiralty, droits of, origin and use of, 478.
Adulteration of Provisions, and by whom practised, 134—of bread,

136–of wine, 137—of malt liquors, 140-of beer, 141--of pep-

per, 143.

Agriculture and manufactures, fundamental distinction between, 181.
Aid, parochial, in Scotland, its inefficacy to relieve the present dis-

tresses, 393.
Alarms, recent, 187-evidence of, how to be collected, 199—ru-

mours of disaffection, 200—quotations from the Report of, ib.--to-
tally groundless, 222—reasons which show the danger imaginary,

Allen, William, to whom the French Protestants are indebted for

their freedom in education, 495.
Almonds, bitter, employed to give flavour to insipid wines, 137.
Alum, added to bread to whiten its colour, 136-added to young

wines to heighten their colour, 137.
Ambrosian Chant, why so named, 362.
America, United States, statistical account of, 69—population, 70-

trade and commerce, 71-imports, ib._tonnage and navigation,
72-lands, ib.-post-office, 73-revenue, ib.-army and navy, 74.
--expenditure, 76-debt, 78--naval war with Britain, effects of,
ib._small progress in the arts and sciences, 79—vilified by a por-
tion of the press of this country, 399—ultimate success of the cause

of liberty will depend on the part they take in that contest, 404.
Anecdotes, personal, of eminent men, their value, 302.
Anecdotes, Spence's, from Pope, 307—from Mannic, 311--from Lord

Peterborough. 321—from Ramsey, 322—from Dr Lockier, 323-
Antioch, first regular choir established at, for singing hymns in the

from Dennis, 326.
Anne, Queen, act of, prohibiting the use of unwholesome ingredients

in beer, 141.

service of the Church, 362.
Arcangelo Corelli, a celebrated musician, 368.
Aretino Guido, reputed inventor of the counterpoint, 364.
Arkwright, Sir Richard, contrived to spin cotton by machinery, and

its consequences, 169.
Articles in trade and commerce adulterated, 133.
Arundel, Sir John, ordered to be removed from the office of Master

of St John's Hospital, 129.
Assessments for the Poor, remarkable increase of, 335-danger of be-

ing encouraged, ib.
Atheniens, character of the, 238—Athenian mob contrasted with the

British Senate, 239.
Austin, the monk, first instructor of the Saxons in the mysteries of

ecclesiastical music, 364.
Avonmore, Lord, instance of Mr Curran's judicious pleasantry with,


Banks, Savings, advantages of, 393.
Bay, Chesapeak, towns in the neighbourhood of, destroyed by the

British, 75.
Beeke, Dr, his pamphlet published on the Income-tax, 177.
Beer, how adulterated, an ancient practice, 141.
Belfast, city of, answer to its application to Government for some

means of defence, 270.
Bible Societies, surprising conduct of, 450.
Bill, Convention, for what purpose passed in Ireland, 282.
Bolingbroke, Lord, character of his works, 318—reasons assigned for

his supposed greatness, 319.
Bonaparte, ascendancy of, occasioned a transfer of continental capital

into this country, 170.
Bopp, Mr, his translation of the interesting story of Nala and Dama-

yanti, 435.
Bourne, Mr Sturges, at the head of the Committee for revising the

Poor-Laws, 96.
Boyse, Mr, account of his reception from Curran, 273.
Brandy, French, how imitated, 139.
Bread, how adulterated, 136.
Brewing, Child on, important quotation from his work, 140.
Britain, Great, condition of the manufacturing classes in, 332–ex•

amples from Lancashire, 333—from Coventry, ib.
Brougham, Mr, advantages of his plan for inquiring into charitable

abuses, 123.
Burke, Mr, his sentiments with regard to the French Revolution

quoted by Lord Grenville, 191.
Busby, Dr, his History of Music, number of his plagiarisms from
Burney detected, 353—and from Sir John Hawkins, 355.

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