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Angli Epistolarum Familiarium Liber unus, etc., 1674; Transla-
tion, J. Hall, 1829; A Declaration of Letters Patent of the Election
of this present King of Poland, John II., Translation [by John
Milton], 1674; Literæ Pseudo-Senatus Anglicani, Cromwellii,
reliquorumque Perduellium nomine ac jussu conscriptæ a Joanne
Miltono, 1696; English translation of same in Letters of State, with
account of his Life, by E. Phillips, 1694; Mr. John Milton's Char-
acter of the Long Parliament and Assembly of Divines in MDCXLI.
(inserted in later editions of History of Britain), 1681 (the author-
ship of this is questioned); A Brief History of Muscovia, and other
less known countries. gather'd from the writings of several
eye-witnesses, 1682; J. Miltoni Angli de doctrina Christiana Libri
duo posthumi, etc., Ed., C. R. Sumner, 1825; A Commonplace Book
edited from original MS. by A. J. Horwood, 1876; and for Camden
Society, 1876, 1877; Nova Solyma, the Ideal City, an anonymous
Romance, attributed to John Milton and published 1902.

Works.—Verse and Prose (with Life), ed. by J. Mitford, eight
vols., 1851.

COLLECTED POEMS.—Some earlier editions, English and Latin, with
a Tractate on Education to Mr. Hartlib, 1673; 1688 (Tonson); with
notes on Paradise Lost, by Patrick Hume, 1695; Poetical Remains,
etc., by C. Gildon, 1698; 1720 (with criticism by Addison); 1732
(Bentley); 1749-52 (Newton); 1794 (Boydell, with notes and life by
W. Hayley); 1801, 1809, and 1826 (Variorum ed., Todd); J. Aiken,
with Life by Dr. Johnson, 1805; with Preface by Dr. Johnson, 1806;
with Life by E. Phillips, Cowper's translation of Latin and Italian
poems, and introduction by J. Parkes, 1826; with Life by Mitford,
1832; ed. with notes by Sir Egerton Brydges, six vols., 1835, 1876;
Bohn ed., 1861.

Among later editions are: Edited with introduction, notes, and
an essay on Milton's English by David Masson (and also as part of
the Golden Treasury Series), 1874; 1877 (Globe ed.), and 1882;
with critical memoir by W. M. Rossetti, 1886; Aldine ed. with Life,
by John Bradshaw, 1892; H. C. Beeching (Oxford), 1900 (Oxford
Complete edition), 1904; W. Aldis Wright (Cambridge), 1903.

COLLECTED PROSE Works.--Toland (English and Latin), three
vols., 1697-8, 1738 (with Life by Birch), and 1753; ed. by Charles
Symmons, seven vols., 1806; Bohn edition, five vols., 1848-53.

LIPE.- By E. Philips, originally prefixed to Letters of State, 1694;.
reprinted in Lives of and J. Phillips by William Goodwin, 1815;
by Samuel Johnson 1779, ed. Firth, 1891; H. J. Todd, prefixed to
Variorum ed., 1801; Charles Symmons, 1806, 1810, 1882; Sir Egerton
Brydges, prefixed to Poems, 1835; James Montgomery, prefixed to
Poems, 1843; Mitford, prefixed to works, 1851; Cyrus R. Edmonds,
especially designed to exhibit the ecclesiastical principles of that
illustrious man, 1851; De Quincey, Vol. X. of his works, 1853-60.

D. Masson, Life of John Milton, narrated in connection with the
political, ecclesiastical, and literary history of bis time, six vols.,
1859-80; revised ed., 1881; by same in Encyclopædia Britannica,
1883; Original Papers illustrative of the Life and Writings of John
Milton, with Papers relating to his connection with the Powell
family, W. Douglas Hamilton (Camden Society), 1859; W. M.
Rossetti, 1878; S. A. Brooke, 1879; Mark Pattison (Men of
Letters), 1880; R. Garnett (Great Writers), 1890; W. P. Trent,
1899; S. C. Williamson (Bell's Miniature Series), 1905.

See also Essays by Macaulay, Bagehot, Seeley, and Matthew
Arnold; and T. Keightley, An account of the Life, Opinions, and
Writings of John Milton, 1855.



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