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This is the day of all earth's days the best ;-
This is the bright, and wondrous, glorious morn,
On which the Son of God from heav'n was born,
First offer'd to his mother's vision blest.
Think not the harps of angel-hosts could rest,
Louder than warring notes of trump and horn;
The universe was glad at that day's dawn,
For Mercy beam'd on sinners lost, unblest.
Christ dwelt as man upon this globe he built,
And, having taught the world Truth pure and

Died as a sacrifice for man's great guilt,
But rose again to fill all heav'n with light!
We hail the glad return of this glad day;
Sing, O ye heav'ns, and sing on for aye!


71. NEW YEAR'S DAY, 1859. Hail to the day I am allow'd to see,

Though helpless on the bed of sickness laid,-
Another year's return! All undismay'd,
I've daily thought, to me it might not be.
It has not been to millions now set free,

And this year millions more, to death betray'd, Will reach their doom. For them I've earnest pray'd,

"Lord, give them faith in thy salvation free!" Three quarter-centuries of years my own

Will end their flight this day in winter's cold:
Praise to my God for joys and hopes not flown!
Hasten, O Lord, the year by thee foretold,

When thou wilt all the fallen nations raise,
And earth shall be one temple to thy praise!

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72. DONATI'S COMET, 1858.

Strange Comet, with thy long, curv'd tail so bright, Hast thou before e'er visited our sphere?

From what dark depths of space dost thou draw near?

What is thy aim thus blazing on our sight?
Hast thou a charge with pestilence to smite?
Full many an eye now looks on thee with fear;
But unknown good may spring from thy career
And nigh approach to the great fount of light.
From guiding hand of God, enthron'd above,

Thou art not free; thou comest at his will,
Either to work the counsels of his love,
Or judgment on the wicked to fulfil.

Perchance on thee some, doom'd to woe, may dwell,

Some demon-spirits, whose abode is hell!



Alas, among the Pilgrims came there one

Not of their church nor of their heart and mind,
Who ne'er unruly passions knew to bind,
Nor ever learn'd a heav'nly race to run.
At last a brother's blood he shed, and won
A retribution just; nor could he find
A charity misguided, and so blind,
As not to see fit doom for deed he'd done.
Instructed from above, by reason led,

The Pilgrim Company disclos'd their plan:-
Intent to give to life security

Without revenge, with purpose stern they said—
As law had said e'er since the world began―
"Whoso shall shed man's blood, by man shall die!"



Friends of the Son of God! How blest are ye,
That when his fated hour he saw was near,
This prayer he lifted to his Father dear,-
"O let them all be one, as thou in me
And I in thee, so give them unity.".

He meant a Oneness in the Truth, 'tis clear,
For as God's Word he low descended here
To teach the truth to all; to me and thee;—
Next, oneness of design and holy love,

Oneness of soul, of spirit, and of mind ;-
For thus his friends will dwell with him above,
While never-ending ages shall unwind.

Lord! on our souls each grace and virtue trace, So shall we see God's glory in thy face!

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75. ON MY BIRTH-DAY. Written Jan. 2, 1859. While fourscore years wanting but five have fled, The author of my frame hath it sustain'd. This morning's light my waiting vision gain'd With thankful joy. What multitudes are dead,— The earth twice emptied,—since on infant's bed My blood began to run in circuits train'd?— Destroying angel who but God restrain'd? The past how doom'd hereafter will be read: I pray the Lord from heav'n, for me who died, Me to assist the future so to spend Becoming one to Him by faith allied;So when, as He shall order, life shall end, A new and glorious life will then begin With God in heav'n, eternal, without sin!


76. There is a God the universe doth show,

By whom were form'd the countless stars on high, Which glitter in the wide, o'erarching sky; All angel forms above and men below. There is a God, who reigns supreme, we know; Yet is he not alone; his presence nigh, In glory streaming on th' uplifted eye, Sits one, to whom all holy angels bow. Lo, near God's heav'nly throne, at his right hand His only Son,-God's image true and bright,— With various gifts divine endow'd, doth stand To execute his Father's will with might.

By him God made and rules all worlds above;
By him unfolds to man his wondrous love.


There's no man great like him, who dares to die;
Die for the truth, reveal'd from God's own throne.
Weak is the soul of man, when left alone,
Unaided by the Spirit from on high;

But when the God of grace and pow'r is nigh,
Weakness is strength and at the stake, alone,
Taunted by madden'd foes, yet not a groan,

When kindling flames wrap him in agony,
Breaks from the lips of martyr, as he died.

John Huss, and Jerome, and a noble host A vict'ry gain'd.—Not in the hero's pride, But in such men,-of God sustain'd,-we boast.

Ye Bigots! When the martyrs take their crown,
Shall ye not meet with God's terrific frown?


TO REV. DR. SPRING, NEW YORK. Old Soldier of the Son of God, the Lord! For half a cent'ry hast thou kept the field, And never didst thou to the foe yet yield;

Thine arms divine, the Spirit and the Word; Truth, faith, and pray'r, these all in sweet accord. Nor have thy wondrous vict'ries been conceal'd; Some to thy Master's glory are reveal'd,

E'en now th' achievements of his flaming sword. Be thou, my friend, yet faithful unto death;

Then, when the blood-stain'd heroes too must die, And proudest despots yield their fleeting breath, And all shall meet before the throne on high,

While justice drives the lost ones down to hell,
Thine endless song will just begin to swell!



My friends, be firm and faithful to the last,
That ye in Christian peace and hope may die,
Redeem'd by Him who died in agony.
Then as ye hear the trumpet's awful blast,
Ye will not with the wicked be downcast
Into unfathom'd depths of misery,
There in despair, beyond all hope to lie,
While ages never counted shall be past;
But ye shall see your great Redeemer blest,

Array'd in form most gladd'ning to your sight,
And he shall say, in majesty most bright,
"Come, my disciples, enter into rest!"

Then shall the Savior, whom ye serve and love, Transport you to his throne, near God's, above!

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