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NOTE. I. referred to in page 214. Extract from Letters, with which Doctor Parr has honoured the Reminiscent:-On the high polish of Virgil's diction —the Character of Archbishop Cranmer—and Polemic Moderation in religious disputes - - - - - - 357

NOTE II. referred to in page 252.

The Inaugural Oration at laying the First Stone of the London Institution - - - - - - - - - - 365

NOTE III. referred to in page 253. Mr. Porson's Algebraic Problem, with its Solution - 374,

NOTE IV, referred to in page 331. Letter directing a course of Study of Modern History - 378

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Quare quis tamdem me reprehendat, si quamtum cæteris ad festos dics
ludorum celebrandes, quantum ad alias voluptates, et ad ipsam requiem
anirui et corporis conceditur temporis: quantum alii tempestivis conviviis,
quantum aleæ, quantum pilæ, tantum mihi egomet, ad hæc studia reco-
lenda, sumpsero.
Cic. pRo ARcmii A.

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ONE of the earliest and most pleasing Remimiscence in my literary life, is my acquaintance with your father.—When we were both young, his various learning and elegant accomplishments attracted my attention and reverence; his long political career, ever marked by homour, integrity, talent and beneficence, was beheld by his numerous friends with delight and respect; and in these feelings, and the joy of seeing all his great and good qualities revived in his son, no one participated more than myself. It is pleasing to me to have this opportunity of recol ding the friendship with which he and yourself have so long honoured me.

W: h the greatest regard,

I have the honour to be

wrobl’ged and obedient Servant,


Lincoln’s-Inn, 28th Feb. 1822.

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