Beeton's Dictionary of universal biography

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Ward, Lock, and Company, 1869 - 1116 էջ

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Էջ 279 - I ween, did swimmer, In such an evil case, Struggle through such a raging flood, By the brave heart within, And our good father Tiber Safe to the landing-place ; But his limbs were borne up bravely Bore bravely up his chin.
Էջ 459 - and that procured me not only a lodging, but subsistence for the next day." The remembrance of the festive joy which his merry pipe
Էջ 403 - An Account of a Conversation," that occurs the celebrated saying erroneously attributed to the earl of Chatham : " I knew a very wise man that believed that if a man
Էջ 256 - me exercise." When he was besieged at Stralsund, a bomb fell into the house while he was dictating to his secretary, who immediately dropped the pen in a fright. "What is the matter?" said Charles. '' Oh, the bomb !" answered the secretary. " The bomb !'* said the king, " what have we to do with the bomb ? go on.
Էջ 461 - ends of the cord could not be perceived. From this circumstance a report was spread that the empire of Asia was promised, by the oracle, to him who could untie the Gordian knot. Alexander, in his conquest of Asia, passed by Gordium, and as he
Էջ 468 - high as he stands, I am not sure that he Would not stand higher. It is the corner-stone of his glory. . . . Gray's Elegy
Էջ 465 - was made under his inspection, and divided by his own hand. He invented the sector, with which Dr. Bradley discovered two new motions in the fixed stars. He furnished the members of the French Academy, who were sent to the north to measure a degree of the meridian, with the instruments for that purpose, and
Էջ 157 - many other books, and. in the words of Sir James Mackintosh, "has done more than any other writer to rouse the spirit of juridical reformation, which Is now gradually examining every part of law ; and, when further
Էջ 214 - Cowards die many times before their deaths ; The valiant never taste of death but
Էջ 375 - imprudence to oppose her majesty with rudeness; on which she gave him a box on the ear. The earl instantly laid his hand on his sword, and swore that he would not have endured such treatment even from her father, and withdrew from the court. At length a reconciliation was effected, and

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