The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Հատոր 21

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Smith, Elder, & Company, 1885

Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 129 - THE play is done ; the curtain drops, Slow falling, to the prompter's bell : A moment yet the actor stops, And looks around, to say farewell. It is an irksome word and task ; And when he's laughed and said his say, He shows, as he removes the mask, A face that's anything but gay.
Էջ 81 - Would you know how first he met her ? She was cutting bread and butter. Charlotte was a married lady, And a moral man was Werther, And, for all the wealth of Indies, Would do nothing for to hurt her. So he sighed and pined and ogled, And his passion boiled and bubbled, Till he blew his silly brains out, And no more was by it troubled. Charlotte, having seen his body Borne before her on a shutter, Like a well-conducted person, Went on cutting bread and butter.
Էջ 54 - CHRISTMAS is here ; Winds whistle shrill, Icy and chill, Little care we ; Little we fear Weather without, Sheltered about The Mahogany Tree. Once on the boughs Birds of rare plume Sang, in its bloom ; Night-birds are we ; Here we carouse, Singing, like them, Perched round the stem Of the jolly old tree.
Էջ 204 - King Canute was weary-hearted ; he had reigned for years a score, Battling, struggling, pushing, fighting, killing much and robbing more; And he thought upon his actions, walking by the wild sea-shore. "'Twixt the Chancellor and Bishop walked the King with steps sedate, Chamberlains and grooms came after, silversticks and goldsticks great, Chaplains, aides-de-camp, and pages, — all the officers of state.
Էջ 39 - And when, its force expended, The harmless storm was ended, And as the sunrise splendid Came blushing o'er the sea — I thought, as day was breaking, My little girls were waking, And smiling, and making A prayer at home for me.
Էջ 77 - ALTHOUGH I enter not, Yet round about the spot Ofttimes I hover ! And near the sacred gate With longing eyes I wait, Expectant of her. The Minster bell tolls out Above the city's rout, And noise and humming : They've hushed the Minster bell ; The organ 'gins to swell — She's coming, she's coming...
Էջ 78 - ... fast, And hastening hither, With modest eyes downcast : She comes — she's here — she's past May Heaven go with her ! Kneel, undisturbed, fair Saint ! Pour out your praise or plaint Meekly and duly ; I will not enter there, To sully your pure prayer With thoughts unruly. But suffer me to pace liound the forbidden place, Lingering a minute Like outcast spirits who wait And see through heaven's gate Angels within it. THE AGE OF WISDOM.
Էջ 50 - The people hum from floor to roof, With Babel tongue. The fountain in the basin plays, The chanting organ echoes clear, An awful chorus 'tis to hear, A wondrous song...
Էջ 131 - So each shall mourn, in life's advance, Dear hopes, dear friends, untimely killed ; Shall grieve for many a forfeit chance, And longing passion unfulfilled. Amen ! whatever fate be sent, Pray God the heart may kindly glow, Although the head with cares be bent, And 'whitened with the winter snow.
Էջ 128 - There were three sailors of Bristol city Who took a boat and went to sea. But first with beef and captain's biscuits And pickled pork they loaded she. There was gorging Jack and guzzling Jimmy, And the youngest he was little Billee. Now when they got as far as the Equator They'd nothing left but one split pea. Says gorging Jack to guzzling Jimmy, " I am extremely hungaree." To gorging Jack says guzzling Jimmy, " We Ve nothing left, us must eat we.

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