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admired, not more for the polish than for the originality of their compositions. Unfortunately, as is frequently the case in great reforms, the zeal of the reformers has sometimes exceeded their prudence, and in endeavouring to establish the claims of the new school, the Romantique, full justice has not always been done to the old school, the Classique. Let us hope, however, that this literary warfare, while it extends the views, will add to the success of future writers, and that France may at some period produce a literature which shall combine the elements of the two schools; the originality and power of the modern, as exemplified in the bold but unequal compositions of Victor Hugo and of Chateaubriand; and the correctness and polish of the old school as carried to their highest degree of perfection in the “Athalie” of Racine, and the “Télémaque" of Fénélon.





In the Theological department of the work will be found the titles of the best books written in French on Theology; but should the reader be desirous to procure only some of them, a few observations are necessary to point out those which ought to form a part of every Library. With respect to the versions of the BIBLE, enough is perhaps said in the article on that subject, and it may, therefore, suffice here to state, that the edition most used by French Protestants, is that of Martin. The best commentary extant, in the French language, on the Scriptures, is CALMET'S “ Dictionnaire Historique et Critique.” Respecting the New Testament, it may be a sufficient recommenda- , tion of BeAUSOBRE's translation, that the work is constantly used at the English Universities,

On the evidences of the Christian Religion, one of the most esteemed French works is ABBADIE's " Traité de la Vérité de la Religion Chrétienne," and on Ecclesiastical History, FLEURY's work is one of the most valuable existing, not only in French, but in any language, BERGIER's Dictionnaire de Théologie,” though the author be a more zealous than impartial defender of Catholicism, is a work which may always be consulted with advantage on all subjects connected with Theology. The great reputation which PASCAL and Nicole have so long enjoyed, renders it necessary only to mention their names, in order to suggest the propriety of their forming a part of every Library. Sermons form a very rich branch of French Literature, and among those which may be considered as indispensable, are the compositions of Bossuet, BOURDALOUE, MASSILLON and Saurin. Of living Theologians, those which enjoy at present the greatest reputation amongst the French, are the Abbé GREGOIRE, M. de la MeNNAIS and FRAYSSINOUS. Finally, to the reader who wishes to become acquainted with the Theological writers of every age and country, no better work can be recommended than Dupin'S “Bibliothèque Universelle des Auteurs Ecclésiastiques.”

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