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MAY 24, 1939


NOTE. This book (except by special permission of the Master) is sold only to those connected with Wellington College.



HE first edition of this Hymn Book was published in 1860, and both plan and selection were entirely Archbishop Benson's own. His idea was, to quote his own words, to have 'nothing but what was (1) good poetry or good English, or (2) a rendering (the best available) of really great Latin hymns.' He drew largely upon the earlier service books of the Church, and contributed himself several translations, together with a few versions of Psalms and one or two original hymns, composed either in his Rugby days or amid the associations of his life at Wellington College. The originals of some of his hymns, in his own handwriting, are now in the School Library.

In this new edition the editors have made considerable additions to the book, following in all cases what they believe to have been its original plan. Wherever Latin hymns appear, an English version has been printed upon the opposite page; wherever a hymn is a translation from the Latin, and the Latin is not itself included in the book, the first line is printed at the head of the English translation. Where the connexion between a hymn and the day or season for which it is appointed needs no explanation, a heading from the Scriptures of the day has not always been given. For the Sundays after Trinity in this, as in previous editions, metrical versions of Psalms have been appropriated to the morning services.

The original text of hymns has, as a general rule, been restored. When it has seemed desirable to deviate from it, the fact has been mentioned either at the foot of the page or in the notes: but attention has not always been called to the omission of verses. At the foot of each hymn is given the date of its composition, or, failing that, of its


first publication. Where neither of those could be discovered, the date of the author's life has been given.

The editors wish to express their acknowledgements to the Chairman of the Committee of Hymns Ancient and Modern, for leave to print several of their copyright hymns; to Messrs. Novello, for two hymns by Mr. A. C. Benson; and to all those authors and owners of copyright, who have given their courteous permission for the use of those copyright hymns which are now for the first time included in this book.

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