The Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, Հատոր 46

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"List of geographical works and maps recently published" in vol. 6-11.

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Էջ clxvi - I have never seen, whether in the Atlantic, the Southern Sea, or the Pacific, the slightest ground for supposing that such a thing. exists as a general vertical circulation of the water of the ocean depending upon differences of specific gravity.
Էջ 21 - Stanley came across a strange pale-faced tribe of natives, complexion almost European, a handsome race, some of the women being singularly beautiful. Their hair is kinky, but inclined to brown in color. Their features are regular, lips thin, but their noses, though wellshaped, are somewhat thick at the point.
Էջ clxviii - Notwithstanding the considerable depth of 2,225 fathoms, the conditions in this locality seem much more favourable to animal life than even the manganese area ; and I am inclined to think that we had struck upon one of the highways by which migration takes place to the northward from the Southern Sea.
Էջ cli - ... parliament as one of the members for Shaftesbury; and he continued a member of parliament until 1812. From 1799 to 1801 he was solicitor-general in the Pitt adminis-tration; and from 1802 to 1817 he was master of the rolls. He died at Barton House, Dawlish, on May 23, 1832. He was knighted in 1799; in 1809 he was elected lord rector of the University of Aberdeen; and in 1820 he was made a DCL of Oxford University. He was not married. [Diet.

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