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Thou must not in the mean while, here forgot,
Lie in this miserable loathsome plight,
Neglected. I already have made way
To some Philistian lords, with whom to treat
About thy ransom: well they may by this
Have satisfied their utmost of revenge,
By pains and slaveries, worse than death, inflicted
On thee, who now no more canst do them harm.



Spare that proposal, father, spare the trouble
Of that solicitation: let me here,
As I deserve, pay on my punishment;
And expiate, if possible, my crime,
Shameful garrulity. To have revealed
Secrets of men, the secrets of a friend,
How heinous had the fact been, how deserving
Contempt and scorn of all, to be excluded
All friendship, and avoided as a blab,
The mark of fool set on his front! But I
God's counsel have not kept, his holy secret
Presumptuously have published, impiously,
Weakly at least and shamefully—a sin

ου γαρ θέμις, λαθόντα και φίλων άτερ,
κείσθαι πινώδους εν δύαις άλγηδόνος.
προς ταύτ' έγωγε των Φιλιστίνων τισιν
ήδη ξυνήλθον, των λύτρων των σων πέρι
σπονδάς προτείνων και γαρ ούν αυτούς πάλαι
δεί των απλώστων σων κορεσθήναι κακών,
του μηκέτάνθέξοντος, εν δεσμών πέδαις,
εχθρών εφορμαϊς.


μη σύ γ' εν τούτοις, πάτερ, κάμης: αχρείων δεί σ' αποσχέσθαι λιτών,

500 εμούγε τον δίκαιον αντλούντος πόνον, άσχήμονός μοι ζημίαν γλωσσαλγίας. και γάρ φίλου ποτ' ανδρός άτλητον δοκεί λόγους προδούναι τους παρηγγυημένους, των δ' ούνεκ' εκπίπτει τε και πάντων ύπο απαξιούται μη ουχ εταιρείας τυχεϊν και ταύτα δράσας, μωρίαν έστιγμένος, και φευκτός, αθυρόγλωσσος ώς, εν ανδράσι: Θεού δ' εγώ βούλευμα κάρρητον γέρας έρριψ' αναιδής, άθεος, ει δε μή, φρενών 510 εν ασθενεία, καταγέλαστος εν πόλει.


That Gentiles in their parables condemn
To their abyss and horrid pains confined.



Be penitent, and for thy fault contrite,
But act not in thy own affliction, son.
Repent the sin, but if the punishment
Thou canst avoid, self-preservation bids;
Or the execution leave to high disposal,
And let another hand, not thine, exact
Thy penal forfeit from thyself. Perhaps
God will relent, and quit thee all his debt;
Who ever more approves and more accepts
(Best pleased with humble and filial submission)
Him who, imploring mercy, sues for life,
Than who, self-rigorous, chooses death as due ;
Which argues over-just, and self-displeased
For self-offence, more than for God offended.
Reject not then what offered means. Who knows
But God hath set before us to return thee


Home to thy country and his sacred house,

και βάρβαροι δε νερτέροισιν εν βύθους πέδας τε πολυδάκρυτά τ' αθλήσαι πάθη τοιούσδ' έκριναν, μυθοποιoύντες καλώς.


κλαίειν πρέπει γαρ οίσιν ήμαρτες, τέκνον, αλλ' ου τα σαυτού πήματ' αυτόν εκτελεϊν ταύτα στενάζειν έστι, την δ' όπισθόπουν δίκην αλύξας, σαυτόν αν σώζοις" καλώς ή το μέδοντι τήνδε την ποινήν έα, μηδ' αυτόχειρ, δράσας περ, εν μέρει πάθης. 520 τί δήθ' ; ο Δαίμων πάν τόδ' άν χρέος πρόφρων τάχ αν μεθείη, κάρτ' εν ευνοία τρέφων νούν τον ταπεινόν, οδος εν παισιν πρέπει ουδ' αν προείλεθ' ης δίκην αυτοκτόνος υπερθoρών απέθανε, τόνδε δ' ος Θεόν το ζην παραιτησάμενος απέλαβεν λιταίς. κείνος γαρ αυτου μάλλον ή Θεού βλάβας έτισεν αυτόκλητος: άσμενος μεν ουν δέχoυ τα σοι προκείμεν', ως ημίν ίσως Θεού τόδ' επιτρέψαντος, εις πόλιν σε σην 530 άγειν κατελθόνθ', ιερόν εις ναού βάθρον.

Where thou mayest bring thy offerings, to avert
His further ire, with prayers and vows renewed ?


His pardon I implore; but as for life,
To what end should I seek it? when in strength
All mortals I excelled, and great in hopes,
With youthful courage, and magnanimous thoughts
Of birth from Heaven foretold, and high exploits,
Full of divine instinct, after some proof
Of acts indeed heroic, far beyond
The sons of Anak, famous now and blazed,
Fearless of danger, like a petty god
I walked about, admired of all and dreaded
On hostile ground, none daring my affront.
Then, swollen with pride, into the snare I fell
Of fair fallacious looks, venereal trains,
Softened with pleasure and voluptuous life;
At length to lay my head and hallowed pledge
Of all my strength in the lascivious lap
Of a deceitful concubine, who shore me
Like a tame wether, all my precious fleece,
Then turned me out ridiculous, despoiled,
Shaven, and disarmed among mine enemies.



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