The Punjab Record, Հատոր 42

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 30 - State by law established, or to point out, in order to their removal, matters which are producing, or have a tendency to produce, feelings of hatred and ill-will between classes of Her Majesty's subjects, is not a seditious intention.
Էջ 28 - Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by signs , or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards...
Էջ 311 - His client must trust to him, at times, for fortune and character and life : the law trusts him with a privilege, in respect of liberty of speech, which is in practice bounded only by his own sense of duty ; and he may have to speak upon subjects concerning the deepest interests of social life, and the innermost feelings of the human soul.
Էջ 329 - It must not be forgotten that you are not to extend arbitrarily those rules which say that a given contract is void as being against public policy, because if there is one thing which more than another public policy requires it is that men of full age and competent understanding shall have the utmost liberty of contracting, and that their, contracts, when entered into freely and voluntarily, shall be held sacred, and shall be enforced by courts of justice.
Էջ 311 - ... upon the servants of evil. We are aware also that there will be many men of ordinary powers performing ordinary duties without praise or blame; but the advocate entitled to permanent success must unite high powers of intellect with high principles of duty. His faculties and acquirements are tested...
Էջ 562 - I have very often said before, that every judgment must be read as applicable to the particular facts proved, or assumed to be proved, since the generality of the expressions which may be found there are not intended to be expositions of the whole law, but governed and qualified by the particular facts of the case in which such expressions are to be found.
Էջ 208 - The Indian Legislature has powers expressly limited by the Act of the Imperial Parliament which created it, and it can, of course, do nothing beyond the limits which circumscribe these powers. But, when acting within those limits, it is not in any sense an agent or delegate of the Imperial Parliament, but has, and was intended to have, plenary powers of legislation, as large, and of the same nature, as those of Parliament itself.
Էջ 209 - Bengal, from time to time, to make and issue such rules, ordinances, and regulations, for the good order and civil government of the said united company's settlement at Fort- William aforesaid, and other factories and places subordinate, or to be subordinate thereto, as shall be deemed just and reasonable (such rules, ordinances, and regulations, not being repugnant to the laws of the realm...
Էջ 211 - the attention of Parliament was directed to three leading vices in the process of Indian government. The first was in the nature of the laws and regulations; the second was in the ill-defined authority and power from which these various laws and regulations emanated ; and the third was the anomalous and sometimes conflicting judicatures by which the laws were administered.
Էջ 287 - Their Lordships think it may properly be inferred from the decisions above referred to, and especially those of this tribunal, that a fair agreement to supply funds to carry on a suit in consideration of having a share of the property, if recovered, ought not to be regarded as being, per se, opposed to public policy.

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