A to Z of American Women Writers

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This volume profiles more than 150 women whose works have greatly influenced American writing. Each profile features an in-depth examination of its subject's biography, literary and personal influences as well as a discussion of each writer's major works, and a further reading section listing sources for further study on the author or her works.

Profiles include: Mary Rowlandson (c. 1635-1711), Nonfiction writer; Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), Novelist; Harriet A. Jacobs (1813-1897), Autobiographer; Nellie Bly (1865-1922), Journalist; Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), Novelist and biographer; Toni Morrison (1931-present), Novelist and essayist; Maxine Hong Kingston (1940-present), Novelist and memoirist; and Rita Dove (1952-present), Poet and short story writer.

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Carol Kort is a freelance writer who has written feature articles for the New York Times ("At the Nation's Table" column), the Boston Globe Sunday magazine, the Boston Herald Sunday magazine (plus two weekly columns for the Boston Herald), and numerous national magazines, including Working Woman and Family Life. She lives in Brookline, MA.

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