Metropolitan Police Department: Hearing, Ninetieth Congress, Second Session, on Functions of the Office of Director of Public Safety in Relation to the Metropolitan Police Dept. February 21, 1968, Էջեր՝ 75-968

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Էջ 13 - ... laws, the more effective management of the executive branch and of its agencies and functions, and the expeditious administration of the public business...
Էջ 13 - Government, as nearly as may be, according to major purposes; (5) to reduce the number of agencies by consolidating those having similar functions under a single head, and to abolish such agencies or functions thereof as may not be necessary for the efficient conduct of the Government; and (6) to eliminate overlapping and duplication of effort.
Էջ 15 - Developing and implementing major programs and policies on fire prevention and fire suppression ; planning and prescribing fire department policies ; coordinating, directing, controlling all of the fire prevention and fire fighting programs, services, and operations of the District of Columbia.
Էջ 16 - Commanding officer of the Police Academy at the time of the opening of its new $10 million building on East 20th Street, Manhattan, and was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief Inspector.
Էջ 13 - Congress, together with a declaration that, with respect to each reorganization included in the plan, he 105 has found that such reorganization is necessary to accomplish one or more of the purposes of section 2 (a). The delivery to both Houses shall be on the same day and shall be made to each House while it is in session.
Էջ 16 - Brooklyn, and a Master of Public Administration Degree from the City College of New York, major: Police Science; thesis: Police Employee Organizations. Elected to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, national honor fraternity of colleges of business administration. Graduate of the National Law Enforcement Academy, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Charter member, past president, and member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Police Science. Member of the American Society of Public Administration....
Էջ 12 - Without objection, a news release respecting the appointment, together with job description will be included in the record, if that is all right with you, as well as a memorandum from the Office of the DC Corporation Counsel setting forth the authority under which the office of Director of Public Safety was created.

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