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glory of the resurrection, and with the residue of Thy holy Church may be an inheritor of Thine everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our

Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, O Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever One God, world without end.

R. Amen.

The officiating Minister shall then charge the baptized, and the Parents or Sponsors, as to their several duties. And shall conclude by blessing them.

Then shall follow Psalm xxvii. or Psalm xxxiv. 7-10, or Psalm cxxviii. with the Gloria Patri, and lastly,

HE grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of
God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost,

be with us all evermore.

R. Amen.

¶It will be remembered that Parents or Sponsors should give notice on the Saturday preceding of their desire to present the child for baptism, and that notice of the day and hour fixed should be given at the Communion on the Lord's-day.

¶ Also care should be taken that all persons, who are called on to give responses, do thoroughly understand that which they undertake to answer, and that they do so with a good conscience.

Drder of Administering Holy Baptism in Private Houses, in case of apprehended Death.

IN the Name of the Father, and of the
Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

R. Amen.

Let us pray.

LMIGHTY and most merciful Father, regard,

A we beseech Thee, the supplications of Thy

servants, which we make before Thee; sanctify this water, and by Thy mighty power and presence make it effectual to the mystical washing away of sin, and to the sanctifying of the spirit of this child [or, person]; [and grant that he, being baptized therein, may through means of the same receive the fulness of Thy grace, and ever abide in the number of Thy faithful and elect children;] through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In case of urgency the sentence last included in brackets may be omitted.

T Then addressing the Sponsor,

Name this child [or, person].

And having received the name, he shall pour water on the child [or, person], and shall say,

N. I baptize thee in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

R. Amen.


¶ Then kneeling down,

E yield Thee hearty thanks, most merciful Father, that it hath pleased Thee to regenerate this infant [or, person] with Thy Holy Spirit, and to receive him for Thine own child by adoption, and to incorporate him into Thy holy Church; and humbly we beseech Thee to grant that he, being dead unto sin and living unto righteousness, and being buried with Christ in His death, and risen with Him, may crucify the old man, and utterly abolish the whole body of sin; and that at length, in body and in spirit, he may be partaker in the glory of the resurrection, and with the residue of Thy holy Church, may be an inheritor of Thine everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

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Let us pray.

GOD, who forgivest all our sins, and healest all our diseases; and whose effectual and invisible power hath now been present in Thy sacrament to heal and save the soul of this Thy child [or, servant]; Do Thou of Thy mercy put forth Thy power, and by the operation of the Blessed Spirit give health also to his body; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

THE blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with us all.

R. Amen.

The baptism, with the particulars of time, place, and names of the baptized, the Sponsors, and the Minister, shall be forthwith reported to the Angel of the Church and registered.

If the infant or person thus baptized shall afterwards recover, he shall be brought to the Church by the Sponsors, that he may be there received according to the form set forth for that purpose.

Drder for Receiving in the Church such as shall have been Privately Baptized.

The infant, or person, who, through apprehension of death, shall have been privately baptized, if he recover, shall be brought by the Sponsors into the Church, on the outside of the choir.

The Priest who baptized him, or any other Priest duly authorized, who shall have previously certified himself that the infant, or person, was duly baptized, shall commence by addressing the Congregation as follows;

EARLY beloved brethren,



I certify you that on [naming the time] and in [designating the house or place], this infant [or, person], being then in peril of life, was duly baptized with water, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And Almighty God having of His mercy preserved his life, he is brought hither, that the true confession of that Faith wherein he was baptized, may be made openly in the presence of

this congregation; and that we may publicly testify his reception into the Church and Congregation of the Lord.

¶ Then shall be read the Gospel or Lesson, as appointed in the Order for the Administration of Baptism. After which the Priest shall demand of the person baptized, if an infant by his Sponsors,

Dost thou renounce and abhor the devil, &c. [as in the Order for the Public Administration of Baptism].

R. I renounce and abhor them all.

Dost thou believe in God, &c.

R. All this I steadfastly believe.

Dost thou unfeignedly submit thyself, &c.
R. I do submit myself, and will obey.

In testimony of these thy good resolutions, &c.
R. I worship and adore, &c.

Praise and glory be unto, &c.

Then the Priest shall take the infant, or person, and go with him within the sanctuary, as appointed in the Order for Public Baptism; and shall afterwards proceed, as is there set forth, to the close of the Service, omitting the Psalm, but charging the baptized, or the Sponsors, or Parents.

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