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I Then he shall lay his hand on them severally,

and shall say to each, Peace be with thee.

Afterwards he shall say, THE blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the

Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with you all, and abide with


for ever. R. Amen.


form of Committing to Pastor

ship Candidates for Jmposition

of hands and Communion. [Note. This Form applies to those who have been

under the instruction of the Evangelist.]

The Angel-Evangelist, and a Priest and Deacon attending him, shall be seated in the places appointed for them. The Candidates shall be placed immediately without the choir.

The Deacon, by direction of the Angel-Evangelist, or his representative, shall read the names of those to be presented, who, as they are named, shall take their places at the approach to the upper choir.

T The Angel-Evangelist shall rise, and going towards

the Candidates, shall address them. The following is given as an appropriate form of Address.

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EARLY beloved in the Lord,

Ye have been separated unto God by
His grace, and by His own act in the

Sacrament of Baptism made His children by adoption, and members of the Body of Christ. And in the midst of the perplexity and confusion which have come upon the Church He has given you grace to recognise the relation in which


thus stand towards Him, and your responsibility to walk as His sons and daughters, -as those who, by the life of Christ given unto them, are enabled to walk in His footsteps.

Yé have had faith to receive the message which He hath sent forth, and to acknowledge the hand of the Lord, put forth for the salvation of His people, in the restoration of those ordinances and ministries by which He would bind the Church together as one Body, and lead His people to perfection: and ye have embraced the hope of the coming of our Lord and Saviour 7 Jesus Christ to receive His saints unto Himself, and of the glory which shall then be revealed in us.

And now, having been duly instructed in the principles of the faith delivered unto us by the Apostles of the Lord, and prepared for admission into perfect communion with the Church of Christ, and for participation in all the blessings of the household of God, ye solemnly profess your hearty desire to receive these benefits, and your purpose to submit yourselves to the care and authority, in the Lord, of the Pastors of the Church. This is your profession and desire!

R. I solemnly profess this to be my desire and purpose.


I beseech you, dearly beloved, who have now

made this your profession, to continue steadfast in this faith and hope, and in all holy obedience. So shall your hope be fulfilled, and


faith rewarded, in the day when, by the hands of the Apostles, the company of those who believe shall be presented as a chaste Virgin unto Christ.

The Angel-Evangelist shall resume his place, and

addressing the Angel of the Church, shall say, Sir,- In the Name of the Lord, I commend to your pastoral care these persons, who have been already baptized according to the Ordinance of Christ, and have been instructed in the principles of our faith and hope.

The Angel-Evangelist shall present to the Angel of the Church a list of the names of the persons thus commended to his charge. If there be no immediate opportunity of receiving the Imposition of Hands, the Angel shall proceed to receive the persons thus committed to him, in the Form lastly set forth, for “such as are about to be received to the holy Communion.” But if they are not about to be received to the Communion, but to be presented for the Imposition of Hands, it shall be sufficient that the Angel commence with the Prayer, and give the Benedictions, contained in that Form.

If the Angel-Evangelist be prevented from attending, he shall authorize the priest to act on his behalf. In that case, in addressing the Angel of the Church, he shall commence, “Sir,-In the Name of the Lord, and by the authority of the Angel-Evangelist acting in this District, I commend,” &c.

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The Renewal of Uows and Dedi

cation of those about to receive the Laying on of bands. On the day appointed (which shall be within ten days of that appointed for the Laying on of Hands, and of which notice should be given on the preceding Lord's-day), the Candidates, with their Sponsors or Witnesses, shall be brought by the Deacon, and placed immediately without the choir.

The Angel (accompanied by the Elder, Prophet, Evangelist, and Pastor) shall come down to them, and say,

EARLY beloved children in the Lord,

The day approaches, wherein having been baptized into Christ you should

receive the seal of your faith, the confirmation of grace, the heavenly unction from the Spirit of Christ, which shall make you perfect and entire, wanting nothing; if so be that ye continue steadfast unto the end. Ye have been brought up in the Church of God, as children of His family; and the time hath come when ye should be fed no longer with milk only, but also with that meat which is proper to those who are of fuller age, and have larger capacity of discernment.

Beloved, ye long for this holy rite, that in the company of those who have their senses exercised unto all discernment, ye may approach unto the table of the Lord with that fulness of joy and peace, and with that clearness of discernment, which, through His anointing, is the abiding gift of God unto His Church; and that ye may receive that full endowment, which may furnish you with all ability for that place in the body of Christ, whereunto God, in the purpose of His grace, hath destined you; and which


you to fulfil those duties, for the doing whereof He hath made you severally members in particular of that same body. Beloved, the Church and congregation of the Lord expect and wait for you; they rejoice over you with joy; they are ready to welcome


songs of gladness; they have watched over you during the period of your

instruction in the Faith; they have marked your growth in knowledge: and now they look to you, that ye fulfil your part also as good soldiers of Christ, and strengthen and help your brethren, in whose ranks ye are called to take your place.

And we are now assembled in the name of God, that ye may renew and record the solemn vows on your part made at the holy Font; and that all Christian men may take note, that ye abide steadfast in the faith and profession of your baptism, and in the principles of the doctrine of Christ; and further, that we may solemnly commend and dedicate you anew to God, with earnest prayers and holy rites, invoking His holy Name, and imploring upon you His blessing.

I call upon you, therefore, that, in the first place, openly and before the Church, ye do ratify and confirm those things, which at your baptism were declared and promised on your part.

Do ye here, in the presence of God and of His Church, in the presence of this congregation, from your hearts renew and ratify the solemn promise and vow which was made on your part at your baptism?

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