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Էջ 624 - ... often causes death. In the early years of the colony, want of good houses, the great fatigues and dangers of the settlers, their irregular mode of living, and the hardships and discouragements they met with, greatly helped the other causes of sickness, which prevailed to an alarming extent, and were attended with great mortality. But we look back to those times as to a season of trial long past, and nearly forgotten.
Էջ 467 - And be it enacted, that the Superintendence, Direction, and Control of the whole Civil and Military Government of all the said Territories and Revenues in India shall be and is "hereby vested in a GovernorGeneral and Counsellors, to be styled " The GovernorGeneral of India in Council.
Էջ 65 - Giant's Causeway, and composed of the broken ends of pillars once continuous to the top of the cliff. The colonnade is now for some distance upright and very grand, till the visitor reaches...
Էջ 625 - Cotton, coffee, indigo and the sugar-cane, are all the spontaneous growth of our forests; and may be cultivated, at pleasure, to any extent, by such as are disposed. The same may be said of rice, indian corn, guinea corn, millet, and too many species of fruits and vegetables to be enumerated.
Էջ 43 - Besides almost every metallic article which can be considered as curious, useful or ornamental, cut crystal is produced to a large extent, while certain branches of the cotton trade connected with hardware, as the making of the cloth for umbrellas, braces, girths, &.C., have also fixed themselves here, in order to facilitate the preparation of those articles.
Էջ 65 - ... indeed, without bestowing much time and study on this spot, is it possible to acquire or convey any notion of the grandeur and variety which it contains. The sides of the cave within are columnar throughout ; the columns being broken and grouped in many different ways, so as to catch a variety of direct and reflected tints, mixed with secondary shadows and deep invisible recesses, which produce a picturesque effect, only to be imitated by careful study of every part. It requires a seaman's steadiness...
Էջ 52 - The middle part is continued in a straight line 1000 yards, and the two extremities incline towards the northern side of the straight part in an angle of about 120 degrees. This great work was begun, August 12, 1812. During its progress convincing proofs of its efficacy and utility were afforded. The expense of erecting the breakwater is estimated at £1,171,100.
Էջ 624 - Its inhabitants are as robust, as healthy, as long lived, to say the least, as those of any other country. Nothing like an epidemic has ever appeared in this Colony; nor can we learn from the natives, that the calamity of a sweeping sickness ever yet visited this part of the continent. But the change from a temperate to a tropical country is a...
Էջ 106 - In 1824 the north-west bastion was demolished to make room for the erection of a market ; and in 1826 the central western bastion was modified for the reception of Walker's Testimonial — an ornamental memorial both just and appropriate.
Էջ 626 - Judge, then, of the feelings with which we hear the motives and the doings of the Colonization Society traduced — and that, too, by men too ignorant to know what that Society has accomplished ; too weak to look through its plans and intentions; or too dishonest to acknowledge either. But, without pretending to any prophetic sagacity, we can certainly predict to that Society, the ultimate triumph of their hopes and labours ; and disappointment and defeat to all who oppose them. Men may theorize,...

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